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» Posted By Richardson On 05/January/2008 @ 8:13 am

Tolerating intolerance

and… remember a few years back the controversial “art” of a crucifix in a glass of urine? Part of the controversy was that it was paid for by federal funding, but also the treatment of religion.

The thing to remember; no violent riots, no buildings burned, etc. Not here, not in Europe, not in Latin America. Why not….?

» Posted By Richardson On 08/February/2006 @ 10:53 am

What I would like to see are some examples of other religions being portrayed in a similar manner in the press of Muslim countries. I doubt for a minute that it exists, but I’d like to see it – and see it WIDELY publicized. So that those burning flags and embassies over this can get a small dose of reality.

» Posted By Richardson On 08/February/2006 @ 10:49 am

Stupid is as stupid does

Glad you’re ok, but I second the comment about getting a more thorough check-up concerning the seizures. They didn’t find anything, but there is a reason. Don’t want that to happen while you’re driving. Also if you ever had a real medical problem in Korea you don’t want to have anything to do with their ambulances – basically just a taxi with lights. Most are not stocked with what would be basic materials in the States, and I don’t think those techs are anything close to EMTs.

I went to a Korean ER once for stitches (my first time to get them as well). I was a language student and living in a ha-suk-chip (boarding house for students that includes a room and some meals). Lived in the basement along with 8 other students.

The bathroom was elevated about a yard up, with a couple tile steps leading down to a door and the basement hall. Well, the shower pointed towards the steps, so sometimes water got on them. I’d noticed that, but after taking a leak at about 1:30am my feet went out from under me and the next body part to touch anything was the back of my head on the tile step.

Hurt like hell, had a pretty good headache, and was bleeding a bit. I was trying to see the damage in a large mirror in the hallway with a small hand mirror when 4-5 of the other students living there arrived – drunk (I was completely sober).

I would never have gone to a doctor to fix that (seemed minor and I’d had worse before), but they saw blood and freaked out – practically forced me into a cab and took me to the nearest ER, which happened to be a university hospital at the school where I was taking language courses, so I had some insurance. Get this – I had to pay first! It was 30-40k won (roughly $25-35 at the time).

They looked at it, cleaned/shaved a very small area, put in 7 stitches without even topical anesthetic, and gave me three days worth of some sort of pills. I think they thought I was drunk b/c of the Korean guys that helped me get there – they smelled like a soju factory. But it was fast and cheap.

» Posted By Richardson On 03/February/2006 @ 10:08 pm

And when I die….

I put in Kim Jong-il’s info and got this;

“As the unfortunate target of a serial killer, a rope is tied around your wrists, and a second rope is tied around your ankles. The ropes are tied together and hung on a hook from the ceiling, leaving you suspended facing the ground. Concrete blocks are placed onto your back until the weight becomes so great, your arms and legs are torn from your body.”

Let’s hope that’s true.

» Posted By Richardson On 31/December/2005 @ 1:39 am

Dr. Dean to the rescue

Reminds me of last year when the press was talking about Bush’s reserve service, wondering why he didn’t show for months (if the documentation was right, and knowing the mil at that time, it wasn’t). They were clearly clueless of how the reserves work, that time could be done in advance/worked off later, etc.

» Posted By Richardson On 09/December/2005 @ 12:15 am

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