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Yeah, that’s some smile ur sportin there, K-spawn……er……Gay-Mac…or whatever name ur using today……(see how that works, K-tard…?)

Now why not go get a real job and try to grow up a little and stop with all the machismo bravado…… it’s not like you haven’t had decent examples to learn from……

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 10:31 pm

S’bag, you would do well to learn from his example. But you most likely won’t……. surely not until you have your own wake up call, at least. I wish I could be there, just for a moment, to watch and and if it happened I’d surely have a good chuckle.

But then, being a democrat and being a liberal is not necessarily the same thing, as Pat Caddell eloquently demonstrates. And since liberalism is a mental disorder the perhaps hoped for wake-up call, I’m afraid, ain’t gonna happen.

Hey, we all have mental illness in our families somewhere – no show-stopper, but still, in many ways such a burden to carry. But I’m sure John has found way’s to cope,- like maybe moving to the RoK, Korean-girl watching, dart-leagues and good cold draft beer. Cures alot of ills, I’m sure. A man could damned near put up with the IL’s up north for such a life.

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 7:37 am

A few people on this board should be less concerned with other people who have differing views from them and with attacking them and constantly starting trouble, and more concerned about the great sucking sound off in the distance as the country continues the slide down into the hole of disaster.

But since those people are liberals and liberalism is a mental disorder there is most likely no way they can get it together and wake up. It’s a damned shame but just one of those sorry facts of life, apparently. I find my self wondering what tune they will sing with they can no longer deny reality and it’s right in their faces?

Probably come running back to their daddies to beg for help and to try to be rescued.

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 6:15 am

So, how’s that stimulus working out for you?

Yeah, sizzler, ur probably happy but I’m sure the blog host is not…….. ur apparently so used to arguing with people and trying to prove yer questioned reasoning you don’t know how or when to cut it off.

Time to MAN-UP, Gay-Mac, and get a real job – how’s that, K-tard….

If you know as much about sports as you do politics and international affairs you’re an ideal example of the sad and probably impossible task our country has ahead of it.

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 10:40 pm

Do I detect a whimper in here anywhere?

As to,
“the one attacking those that have a different view and causing problems. Riiight………”

Do we see a defensive crouch here?

Still a S’bag, IMV. Clean it up and you won’t be a S’bag. Pretty simple really.

Hard to imagine that you’ve been getting away with your trash-talk for so long.

You need to go back and snort some more jocks, dude. Man up, so ur guys say.

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 12:52 pm

Some people on this board should be less concerned with people who have differing views from them and with attacking them and constantly starting trouble, and more concerned about the great sucking sound off in the distance as the country continues the slide down into the hole of disaster.

But since those people are liberals and liberalism is a mental disorder there is most likely no way they can get it together and wake up. It’s a damned shame but just one of those sorry facts of life, apparently. I find my self wondering what tune they will sing with they can no longer deny reality and it’s right in their faces?

Probably come running back to their daddies to beg for help and to try to be rescued.

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 6:17 am

Some of those would appear to be good points, Fortune.

Obviously a little hyperbole in my comment but, yes, that would need to be sorted out. Government employees surely would be candidates, as would cops and others, no doubt – but obviously not a solution that could ever come to pass in this country – no danger of that.

Yeah, Mr. O has a country to run, wish he would get to it versus practice his teleprompter speeches and look for more air time. The main difference between your position and more conservative ones is that you think he is legitimate whereas many conservatives recognize him to be completely illegitimate (in core truth vs parentage). A fact that will soon enough be more widely recognized, very probably, as he continues to pile up more and more narcissistic commentary all the while devoting his attention to dubious interests while he ignores so many pressing ones – leading to frustration with him and the inevitability of those who recognize they erred in voting for him.

I’m with you. I don’t want my president to spend all of his time discussing his childhood, parentage and legality either. I just want him to open the vault one time and tell the truth. Simple as that. One time. I’m sure you must be able to understand that, though you seem to ignore the points made earlier about honesty and transparency.

