Everything old is new again

Later this year I will celebrate ten years of blogging here at LTG.  And what a celebration it will be!  Or not.

I really only mention this as a way of bringing to your attention this blog from Will Wilkinson lamenting the death of “old school blogging”.  Now, given my propensity for bad writing you may consider LTG an example of “no school” blogging.  But at least I haven’t sold out.  Which I guess would apply to any other purveyor of shit–“yes, it stinks.  But I have lots more where that came from!”  Ha, I may make that my blog’s new tagline.

Anyway, Mr. Wilkinson is a writer and if his Wikipedia entry is any indication, a really, really, smart guy.   But my first reaction to his Old School post was similar to that of Althouse: “What is this ‘old school’ blogging you speak of?  An aversion to paragraph breaks?”  Which actually made me laugh out loud.

Moving on to the substance of the matter, Wilkinson uses a bunch of $10 words that I don’t really understand and am too lazy to look up to make the case that blogging for money is new school and laments the loss of the purity of the old school blogger:

The idea that the self is an “illusion” tends to be grounded on the false assumption that if the self is anything at all, it must be a stable inward personal quiddity available to introspection. But of course there is no such thing. The Zen masters are right.

I truthfully just don’t know what to say about that.  In part because I have no freakin’ idea what the hell he is talking about.  In her response, Althouse offers this:

What do the Zen masters say about purity? Hei Neng said: “If you cherish the notion of purity and cling to it, you turn purity into falsehood. Purity has neither form nor shape, and when you claim an achievement by establishing a form known as purity… you are purity bound.”

Which I suppose makes more sense on a level just beyond my total comprehension.

Taking the intellectualism down a notch, this is what made me wade all the way through Wilkinson’s interminable paragraph:

Every time I’ve been hacked and had to take the blog offline, it felt a little like an amputation. A blog is a sort of history of one’s mind, like a diary or a journal, but it’s public and that makes a huge difference.

See, I can relate to that sentiment.  There have been a couple of times when it appeared I was going to lose almost ten years of blogging history and it really did feel like an amputation.  I don’t pretend to have anything profound, unique, or particularly interesting to say here, and lord knows I don’t express myself in a fashion that warrants any consideration other than as a bad example.  Which might explain why I only have a handful of loyal readers (assuming small hands).  But what I share here is a part of me that would not otherwise be expressed.  And yes, most of it is bullshit.  As is most of life in general.

I don’t know if that makes me “old school” or not.  But LTG is an important part of my history and I’ll continue writing that history until I have nothing left to say.  And that’s never stopped me before!




“And don’t let the door hit you on the way out…”


I have achieved a new milestone in my darting “career”. Today I received an email from Cosmo Darts Fit Flight respectfully declining my offer to let them sponsor me. It was an honor to be rejected by such a fine company!

Actually, I didn’t really expect them to pay me or give me free stuff.  I just wanted them to provide me their logo to wear on my dart jersey.  Truth be told I didn’t even expect a response, but I did get this:

Hello Mr. John McCrarey,

I am Nozomi Nishikawa and the Cosmo Darts sales/promotion representative of overseas division.

I would like to thank you for your interest in Cosmo Darts. We are very happy to hear that you like our products. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with our logo images since we give them to only our sponsored players. However, there are many players who love our products and put our logos on their shirts by themselves. I think they use logos on our website or something. So, you can put our logos on you shirts. We appreciate your support.

I found your name in the Seoul International Dart Leagues as a vice president. You live in the USA, but are you working in Korea for the dart league? I’m just curious as there are not so many who play darts in Korea regularly.

 Thank you for your interest.

 Best regards, Nozomi Nishikawa

See, here’s the thing.  Wearing a company logo on your dart shirt implies sponsorship.  And it would be gauche to go around pretending to be sponsored when you are not.   I’m such a whore that I would have allowed myself to be “sponsored” for the mere cost of a company provided logo.  But they were obviously on to my scheme and didn’t want a doofus like me diluting the value of corporate sponsorship.

But I guess what really surprised me was that they actually made the effort to find out who I am.  The reference to the Seoul International Dart League (which I hadn’t mentioned in my email to them) indicates they Googled my name.  Hence, they were able to confirm that I am, in fact, a doofus.  [BTW, I use “doofus” as the darts equivalent to “duffer” in golf]

For the record, I’m a former President of SIDL but currently have no affiliation with the league other than as a participant (I’m on a team but obviously won’t be playing until my return to Korea).  But the real insult is the claim that there are not so many who play darts in Korea regularly.  What the hell?  There are thousands of enthusiastic dart players in Korea!  Has he never heard of the Korea Darts Federation?

