That bites

I invited a friend and fellow blogger Kevin Kim out for dinner at the Oasis in the Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan Garrison.  I was really looking forward to the Mexican buffet (which also features some pretty nice barbecue) and I’m sure he was too.  I even had the foresight to go online and confirm they were open for dinner on Wednesday night. So, I was sorely disappointed when we arrived only to be greeted by sign saying “closed for repairs”.  Thanks for keeping your webpage updated.  Bastards.

We settled for dinner at another DHL eatery, Greenstreets.  It was fine I suppose, just not what I had anticipated or wanted.  Kevin did the Reuben sandwich and I had some surf and turf (sirloin steak and salmon).  Kevin proclaimed the Reuben tasty, despite some sogginess in the bottom portion of bread.  My meal was good, but not spectacular.  Well, the baked potato was disappointing–not sure when it was baked but it was barley warm.

Anyway, we had a nice chat over dinner and then Kevin, as is his wont, hiked the 20,000 steps back to his residence.  I opted for the subway.

I hope he’ll give me the opportunity to redeem myself by sharing the promised Mexican buffet at some date in the future.

3 thoughts on “That bites

  1. Feel free to sign me on base, but it’s my treat next time!

    I’m surprised you didn’t bust my balls re: chatting up the ladies.

  2. Ha, didn’t want to violate the guy code. In *ahem* entirely unrelated news I started doing an online Korean lesson last night. Jee Yeun asked “is it because Kevin can speak Korean so well?” I didn’t say it, but yeah, I could see the advantages on full display…

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