» Posted By Smackdab On 07/October/2009 @ 3:32 am

A better idea would probably be to only allow people who have served their country to vote, without regard to race, age or gender or even sexual orientation, huh? That rule alone would weed out most of the idiots most probably. It never ceases to amaze me how so very often people who’ve never done a damn thing to serve their country manage to have all the answers about how to fix it and simultaneously try to shout down and demean others who have been down that road.

Seems to me, it is entirely reasonable for American citizens to demand to know the backgrounds and see the evidence thereof of their presidents – my goodness…….is that even a question? So whatever the certifiable is after, Frank, Lord only knows.

Lindsey Graham has been, by and large, a likeable guy with some reasonable views over the past, I’ve always thought. But with some recent outspoken opinions he’s been a real douche. So things always seem to fit together don’t they?

Maybe it’s something in the water down in So. Caro. Yeah, that’s probably it. Would explain a lot of things we seen opined on this blog, huh?

» Posted By Smackdab On 06/October/2009 @ 12:51 pm

I heard a comment on the radio, the on-the-hour news recap (WIOD, AM, Miami) last week, that the US dollar buying power abroad was down 20-30% in the last quarter. I had not heard that anywhere else, and have not seen it confirmed, but if true I would not be surprised. Most informed economists agree that it’s not a matter of if, but more when……. the $$ will have some real difficulty, given all the wonton spending by the USG both during and especially post Bush.

Given the logic of what is very probably in store, I dread what is very probably to come and do not see any other possible conclusion. I actually wish I would encounter a differing opinion, but if they’re out there I haven’t seen’em. What’s the most worrying of all is how the gov’t continues on, business as usual., looking for more pork to send home……… the health care deal that Harry Reid is trying to cut for Nevada within this health care legislation. But why am I not surprised by that? The word is that if he fails to bring it off he’s toast. Would be almost too good to be true, IMO.

Quote of the day:
Q. Mr. President (Obama) are you in favor of reparations (to descendants of slaves, e.g. AA’s).

A. No I am not. They don’t go far enough.


» Posted By Smackdab On 06/October/2009 @ 12:17 am

Everyone else fancies little girls too

Thanks John. Agree completely.

Link below contains the full story of what Polanski did, article titled: Roman Polanski: What Did He Do?

» Posted By Smackdab On 01/October/2009 @ 9:00 am

Healthcare debate distilled

News from Denmark:

Michelle O, says, it’s such a “sacrifice’ to go all the way to Denmark on a dedicated plane, but ‘they’re doing it for the kids”. No kiddin.

Mr. O is already in Denmark practicing his remarks on the teleprompter.

A total of four separate US administration aircraft have gone to Copenhagen for this trip. Hers, his, security and communications. Count’em. Four.

On only two prior occasions have heads-of-state gone to address the Olympic committee to request the games be held in their country – Putin and Tony Blair. Both were successful. For this one, however, several other heads-of-state will make pitches too.

Obama intends to win.

He then plans to introduce several new ‘culturally specific’ events to the games in view of the Chicago venue.

1. The jump, grab and run

2. The strike and flee, and

3. The drive-by, fool-shoot

Probably other new events will emerge between now and when the games are actually held.

I can’t wait.

» Posted By Smackdab On 02/October/2009 @ 1:33 am

Friends Bar

Excellent review.

Looking forward to your review of the Manila Bar.

» Posted By Smackdab On 01/October/2009 @ 1:16 am

A glimpse into the future…

Actually a national health care system could be a workable idea, but only in the extreme and it ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime. Under current management, it would just never be implemented or run in such a way to be effective and manageable, seems certain. That said, if in fantasy a good system ever came to pass it should only be implemented, if ever, under specific conditions. I’ll try to spell out what I mean.

