There and back again

My blog buddy Kevin Kim has embarked on a great adventure of Bilbo Baggins-esque proportions.  This morning he begins his epic hike from Seoul to Busan!  You can follow along with me on Kevin’s Hairy Chasms blog.

Now, I enjoy my daily strolls well enough I suppose but damn, I can’t imagine taking on a 200+ mile journey.  Good luck and have fun Kevin!

4 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. Wow!!! A hike from Seoul to Pusan and back….omg! I went to Pusan by bullet train took it a little less 3 hours to get there. I can’t imagine how long would it take by hiking….bet Kevin stamina and endurance is fantastic…goodluck!

  2. Thanks, Black Widow! I’m only hiking down to Busan (the “There and Back Again” title might be misleading); I’ll be taking the KTX bullet train back to Seoul (or my boss might be driving me back to Seoul). It’s 340 miles (or 550 km) one way, and that’s going to take me a little more than three weeks to do… as long as I manage to stay on schedule! My boss can’t give me two straight months off, so I can only do a one-way hike. But I think that’s going to be enough!

  3. You might do a record if you do Kevin…nice try tho’….you need to take with you a tent…

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