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In other news…

While I cannot speak towards anything Korea-specific, let me say that if the car is otherwise in good working order, I would say fix it. Any new purchase would be an unknown risk …

And I am also lusting after an 05 Mustang GT Convertible … mmmm


» Posted By TJ On 17/September/2005 @ 4:13 am

Happy Birthday to me….

Happy 50th!

Wow… 50!

» Posted By TJ On 27/August/2005 @ 9:11 am

Blending into the crowd…

Brilliant! /TJ

» Posted By TJ On 22/August/2005 @ 6:58 pm

“If I got my news from newspapers…”

Priceless! /TJ

» Posted By TJ On 19/August/2005 @ 10:27 am

And so begins the task….

Let us know if we can help in any way … and in the meantime, prayers.


» Posted By TJ On 08/June/2005 @ 11:05 am

Gracyn Rose

Too cute, and it must kill you not to be with her! Good luck on fixing that!


» Posted By TJ On 10/May/2005 @ 9:59 pm


Congrats!! /TJ

» Posted By TJ On 05/May/2005 @ 10:32 pm

Under Construction

… hey, there is nothing wrong with being a link whore!

Good Luck recovering your inspiration,
The Wide Awakes

» Posted By TJ On 04/May/2005 @ 8:51 am

Senate Showdown?

And that is the whole idea of the system, atleast it was at one time … for the judicial appointees to be reviewed, ‘discussed’ and then voted on.

If a bad judge gets through (due to one side strong-arming the other) the ‘weaker’ side has the ability to use that against the ‘stronger’ party and, if it is deemed important enough by the voters, the ‘stronger’ party becomes the ‘weaker’ party.

The Wide Awakes

» Posted By TJ On 23/April/2005 @ 1:20 am

Economic weaklings

Carol – sorry for not responding to you; I had written of this thread (due to a certain, (cough) nameless individual).

Yes, I did ask this nameless person to back up his statements and while he may have done so let me just say that I do not have time to go through and pick these details apart (or possibly agree with them, depending on the truth of the situation). I will add that you can make just about anything about just about anyone sound true by presenting one-sided facts … not saying this is the case here, just saying that you always need to consider the source. Additionally, I believe everyone of his comments were off-topic … so even aside from the “I am ignoring him” aspect I have no qualms what-so-ever about ignoring them.

And WRT rednecks … I would like to say that I come from a long line of undistinguished rednecks and while I don’t live that lifestyle myself I certainly should, genetically speaking :). And the rednecks I know are usually better, more honest people than many of the city-folk I work with.

John & Carol – thank you for your service, without the good civil servants to keep the govt atleast mostly on track our system of govt would be a *complete* train wreck.


» Posted By TJ On 03/May/2005 @ 8:20 am

Euroyank – As you still cannot grasp how to make your point in a concise, readable fashion (multiple posts, repetition of points and inconsistent caps usage) and you persist in ad hominem attacks (against me (“NUMB NUTS” “FOOL” “FOOL”), against some well respected officials (Negroponte, “NAZI”) and against those that I have less respect for (Democrats, “WHIMPS”[sic])) and you obviously have no interest in having an actual discussion/debate I am going to quit responding to you and write you off as a useless troll.

Since this is my last response to you – let me also point out that you offer no support of your assertions. As constructive criticism, just so you know, saying “look it up” does not count as a supporting argument.

If you happen to learn rules of grammar and the rules of debate, please feel free to seek additional comments. (Here or elsewhere)
The Wide Awakes
PS – John – sorry you have to deal with his ramblings, perhaps once he is being ignored he will go away.

» Posted By TJ On 23/April/2005 @ 1:09 am

EuroYank – “Your whacked out RIGHT controls the supreme court, the congress, the senate, the judicial branch and the executive branch, and the world bank…. HOW Much MORE control do you need TO DESTROY EVERYTHING?”

That statement just shows your utter ignorance in how the American Democratic (Republic) system works.