As you’ve probably surmised, Cosmo Darts is a Japanese company, so you can see where this is going. Now, I don’t want to stir up any animosity between Japan and Korea (Dokdo is our land! and it’s the East Sea, damn it!) but this attitude towards Korean darts strikes me as, dare I say it, colonial!

Alright, I’m kidding.  Mostly.  But I do believe that Cosmo is missing a great opportunity if they aren’t actively marketing their outstanding products in Korea.  I’d have been willing to help them with that, but I’m sure they could find a non-doofus Korean to sponsor if they even knew that darts existed in Korea.

So, I didn’t get a Cosmo Darts logo, but I did get this blog post.  I guess that makes us all winners!





It may be a little late (years, misuse) to start caring about punctuation–but why now?  Because…I found this: to begin with. I just want to make a point, period, like this one.

Ha, that turned out to be a pretty lame attempt.  Read the link and you’ll see what I was trying to do.  I guess what impressed me was the craft and thought behind the punctuation these writers employed.  And that it was totally lost on me until now.


Why yes, yes I am

So, I came upon this link that asks the question: Are you smarter than an educator?  That seems to be a pretty low bar as far as intelligence indicators go, but I took the test anyway.  I was astounded when I saw just how easy the questions were.  I did miss two which I attribute more to not reading carefully than to ignorance.  Even so, I scored a 93%.  Now get this: The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the test was 49%; college educators scored 55%!  That’s pretty damn scary.

Here’s a direct link to the test.  Go ahead and take it.  It will probably make you feel good about yourself.  Or sad for your fellow citizens.  Or both.

As God is my witness

jehovah 002

I have a kimchi pot on my front porch.  Today the doorbell rang.  Jee Yeun answered the door and began conversing in Korean.  Apparently two well dressed Korean men were driving by and saw the aforementioned kimchi pot and surmised correctly that a Hanguk-saram was living here.  So, they wanted to stop by and share some good news.

jehovah 001

And so they did and then they left.

The other strange event of the day is that my house is full of the wonderful smell of roasting turkey.  Well, it is not strange that the house smells of poultry because I’ve had some in the oven these past couple of hours.  It’s just strange that I’m making turkey this time of year I suppose.  But what the hell, I’m retired and no slave to a calendar.  And I like turkey.

turkey 001

Just another exciting day in the life here at LTG.

Two things I haven’t done this year

1. I have not posted anything here on the blog.

2. I haven’t smoked a cigarette.

So, I guess technically speaking there is now only one thing I haven’t done this year.  Of those two at least.  And I can live without ever smoking again.  Which is actually the point of quitting, right?

I’m not going to say it’s been easy.  Although truth be told quitting is easy.  It’s the staying quit that’s the hard part.  But I’m chock full of good intentions this time.  I still get the urge to smoke of course, especially when I’m alone or with somebody.  Ha ha, I love my sense of humor!  But seriously, there are moments when I really want to inhale some nicotine.  Like while I’m writing this post.  Or when I’m playing darts.  And so when I’m feeling an overwhelming need, I reach out to my new best friend for comfort:


Is that cheating?  Who cares?  Yes, it’s a nicotine fix.  But it ain’t the nicotine that is scarring my lungs.  And it’s really just a crutch until I can walk away completely on my own.  And I’m getting there.

Speaking of walking, I’ve rededicated myself to six hours a week on the treadmill.  So far, so good.  It’s just been a few days but I do feel better already.  I do the treadmill in the morning and an hour of darts practice in the afternoon.  Usually with a nap in between.  It’s a pretty sweet routine.

In other news, I did my first dart tourney of the year this past weekend up in Charlotte.  I threw better than I usually do, and even managed to to finish in the money.

With my partner J.R. we managed a Top 8 finish in 501 and a Top 4 finish in Cricket.

With my partner J.R. we managed a Top 8 finish in 501 and a Top 4 finish in Cricket.

And that’s about all I’ve got to say about 2014.  At least so far.  It did start well though.

I'm wearing my bomber jacket!  Ready for Itaewon!

I’m wearing my bomber jacket! Ready for Itaewon!

Happy New Year!