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What the hell is goin’ on anyway?

Yeah! Good luck Bret

» Posted By Petro On 22/August/2010 @ 9:48 pm

Boot up our butt

John….you can’t let that part of the game get under your skin. The game is played to do your best to ensure you win but sometimes there IS NO need to point further and just move on. The problem may just be that they don’t differentiate between winning and sportsmanship.

It could also be a case of trying to get extra QPs and pad their stats. If this was the case than I am on your side 100% and that is just plan ignorant to the sprit of the game.

I have dealt with this through out my playing time and have learned to not let it bother me. I look at a leg that someone starts to go off on points when the game is out of hand as a time to practice and try to hit some tripples or bulls. It also may be that they fear your shot and want to make sure that you can’t catch up. In this you should take it as a compliment.

My advise to you is just go with the game and wait until next time then show no mercy! I have been involved with games that were way out of hand that I just picked away at the numbers to close and ended up wining some games because I could not miss a bull and they could not hit. From experience it is possible to come back from down by 500 points in cricket and win….so use their darts as motivation to play yours and not to get yourself worked up and actually taken out of the game.


» Posted By Petro On 02/February/2010 @ 7:27 am


A 9 Mark week 1 and a T80 in week two! John way to go it seems as if you are becoming more consistant. Even if it does not seem it to you, the proof is in the shots. I remember back a little while that you would not have done that in an entire season. Good going bud…maybe being president has some hidden power which could explain my darts lately!

Anyway..where is your first post as president on the Seouldarts webesite?

» Posted By Petro On 19/January/2010 @ 12:54 pm

As the dart flies…

I second that Duke! Good luck John on your newest darting adventure. If you have any questions let me know as I am sure everyone loves my opinions..LOL anyway congrats and shoot well.

» Posted By Petro On 08/December/2009 @ 12:15 am

Popping my cherry


Great job the other night, you showed a bit that you here nervous in pre shot breathing and motions but once you were shooting you did not seem half as nervous. That is the point that we all must work on but you are already halfway there since your darts were flying straight. Like I mentioned on the night when we have a bit of the nerves more than likely your darts will drop so keep that in mind but try not to over compensate. All in all I think you played well and proved that you belong here with the rest of us, YOU certainly were a BIG part of our cricket win.

Lonnie made a comment to me the other day about my normal routine whenever he sees me. It was somewhat harsh about me just playing on a board by myself for hours without interacting with others. I may not initiate most games but I am MORE than happy to play against anyone if they ask, as long as the games are real practice type and preferably only 01 games as I see them the best for practice. I will play games like half it and other fun/pub games as well but I really enjoy the games played in tournaments better for focus. Sorry about the long comment but if you want to play when you see me just ask.

Again great job on Monday and I look forward to shooting next week and hopefully with the same results as far as the team.

Shoot well

» Posted By petro On 16/January/2008 @ 9:18 am

Dolce Vita Invitational


Good job! I bet it feels good to get the reward from all the hard work you have been putting into your game. I have seen a huge amount of progress in your game, especially in your throwing motion. Again well done….maybe next year some pacific players could get an invite! Great post and I look forward to playing on Saturday. Remember LOTS of food, prizes, and fun, hope to see you there.

Shoot well!

» Posted By petro On 18/December/2007 @ 5:44 pm

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