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» Posted By Jenniy On 06/May/2005 @ 4:20 am

50 Years

He looks darn good for having worked there for 50 years! If I make it another 44, I’m sure my coworkers would have caused my hair to fall out by then.

» Posted By Jenniy On 14/April/2005 @ 3:59 am

Rent day

I bet your landlord was very happy last night! I’m a little curious though… $94,000 for RENT for only two years? So you’re paying just slightly under $4,000 a month for an apartment? Completely ridiculous! However, makes my government job feel slightly less wasteful (not that it’s wasteful to pay your rent, but come on $4,000 a month?!?!).

» Posted By Jenniy On 11/March/2005 @ 1:37 am

Photos of the LTG villa

Great pics – looks like a nice place to live for a while! 🙂

» Posted By Jenniy On 02/March/2005 @ 4:53 am

Checking in

Good luck with the gift – unless someone is registered at a store I never know what to get. Especially a boss, that’s a tough one. However, Ashley’s idea seems good to me.

» Posted By Jenniy On 25/February/2005 @ 4:10 am


lol That was funny. But seriously, if I was your wife I’d wish you were nearby so I could show you a good case of the highest level 😉

» Posted By Jenniy On 23/February/2005 @ 7:46 am

An old joke

Haha – that’s funny!

» Posted By Jenniy On 23/February/2005 @ 7:48 am

A week of curve balls…

Whoo hoo – a non poltical entry! 😉 I love posts like this, it’s so fun to hear about things over there.

» Posted By Jenniy On 19/February/2005 @ 1:59 am

Little Johnny

lol Those are funny! Am I the only one who had never heard a Little Johnny joke before??

» Posted By Jenniy On 14/February/2005 @ 9:38 am

Blue Thursday

Hope tomorrow is a better day tomorrow!

» Posted By Jenniy On 10/February/2005 @ 1:09 pm

Thoughts on the blogging experience

Wow! I’m like you – I love seeing new people link me, even if they bring no extra traffic because it’s a new blog to read and chances are I’ll enjoy some others they’ve linked.

» Posted By Jenniy On 09/February/2005 @ 5:30 am

Wednesday Update

Darn, no second second hand wife?? 😉

» Posted By Jenniy On 04/February/2005 @ 5:14 am

My weekend

Great post!

» Posted By Jenniy On 01/February/2005 @ 3:29 am

Family matters

I agree with your daughters comment – I didn’t vote for Bush either, I don’t really agree with him, but it’s definitely time to get over it and focus on other things. As for my own family, I’m the lone liberal in a fairly conservative family, and I think my Grandma is the only one who ever tries to stick up for my opinions, so I know the feeling!

» Posted By Jenniy On 30/January/2005 @ 1:13 pm

Bad photography

I like the pictures! Especially of the road from the bridge and the sunset.

» Posted By Jenniy On 28/January/2005 @ 2:11 am

No dancing allowed in Korea

LOL Darn it! Not only do you have a curfew but no dancing on buses as well?! You certainly picked the wrong country to move to :mrgreen:

» Posted By Jenniy On 26/January/2005 @ 6:26 am

First day on the job

I’m happy to hear you arrived safely! That’s funny about the curfew, I guess this means your plans to stay out drinking in bars is out, huh? 😉 Can’t wait to hear more!

» Posted By Jenniy On 25/January/2005 @ 5:22 am


Apparently I act 27, only 4 years off, not too bad!

» Posted By Jenniy On 13/January/2005 @ 6:37 pm

One month

I love it so far, and can’t wait to hear more once you move 😀

» Posted By Jenniy On 12/January/2005 @ 3:13 pm

Living in an alternate reality

Hmmm… regardless of my own feelings towards the war, I would never put something like that up in my office. Especially if I knew my coworkers and/or their family were serving in the military.

» Posted By Jenniy On 10/January/2005 @ 12:45 pm

Positive Feedback

What a nice thing to say! I’m a little late coming into your blog, so I’m curious about what you’re doing. Are you moving to Korea? I originally thought you were already living there, but since you had dinner in Baltimore I would assume not! Or just an extended trip? Sorry if I’m nosey 😀

» Posted By Jenniy On 07/January/2005 @ 12:31 pm

Comment Spam

Yeesh, that’s the worst spam I’ve seen in a long time!

» Posted By Jenniy On 05/January/2005 @ 1:40 pm

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