Neither the Left nor the Right “CONTROL” any of the three branches; one side may have more influence now that the other(s) but they are still bound by rules and by the knowledge that too much will simply result in their being voted out 2-4-6 years later. If the radical right “CONTROLLED” the govt so much, with no fear of repercussions, don’t you think things would be radically different?? (BTW – I am glad neither party is that confident + powerful, once the govt no longer fears the people they will no longer represent their interests)

Also – just to pick knits :
1) the “the congress, the senate”
1.1) one is part of the other
2)the “judicial, supreme court”
2.1) (again) one is part of the other

in one of your many follow-on comments you also said – “MUST COUNT the SOCIAL BENEFITS GUARANTEED” – as opposed to our unemployment, Welfare, non-Socialized medicine (but everyone can still get help (and not wait 3months)), food stamps, etc?


» Posted By TJ On 22/April/2005 @ 9:51 am

I’m sorry – did I ever say you would be speaking German, or indicate that I knew or cared what your nationality was? (I did say so your valued French women would be speaking German, which may work for you but I doubt they really want to) If so, it was an accident – I don’t care where anyone is from (and nor should you care where I am from) … it is the validity of the statements that matters, not the nationality of their source.

Did I ever say we were defending Germany? We are, at the base level, defending our own nation (&/or its interests) – as EVERY nation should do but many fail to.

“laughable you have such a major problem with small countries numbering a few million gooks” – nice ethnic slur! My problem with them is that they are a destabilizing force … I have no direct fear of them conquering the US. The only threat the US truly fears is itself (and the whacked out liberal left that is seeking to destroy us from within).


» Posted By TJ On 21/April/2005 @ 5:58 am

Carol – “How long can you guys hold a grudge because they failed to support our decision to go to war in Iraq?” … How long can they hate us for going to war Iraq? Remember, we didn’t start the hate. In fact, I don’t ‘hate’ anyone. And sure, allies are good – but only when they are good allies … not fickle, unreliable ones – especially since (and I agree with you here) “China and India do not have our best interest at heart”. Also, don’t forget France, Russia, Germany were all against the war in Iraq for one reason, and one reason only – because they were willing to sacrifice innocent Iraqi lives for the $Billions(!) they were making.

EuroYank – I have no problem with them uniting or trying to … I refuse to dignify your ignorant ramblings of the next several lines with a response … as for “NeoCons are the major threat to American Democracy” is downright laughable and “as the saying goes, if you lose your freedom and liberty to defend against losing it, you have neither” I think you mean to say ‘A People Who Would Sacrifice Liberty for Security Will Lose Both, and Deserve Neither’, yes? That statement does indeed have great value and meaning. Oh, and don’t forget your oh-so-valued French+women would all be speaking German if not for the US … never forget. And you didn’t bother to answer what military the entire EU could muster or how they would react in the face of a threat. (If you need a hint, the answer is THE UNITED STATES’ MILITARY)


» Posted By TJ On 21/April/2005 @ 2:25 am

“since TJ is a fellow neocon of yours, I am happy you have at least one ally” – if by NeoCon you mean a Conservative who believe spreading democracy is a *good* and *just* thing, then indeed I am! And John has more than one ally … last I checked Bush was just re-elected by a clear majority by us “neocons”.

Wow … “if you can read” … are you familiar with the inverse relationship between ad hominem attacks and the strength of your position? Yes, I thought not.

“in Europe ALL THOSE THAT ARE NOT COUNTED IN THE USA are counted in Europe” – I will assume you are attempting to correct my statement … you know, the one were I said I wasn’t sure and was inviting constructive criticism. In response, ignoring your insulting tone, I say thank you for the information, even if I doubt your assertion.

“and TJ stop writing such long commentaries without supporting information” – Perhaps you could stop writing ignorant, rambling, incoherent posts? … and I did not feel I needed supporting facts to question your unsupported facts …
(note that that was not an ad hominem attack; that was a criticism of your posts .. subtle but important difference)

“GET A JOB” – I have an excellent job, ThankYouVeryMuch. A job that allows my wife to stay home and raise our child (and two dogs) even in a fairly high cost of living area. A job that is paying for additional career training. A job at a company I have been with for just under 7 yrs. Basically, I have a good life and don’t want this country to be ruined like so many others.

Regarding the Pravda article – they failed to mention one key thing. Military. How would this ‘EU-superpower’ defend itself? France, assuming it joins, would be more than happy to surrender to the first sign of a threatening invasion and do any of those nations have an even noticeable military? Could they field and army if challenged by a rising China, Russia, S. Korea? I think not.

