That’s a first

First time I had to concede to mother nature this winter.  -13 with a brisk breeze just made it too damn painful to walk outside.

I managed 6000 steps by walking around in the HQ building. And then I put my mostly vacant house to work as my indoor walking park.

Up the stairs…

And back down….

And then circuits around the unoccupied upstairs living area…

Pretty damn boring exercise though. I wound up settling for 13,000 steps, far short of my 20,000 daily goal.

Made me a simple but tasty low carb dinner…

And then I had to make a decision. Be smart and stay home or brave the cold to partake in my daily dose of beer drinking.

Fuck you mother nature!

I guess mother nature said fuck you back because this morning there is no running water in the house. Frozen pipes I reckon.

2 thoughts on “That’s a first

  1. May you not have any burst pipes.

    I’ve heard the key to keeping running water in the winter is to let your faucets drip, ever so slowly, when they’re not in use. Not sure if that’s an old wives’ tale…

  2. Yes, I believe that is an effective way to avoid frozen pipes. I just didn’t think about it last night. Luckily, my upstairs water was working so I got to use the shower this morning…

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