Example: If ever there is a national health care system, having seen the way everything else the government got involved with ended up……. it should probably be run similar to the way DoD has learned to cope in the Defense Industry – this part should not be an after effect to be brought up, debated, argued out and then, inevitably watered-down before it is implemented after a general health care system legislation was passed, it would have to be required in the legislation, otherwise it would never see the light of day – it very well might not be even then. It would have a chance of success, perhaps slim, but a chance, if it was provided through private contract with private companies providing the services. Only then, logically, could a company hope to manage the business with efficiency and hire and fire people as needed to get the job done. The reason this could work is that in order to meet specific requirements posed in the contract the contracting agency would have to hire well qualified people to do the jobs, would have to have control over their production and standards (and would have to specifically have the latitude to do these things to a degree that most Federal guidelines would not allow) and most importantly, would have to re-compete for the contracts periodically. The recompetition aspect is what keeps them honest, within reasonable cost limits, and makes them disciplined to provide superior service. Anything else will simply be another job welfare program with the government hiring to the lowest common denominator……the sick, lame, lazy and incompetent, affirmative action placement recipients handling your appointments, your lab results and mostly calling in sick because they can. A disaster by any measure. Just look at anything else the government runs – graphic examples abound. BTW, I believe this is intuitively known by the citizens of this country but they are not used to connecting the dots with clarity or to putting voice to it.

A very few examples of your Fed Gov’t at work – many more abound:

Why is the VA a mess?

Why is Social Security a mess and near on bankrupt? (and moreover, why does it remain such with virtually no action taken by the Fed gov’t to correct it?)

Why is the Post Office a mess and bankrupt BTW and seems to always have been?

Why is, except for John, the Federal civilian employment system a mess (primarily for the lower grades for whom it is impossible to cite any employee for incompetence or to fire – ain’t gonna happen – Federal protections, and most of these positions are held by minorities – go figure).

What about the problems in TSA – look up (Transportation Security Agency problems), you’ll be amazed.

What about schools?

What about the borders?

What about Medicare, Medicaid? Don’t make the mistake of saying this or that is good because people like it – look at the whole subject, the problems, the cost overruns, etc.

…and it’s not really necessary to come up with more examples because you can find your own. Just think of something the FedGovt is involved with and look in to it and you’ll see for yourself.

Someone made some examples a while back and listed off a bunch of things that the Federal government does well but most of them weren’t Federal and those that were Federal were fraught with known management problems. Only one was any good, the military, and that is in spite of the Fed Gov’t, not because of it.

No. I am left with the undeniable conclusion that a competitive contractual system for administration of a national health care system could never be a serious consideration or it would already be part of the legislation.

So one asks, why is this?

Well, clearly, in my view, it is because what these Democrat legislators want in reality more than anything else, and again, in my view, probably THE underlying goal inextricably tied to these health care proposals, in concert with their criminal leaders, is a direct shift into socialism…….this is essential to the whole thing which is why you will never see a provision for contracted providers or hear it discussed as a consideration. Think about it. If you wanted to make sure something would work, given the track record of failure and incompetence the Fed Govt has with everything they touch, what would you do? You would look around for things the Gov’t did that worked and just about the only example you would find as a pretty consistently good example, would be the way that DoD works.

One thing for sure. Once a program is implemented it is near impossible to get rid of. Most anyone who has lived long enough to have a worthy opinion knows that from experience.


Hardly anyone knows that each member of congress pays $500 a year for an on-site medical program that has state-of-the-art methods and personnel – this works out to $41.66 per month for the best health care in the world, the best money can buy – not a bad deal if you can get it, which you can’t. In addition, the benefit extends beyond the capital and into their districts and local regions as well, but you can be sure that your health care plan will not be as good.
Not in this lifetime.

» Posted By Smackdab On 01/October/2009 @ 3:50 am

In the post above, excuse me please, the Senator who commented that someone had to be found guilty before they were hung is Senator Durbin (D/IL). The same senator who testified on the Senate floor that American soldiers in Iraq were attempting genocide on the Iraqi people. Yeah, really. I guess that’s also free speech because he not only wasn’t censured (as was Mr. Joe Wilson, (Rep/SoCaro) for only calling Mr Obama a liar) Mr. Durbin never apologized, as Mr Wilson of course did. Mr. Biden said he was embarrassed by what Mr Wilson did, but he apparently wasn’t embarrassed by Mr. Durbin’s vote to sustain funds for Acorn nor his comments against the US military and forces fighting in Iraq. Pretty amazing stuff, huh?

