Here we go again!

RealClearPolitics has a post that could have been written by commenter Fortuneate.  Except it’s satire.

(since y’all don’t like clicking through my links, here it is in toto):


Don’t be misled. These new posters featuring Barack Obama’s face imposed over the likeness of Tinky Winky may appear benign, but they’re not.

Their intent is far deeper and insidious: to stir ugly racist thoughts in America’s subconscious.

On the surface, the posters don’t add anything new to the discussion. Obama has been called a “socialist” before. But, subliminally, the posters draw heavily on stereotypes of the worst kind.

Consider the following evidence:

– First, the obvious: Purple is only a tick or two away from black on the color spectrum, so it’s clearly no coincidence that Obama’s likeness was imposed over Tinky Winky and not Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Noo-Noo, or Po. Tinky Winky is an unspeakably devious subliminal reminder of the pigmentation of our President’s skin.

– Tinky Winky – and the rest of his Teletubby ilk – are meant to draw upon latent and subconscious racism and xenophobia. They’re odd looking, they speak in incoherent phrases, they eat strange food and live in a futuristic dome. Clearly, they’re not from around here – and they may not even be from this planet. To superimpose Obama’s likeness over such a character is a truly despicable tactic designed to remind white people of his foreign heritage and to reinforce the notion that he is “of the other.”

– Lastly, using Tinky Winky is a cretinously creative way to emasculate the President. Everyone knows Tinky Winky carries a red handbag, for crying out loud. White evangelicals are particularly attuned to subliminal associations with Tinky Winky since Jerry Falwell outed the cartoon character as a symbol of gay pride with his purple (but remember, also almost black) color and his triangular antenna.

This is ugly stuff. By superimposing Obama’s face over the likeness of Tinky Winky this new poster creates a subtly coded, highly effective racial and political argument. Forget socialism, this poster is another attempt to undermine the President by drawing on deep seated stereotypes against blacks, foreigners, and gays.  It’s disgusting.

Sam Ryan’s

The newest darts bar in Itaewon is Sam Ryan’s.


Located in the alley behind Hamilton Hotel, upstairs from 3 Alley Pub.  And coincidentally, owned by Albert, one of the 3 Alley partners.

I’ve not been here much, in fact, last night was the first time I played in a league match at this bar.  My assessment is that it is one fine venue for darts.


The boards look as good as they play.  Excellent lighting as well.  There is actually a fourth board in the back.


As you can see, the bar area is quite spacious.  And although I’ve not eaten here yet, I’m told the food is excellent.  More than just pub fare, they even serve steaks!


I really like this part of the bar.  Big open space, lots of window seating, light and airy.  They did a great job with this place.


Another angle on the bar area.  There is even a patio area in the back.

So, we had a nice match here last night, notwithstanding my crappy dart throwing (can’t blame that on the bar!).  Service was friendly and efficient.  My only quibble is that it gets a little tight behind the oche with that shelf-like thing there.  Also, seating for the “fans” is somewhat limited, but really, it all worked out fine.  It was a little hot, but then again, it’s August in Seoul so I guess that’s to be expected.

This place is the only bar I’ve seen that can give Dolce Vita a run for the money.  This place gets a “A” rating as darts venue.  Good job Albert.

Peril in Pyongyang

An interesting take on the backstory of the “journalists” recently released by North Korea.  Funny bit where some White House wag said that the women were likely in less danger in NORK custody than they were on the plane with Clinton.  Heh.

UPDATE: Well, I see the Marmot posted this before I did. Oh well, I guess it’s possible I have at least one reader who does not visit the Marmot’s place. Not likely, but possible.


Hey, a post about something other than politics!  Although there is some nice discussion going on in the comments to my earlier posts, so feel free to jump in and say your piece.

Last night the Rubbies took on the Breakfast Club at Sam Ryan’s.  The good news is we prevailed 20-17.  I think all of us were disappointed in our perfromance however, especially after we had jumped out to a 10-2 lead early on.  Not sure what it is, but we are collectively just not performing anywhere near our potential.  I guess we will work through that, but after our strong showing last week, this felt like a step backwards.

I can’t figure out what is going on with my game.  I managed a 7-5 showing last night, but it was ugly.  I think I had only two marks in 12 legs and that is not an “A” division showing.  I’m playing well during the  Friday night tourneys and in practice.  But come Monday night, I just don’t seem to have a clue.  I think I’m pressing or something and I have resolved to try and just relax and enjoy myself.  Frustration breeds frustration and all that.  We shall see.

I’ll have my Sam Ryan’s review up soon.