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I guess the highlight of the week was doing a meet and greet with the new Secretary of the Army Mark Espers. And perhaps the final photo op of my 35+ year career….

It’s been cold and snowy, but I’m still walking to work.

A winter wonderland perhaps, but treacherously slick in places. I’ve shortened some walks because I don’t want any broken bones. Still getting at least 20,000 a day though.

Speaking of walking, I did my first Hash with the Humphreys Hangover Hash House Harriers (5H). It was a small group to begin with (maybe 8 at most), and the majority said they were too hungover to participate…

It seems with this group following the trail markings is half the battle, and some are even intentionally misleading. Not sure why. Anyway, I got a crash course in reading the signs.

So, in addition to the “Hare” (the who marks the trail) it was just me and another couple….

Speaking of couples, I’m not part of one. Hence, I had no one to share this fine dinner I prepared. It was still good, but would have been twice as good with company. Too bad for you Mi Young!

Anyway, it’s all good.  Another day, another turn of the wheel in the sky.  Each day brings me closer to a new and better future.  Just wait and see!

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  1. That first photo is quite impressive. Also impressive: walking despite the snow (have you thought about purchasing ice cleats? they’re cheap). Keep on with the badassery! You’re definitely putting me to shame; I’ve been a fat, lazy bastard for most of this winter so far… although that’s about to change.

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