Help me here. does any of this stuff constitute what they call a “double standard”? Also, is it maybe a a form of hypocrisy? I’m really confused.

Further comment to Frank:
Did you catch Mr. Moore’s comment about capitalism being evil? When questioned as to if he saw a conflict between his condemnation of capitalism and the fact that he had become and is fabulously wealthy, a millionaire many times over, through his films that attack and vilify the methods and practices of his own country, particularly the conservative movement? His response? Glancing at the camera that was filming his comment, “Yeah, that is a sort of dilemma.”

As some other astute observer commented recently, I wonder if Mr Moore will now decide to give away all that cash to the poor and downtrodden he is so eager to raise up and provide for, similar to how Mr. Ted Kennedy did with his wealth.

Oh, wait. Sorry, that was our money Kennedy gave away, not his, wasn’t it? Sorry for my mistake on that one.

» Posted By Smackdab On 30/September/2009 @ 2:12 am

More glimpse’s into the future.

Valerie Jarrett, Chicago resident, lawyer, business woman and civic leader (sic) who is also best friend to BO and now senior WH advisor and assistant to Mr. Obama for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, yeah, really. Her former company in Chicago has the account for organizing any potential Olympic activity in Chicago. I think she’s the same one who praised Van Jones and said how much “we” admire him and have been watching him and are happy to have him on our team.” Yeah. Oh, and almost forgot, Jarrett was born in Iran. Yeah, but I’m sure there’s nothing to that.

Note too, please, that Chicago is the residential home of Mr. Obama……… you know………… the huge home that he got such a great deal on, like half price, plus was given a strip of land from the bordering lot that rendered that lot bordering buffer-lot unbuildable…..all at very reduced prices, thanks to Mr. A. Rezco, now convicted former friend and supporter/fund-raiser to Mr. Obama (convicted on 16 of 24 counts of fraud and bribery 2008). Coincidentally, Mr Rezco is Syrian, BTW. And now we find that Mr. Obama has somehow found time in his busy schedule to travel to Denmark, in the midst of and during all the other pressing domestic and foreign policy issues, and indeed even war-fighting issues, to throw his hat in the ring in hopes of bringing the Olympic games to Chicago. Hummm. Chicago of all places. Wonder if he would be there on behalf of San Antonio, if San Antonio were a potential venue?

I’m confused. Is all this just a coincidence?

Another unrelated and surely just a coincidental story, the school that was filmed with the students singing an ode to Barack Hussein Obama, you know the one with the Marxist lyrics about equal pay for equal work (from each according to his means, to each according to his needs)…………Yeah, the one where the principal said she would do it again if she could…….yeah, that one……… that school district is now complaining that the video of the performance was taken without permission. Huh? A parent needs permission from the school district to film their child in a school activity? Hummmmmm……

Is this sorta the like the same thing as when Humana criticized the Dem’s proposed health legislation, that one of the authors of the legislation, whose name starts with a “B”, threatened to have Humana “investigated”. Would these two things constitute First Amendment violation issues, maybe…… know………..the freedom of speech thingy???

What’s going on here? As some have commented before on this blog……is this called connecting the dots? Or is connecting the dots something else – something else that is required to be outside of Barack Hussein Obama activities?

