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Let’s bring back “cash for clunkers”

BTW, Harry Reid’s Medicare gravy deal for Nevada was just approved. That’s not a liberal pork thing is it???? I just can’t wait till the crap hits the fan…….. It’s coming………….hide and watch……….. I hope so anyway, but in this environment there are no watchdog guarantees.

Nevada, Oregon, Michigan and maybe one other. States with 12% or more unemployment, apparently, which should be all of them if true numbers are counted………gimme a break here.

How, pray tell, is any interested citizen to have any faith at all in their government under such shenanigans, I ask? A pure un abashed re-election pot-sweetening move on Reid’s part.

Everyone is asked for comment, excepting K-spawn, that is, thank you. He might get forutneate to speak for him, even so.

» Posted By Dentoku On 07/October/2009 @ 11:41 am


Right again, John.

Pretty much everything they do is pathetic. The Olympic fiasco…….. the indecision over what to do in Afghanistan, the Sec Counsil meeting over nuc issues, and the fiasco over how Obama handled the announcement of the ‘secret’ Iranian nuc facility (in Philadelphia vs at the security council meeting – WTF???) which only served to embarrass Sarkozy and reveal ‘the one’ as the opportunist he is and in the process totally emasculate the security council meeting. Sarkozy, of course, had to completely revise his prepared remarks because of Mr O’s Lookee-Me, see how important I am foolishness. This guy is revealing himself to be the lightweight narcissist he is and those around him to be inexperienced and hopefully temporary help as well.

And his indecision over active war strategy (it is a bonefide ongoing war BTW, not a fist-fight out in the back lot) that was so unimportant as to ignore it while he tryst’s off to Denmark with his wife and Oprah…….four planes worth….to make yet another fool of himself – to call the commanding general to Norway for a 25 minute meeting (25 whole minutes, wow) on his aircraft, of all places, now we learn more to admonish him for talking to the press without clearing it with him first, than to work on a decision regarding the war effort………then we learn a mere couple days later, that 8 more of America’s finest have been killed in an outpost siege in Afghanistan – a event that very well might have been avoided had he paid proper attention and made prompt decisions……. but, hey, cost of doing business when you’re ‘the one’…….. can’t be hurried, has his own agenda after all.

Of course, and rather than listening to military experts, people who have devoted their entire lives to the problem……. instead they are entertaining ideas and shoot from the hip suggestions from every cat and dog on the fence……. to include the bonefide idiot of a vice president he chose to be his second stooge……..and of course, there’s always the ever-brilliant Lindsey Graham and his ideas too.

I don’t care who you are, a democrat, republican, independent, or whatever……if you are a person who can’t see the folly of this goof-ball you are either in denial or brain-damaged. If as Ann Colter says, that liberalism is a mental disorder, then indeed it’s the brain-damage choice.


Oh, and buy the way, as our undeclared enemies……..from Russia to China to the Middle East are meeting secretly to strategize on how to dump the dollar as a central international trading currency (and who can blame them) – of course this is a grand surprise….no??? China is using the mountain of dollars they’ve amassed through the sale of plastic toys and other junk to the west, primarily us…….. trillions of dollars worth………to buy up everything they can get their hands on……..from raw materials that will sustain them long into the future allowing them to effectively secure their strangle-hold on the West, primarily the US without ever firing a shot, BTW) to American business’ of every sort………. and this due to our wonderful laws that allows anyone with a few bucks to buy our country out from under us, while those same nations are protected from American investment in their own country.

Can anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? I’m beginning to think it’s only you and me, John.

» Posted By Dentoku On 07/October/2009 @ 3:14 am

Pub Scrooge

Good coverage as usual, John. Thankd.

» Posted By Dentoku On 07/October/2009 @ 11:57 am

So, how’s that stimulus working out for you?

I note that you fail to see an awfully lot of things, Ms, and no offense intended, it often seems to be a direct correlation to your gender (in this case motherhood, childhood trauma, difficulty with mother/maternal arrangements ((sic)) – your words not mine and your outlook on issues and ability to see or not see a given point.

Mr. O might have had lots of unusual and even ugly things happen to him in his life, but that was then, this is now. He is a fully grown man now and as such it would seem to be time to, in addition to stepping up to full disclosure, to take fully on the mantle of the high office he aspired to and now holds – enough subterfuge, conjecture, rumor and yes, lies…….. just clear the air and tell the truth. It’s not all that complex, STM. Sadly, once a person starts down that road it is more difficult to take very much of what they say seriously and this, if no other, would seem to compel such simple honesty from the beginning.

So, I believe the core issue is honesty and sadly I think we saw something revealed in this past general election that was probably always there but now seems to really trouble me…….. and that is, based on the vote, either most people are not getting fully informed prior to voting and/or they just don’t care and opt to go with their ‘feelings’ versus their brains. Again, the primary issue is honesty, as I thought I had made in the point earlier. And the second issue is transparency, which this occupant of the WH has been anything but, and a third issue is – is this the best we can do………out of allllll the people in this very large country….. all the learned minds and vast intellects……….. all the educators, statesmen, and just simple good and decent people, et al…….is this really the best we can do? If it is I believe our system is in trouble. Conversely, if it is not it doesn’t speak well for the process we use to select people for such high positions. I tend to think it’s probably some of both with perhaps more of the fault in the protracted, money intensive and ugly national campaign, nomination and general election process.

