Sunday morning coming down

Ah well.  We’ll always have Paris.  It will be interesting to see how long the memory of the “never forget” crowd turns out to be this time.

Scrolling through Facebook this morning was pretty depressing though.  I’d guess 90% of the folks on my news feed have the French Tricolor overlay on their profile picture as a show of solidarity with Parisians in their grief.  And that’s fine I suppose, especially if it’s an indication we will all stand together in defending Western values against those who would destroy us from within.  Alas, I fear a temporary Facebook pic is as far as most of them will go.

Now at least some folks are already fired up and agitating for action.  Against the “bigots” with the audacity to note that the attackers were yet again of the Muslim faith.  Then there’s the group saying “it’s all our fault” and we should work to appease the hatred of our enemies.  And of course you have people like Stephen King making the tired comparison between Muslims and the Westboro Baptist Church.  Because obviously they are exactly the same.  Except for the rape and murder parts.

So we can stand and fight or we can submit.  Islam is all about that submission stuff. Sadly, I fear we have indeed met the enemy. And it is us.

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning coming down

  1. yeah, the russkies and French want to get on board the ant-terrorism train. where the hell were they last year or the year before that or the year before that. oh, don’t worry, America will take care of things. I’m sick and tired of the united states trying to save the world alone. there may have been a time that we could save the world alone but that time is loooong gone. we have to save ourselves .at this point. every supposed multinational action involves hundreds of thousands of American troops and a handful of our allies. while we rebuild the infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan our bridges crumble and our national debt climbs to numbers that are unimaginable. I’m done ranting. soju time. trump 4 president!

  2. Well, I don’t think it is so much the case of our saving the world as it is saving ourselves. I believe that Russia and France have also come to recognize that ISIS is our common enemy.

    I think we can do better than Trump. I also know when can do much worse. We’ll see.

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