And while I’m at it……. just another observation………… of the 7 senators who voted to preserve Acorn funding………..two of the seven, (that’s both) were from ILLinois – Obama territory. When questioned as to why he voted to preserve funding…….. he commented that in his experience someone had to be found guilty before they were hung. No shit. He actually said that. Nothing about the multiple pieces of documentation/evidence that proved the activity. Oh my. And oh, BTW, one of those Senator’s was Mr. Burris, you know the guy who was appointed to replace Mr. Obama – no coincidence that they are both black is there? Are we PC here John? Can I say that? And that Mr. Burris, post-appointment, was found to have lied in his testimony to the ILLinois legislature that led to his appointment, but when he promised not to run for reelection he was not censured and was allowed to remain a US Senator for the remainder of the term. Which will mean in addition to all the rest of the implications, then, that he will draw full pension as a US Senator for the rest of his life – the pension that we will get to pay for. Wow. Just wow.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. All of this, and much, much more, obviously, in a mere 8 months. I wonder what the next 3+ years will bring?

» Posted By Smackdab On 30/September/2009 @ 1:48 am

Not ready for prime time…

Save your breath, Frank and you too, John.

I’ve been reading comments by those two for long enough to recognize that they are both half-truthers and definitely hopeless.

They’re as sad in their views as this god-forsaken administration we’re probably gonna have to fight our way out of.

Just come on 2010 elections, and not too soon for me. Maybe we can dispose of some of these idiots then, the rest in 2012, if we last that long, that is.

» Posted By Smackdab On 27/September/2009 @ 11:58 am

Are you a racist?

Headline today:

“House Dems say it’s unfair to bar illegal immigrants from paying their way in a government-sponsored exchange.” The article went on to say that since most illegal immigrants are in a younger segment of the population and get sick less, that it would actually relieve funding pressure on the health care system thereby adding money to the system. Really. They really said that. This is a very good example of Democrat logic encountered daily.

Help me here please. Can anyone else see the words “illegal immigrants” in that sentence? What is it in the status as “illegal immigrant” that makes them eligible for anything other then immediate deportation and/or jail time as felons? I guess that thing must be perceived support for the Democrat party by the Democrat party, isn’t it? Must be it, since they are unconvicted felons.

I read comments some time back by some probable liberals on this board who claimed that solutions to problems are never offered by conservatives, that all they do is complain. Well here’s a proposed solution offered for those critics.

If I was in the business of making foreign policy for the US I would try to make it this simple: Our fireign policy with regard to immigrants – status and treatment thereof, will center on attempting to be the reciprocal of what their country of origin is for us. If you arrest, jail, try, convict and heavily fine (and even execute) or otherwise harass in any unreasonable way, Americans in your country, documented or undocumented, we will do the same to your citizens in our country. If you deny Americans free speech in your country, do not allow them to practice the faith of their choice, prohibit them from purchasing property or bar them from employment, or, here’s a good one, fail to prosecute your citizens who commit crimes in the US then flee back to the sanctuary of your country to avoid prosecution, we will do the same to and for your citizens who are in the US and, yes, we will single them out for special treatment. These are only a few examples; it could go on and on – the mind literally swims with possibility here. On the other hand if your treat our citizens with dignity and respect, etc, we will treat yours similarly.

Question here: as policy warden for the USA, what is Hilary Clinton doing? What in living hell IS she doing?

The quoted sentence at the front of this post, if true, is simply another example, a drip if you will, of how Democrats seem bent on destroying our country, drip by drip. Another way to try to look at perhaps the overall political purpose of the Democrat party that could provide a little clarity might be to simply ask the question, “what are they thinking they will do if they are able to get everything they want to get done, done? Our country, at that point, a mere shadow of what our founding father’s intended, with big government running everything in the inept way that only they can, with truly the vast majority of most of our moral and ethical values virtually undermined to insignificance……. a primary school education system that turns out idiots more often than decent citizens and is the laughing stock of developed nations and a secondary school system populated largely by liberal professors who not only deny free speech to but harass, demean and often fail students with conservative opinions, cradle to grave welfare requiring no productive efforts on the part of the recipient, and on and on. I honestly don’t so how they would or could ever be satisfied with this – so something else must be going on here.- but what is it?

» Posted By Smackdab On 29/September/2009 @ 1:01 am

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