Also – it would make it much easier to read your comments if you would learn to compose your thoughts first and to make your (incorrect, offensive) statement(s) in one post. It is also considered ‘good netiquette’.
IF you want supporting facts go read a day or two’s worth of posts at my site, or search it for anything not mentioned today … that should cover just about any topic your care to raise.

» Posted By TJ On 20/April/2005 @ 10:01 am

Wow, EuroYank must really be upset … so much so that clear, concise, rational thoughts escape him/her.

“Just because every American has 2.5 … minimal infrastructure” – excuse me, but it takes infrastructure to have someplace to drive all of our cars!

“In the USA after you use up six months of unemployed you no longer exist” – no, you still exist you just need to GET A JOB! Something that is not really a huge problem in the US; given our unemployment rate that is 1/2 to 1/3 that in the ‘EU paradise’ (which France may not even join!).

“students etc are not counted at all” – that is because they are busy bettering themselves, not necessarily trying to be productive (yet). Would you like to count infants as well?

“I do not think FEDERAL EMPLOYEES are counted as EMPLOYED, since they DO NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING” – you should perhaps take a brief moment to review what you say before you hits post; I believe you are trying to say that they should not be counted? And while I, half tongue in cheek, agree that their productivity could be called into question atleast they have a job. And, if you want to make that a basis for comparison you must apply the same rule to the govt employees within the EU … which I believe would put the US even farther ahead (please feel free to correct me, with facts, if that is not correct).

The Wide Awakes

» Posted By TJ On 20/April/2005 @ 2:46 am

Eye candy

John – you feel free to post whatever you want; gratuitous photo or not. Lightheartedness is something in very short supply these days and a little more is always welcome.

Although I still want to know what those things in her hand are?
The Wide Awakes

» Posted By TJ On 23/March/2005 @ 10:37 pm

Yes, we have no posts

Nothing interesting?

Terri? Oil @ $57+? ANWR? Recent court cases (Peterson, Blake, Ebbers, Qwest, JP Morgan)? St Patrick’s Day? FEC(+Kerry) vs Bloggers?

Or, a little closer to home – Nuclear Korea, China vs Taiwan? The end of the “Asian Women’s Fund”?

Or, a lot closer to home – Seoul vs Japan?

There is plenty going on … drink your coffee and get on it!

(In all seriousness, I hope you do overcome your bloggers-block – we appreciate your perspective!) /TJ

» Posted By TJ On 17/March/2005 @ 11:12 pm

Rent day

Now that is what I call a money shot! /TJ

» Posted By TJ On 10/March/2005 @ 5:50 am

The forgotten war

My brother in law, over in Afghanistan now, would certainly appreciate those of us stateside not forgetting about them or the excellent work they are doing!


» Posted By TJ On 23/February/2005 @ 2:04 pm

Freedom of Speech

… Carol – defend the charge of treason? Does accusing the military of intentionally targeting our own citizens count? Please also factor in the probability of these types of statements being held against the US, our forces, our citizens, and the Iraqi freedom effort specifically by the terrorists …

… Ashley – please clarify : “I would think that public interest should be the most important – in that, the government is there to serve us and nothing else” … but citizens from harm isn’t important / relevant? By saying “nothing else”, instead of simply most important, you indicate (to me, anyway) that harm is irrelevant … ?

PS – Ashley, I haven’t followed the link yet, but have added it to my long list of targets for the morning :).

» Posted By TJ On 16/February/2005 @ 8:06 pm

And so it begins (again)

*slaps forehead* … and thanks for the link to, of all places, your own blog :).

Best Wishes for you in the far-away land,

» Posted By TJ On 14/January/2005 @ 11:11 am

The Last Commute

Are you retiring, as in stopping work altogether, or retiring, as is moving on to something else?


» Posted By TJ On 14/January/2005 @ 6:25 am

Intelligence as a factor in mate selection

I think only insecure people prefer inferior mates … I know that I would tire very quikly of some vapid piece of fluff.

(Or, perhaps, these people don’t really know what they want, aren’t thinking long term, or are just looking for (cough) ‘fun’ …)


» Posted By TJ On 08/January/2005 @ 9:02 am

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