Maybe my best night overall in darts yesterday. Threw my first Ton-80 in competition and had several 5-marks and tons. We took Cake Mix from Wolfhound Pub 12-7 in a hard fought match. They are the first place team in their division and gave us all we could handle.

It was a rather bizarre match. They took the first singles game 3-0, we won the second and third game 3-0, and they won the last singles game 3-0. So heading into doubles we were tied at 6 legs each. Jim and I were paired up for the 701 game. As good as I threw in singles I was just a tad off in doubles, hitting triple one’s and triple five’s instead of the 20. And I threw back to back 7’s. Luckily, my partner was on his game. Still, we were sitting on 140 and our opponents were shooting for a 16 out. I finally hit a ton and on his next turn Jim hit the double 20 out for the win. We took the second leg too thanks to Jim hitting another double out, which put us up 9-6.

Cuatro and Mario lost a tough first leg in cricket doubles, but took the next two to secure the match victory. Jim hit yet another out to win the team game for us.

Afterwards there were many, many congratulatory shots. Tequila, Jagermeister, blow jobs. Potent mix that had me staggering home and spending time hugging the toilet. Well, it was just one of those nights.

In other news it turned damn cold here literally overnight. We had an incredible February, almost spring-like. Even the gaenalee is in bloom. Yesterday we had some light snow flurries along with a biting breeze. Today is sunny but in the 20s.

What else, I have a new cell phone that I can actually hear and be heard with (a Motorola Razr if that matters). And I finally went to see a movie in a Korean theatre (it was next door to the phone store). I saw Music and Lyrics which was pretty lame, but the moviegoing experience was very good. Unlike the States, you get to pick your seat in advance. The other big difference was there was no price gouging on concessions. Large popcorn and coke for less than W5000. Now that I’ve gotten over my phobia I will definitely be seeing more movies.

And that my friends is all I have to say for now.