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Let it be

SC and all your family eagerly awaits your vist….Love from all…have a good trip ….

» Posted By John Henry On 05/July/2008 @ 8:06 pm

Remembering Linda Ketner

Your story about Linda brought tears to my eyes….i remember her words of encouragement when I found I had breast cancer…..She sent me such a sweet note….now I am a7 year surviver….and her memory has a special place in my heart….

» Posted By John Henry On 16/February/2008 @ 8:55 pm

Neither here nor there

Read your emails…..Important that you do so,,,,

» Posted By John Henry On 25/June/2007 @ 10:01 am

Backstage with Dorothy

Hi Jeff…I have been watching this for a while and now feel I need to make a comment myself
Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t have the gift of gay-dar. Nevertheless I can reason so I can’t help but wonder how or why you would turn an ordinary blog into homosexual discussion. I can read writing but I can’t write reading so I can’t really explain the things I want to say. But I can tell you this…this ol’ dog has trotted down lots of alleys…lifted my leg on lots of corners and you sir sound like a cock-sucker, butt fucker or whatever you folks like to do. No offense intended. Enjoy.

» Posted By John Henry On 26/August/2006 @ 6:39 am


“Nothing makes me sicker than hypocrisy.Wait,there is one thing that makes me sicker.Hypocrisy that results in the death of innocents.”
There were no weapons of mass destruction…no mushroom clouds over New York city but thousands of innocents dead…billions of dollars spent…dollars that could have helped in Sudan and the other places you mentioned. Get real!

» Posted By john henry On 08/April/2005 @ 11:32 pm

A portrait in bias

“Had he and I met
By some old ancient inn,
We should have sat us down to wet
Right many a nipperkin!

“But ranged as infantry,
and staring face to face,
I shot at him and he at me,
And killed him in his place.

“I shot him dead because-
Because he was my foe,
Just so-my foe of course he was;
That’s clear enough; although

“He thought he’d ‘list perhaps,
Off hand like-just as I-
Was out of work-had sold his traps-
No other reason why.

“Yes; quaint and curious war is!
You shoot a fellow down
You’d treat if met where any bar is,
Or help to half-a-crown.”
Thomas Hardy

» Posted By john henry On 09/February/2005 @ 7:25 am

Why we fight

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

» Posted By john henry On 31/January/2005 @ 7:50 am

Seems like I remember reading somewhere in American history about rebels in the south getting put down by a fellow called Abraham.I imagine as far as Saddam was concerned those Kurds were just a bunch of damn rebels. AMEN

» Posted By john henry On 31/January/2005 @ 6:17 am

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