» Posted By Dentoku On 06/October/2009 @ 5:42 am

I was listening to late night radio last week and I heard a discussion of the citizenship of Mr. Obama. It was explained that Mr. Obama had been adopted by his Indonesian step-father and had his name changed from Obama to “Soetoro” (stepfather’s full name was Lolo Soetoro). However, exhaustive research of public records has not turned up any evidence that he ever changed his name back to Obama.

So, question is, is such a thing legal? Is it legal to legally change your name from Smith to Jones, for example, then decide down-line that you don’t want to be Jones anymore so you just go back to Smith with no other formal paperwork or legal action? I suppose it’s probably done often enough, but is it legal and is such a thing what we would want in our president?

I submit that if indeed he just decided to re-use the name Obama, versus Soetoro, without taking any formal action to re-acquire the name, that he is most likely just as loose with other aspects of the law, and moreover, is dishonest as to what his name is……not what it was…..but what it is. If all this is true, which seems quite probable to me, it’s not a far jump to anticipate other important and perhaps incontinent things that are being hidden. In addition to such things as school and birth records, this might include past associations and friendships that are obviously still present and strong influencers of current thought and behavior, investments, etc. But if we just ignore it, as he seems to do quite well, it’ll probably just go away.

This absence of transparency is not what I want in my president and, as it was similarly in the case of the Clinton’s, if this is the best the country has to offer we are indeed in very serious trouble, IMV.

» Posted By Dentoku On 06/October/2009 @ 12:38 am

A glimpse into the future…

It is unfortunate that many people who have grand and positive observations about the greatness of the USA are either too young to have a complete perspective, probably too uninformed to really know and perhaps without the experience of travel to gain insights to the truth of what the USA really is vis-à-vis other pretty good countries.

The great promise of the USA has been squandered in favor of immediate gratification, personal irresponsibility and the constant pressure by a sizeable segment of the citizen base to not be held accountable for personal actions. In our quest to be truly great we seem to have made ourselves into something less than we were largely by leaning on the government for every sort of bail-out solution to all of our problems, now the health care one as well. The decline of this once great country is well defined by what has happened to the American family and the public school systems which pretty much tell it all. America’s greatness, if there is a true greatness anymore, lies primarily in the ‘opportunity’ to get ahead which is better than that in most other countries. Indeed, so many immigrants run to the US for that purpose alone and quickly develop talents for skirting the tax laws by doing untraceable cash business and other ways to maximize their income – it’s easy to do and easy to see such exploitation happening all around them, so why not. Compared to where many of these people came from, that aspect of the American culture is often too good to pass up. But these same immigrants are not nearly so enchanted with most of the rest of the culture. They willingly take the free ride of emergency treatment in General Hospitals while they privately acknowledge that if’s a practice that will probably lead the country to ruin, given enough time.

Personally I am mystified by the frequent comments that health care is a “right” and I am amazed when I see this touted by otherwise bright people. What makes it a right? Ok then, if a right, that right should be interpreted as meaning that if you accept responsibility for yourself and your family you have the right to work for a living and buy whatever health insurance you choose. I accept that basic, life sustaining health care should be given to those without means, but someone has to pay for the best medical care, it’s very expensive and will remain so – I do not believe that should be shouldered by the general public. If the government is involved in any of this at all it should be by a federal law that requires open competition by health care companies in every state. Aside from that, health care law can be managed at the state and local level and the federal government should keep their meddling noses out of it as established law requires them to do, BTW. Of course this law is being ignored just as so much of other established law is being ignored by an out of control congress.

I grew up in a home with 5 siblings, with a divorced mother who had a 5th grade education. My mother worked in an ice-cream factory for most of my youth, taking a bus to work and back everyday in all weather. Our health insurance that she could barely afford was with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and it came through her employment but she still had to pay the premiums. We never had a dime of welfare or any hand-outs whatsoever for anything and got virtually zero support from a divorced and, in this sense, irresponsible father. We lived in a public housing project and were thankful for the housing. None of my siblings were ever incarcerated or addicted to any substances and all grew up to have their own jobs and families and yes, to buy or otherwise qualify through their employers for their own health care programs.

When I was a child I was bed-fast for three years and sick for three or four more with a seriously life-threatening and debilitating illness. My mother’s Blue Cross insurance through her employer in her ice-cream factory job paid most of it, my mom the rest out of her meager income. During that time the frills of living, what few their were, were cut back even more as she further belt-tightened to cope with the situation. We came through it. Thankfully, no one died and everyone grew up to appreciate what life is and how hard we all have to work to make it and grateful for the opportunity to be able to.

One would think that given the truly marginal situation I grew up in that I should be first in line to support a national public health care system – but nothing could be farther from reality. This is solely because I have witnessed how the Federal Government can’t do anything right extended to even policing the actions of their own member’s and holding them accountable for pretty much anything. So, yeah, health care should be a right for every citizen. Every citizen should have the right to work for and obtain whatever plan they can qualify for, but it should not be handed to them at public expense, basic needs and life sustaining treatment aside. There will always be philanthropic organizations and agencies to help those with truly difficult situations and well there should be. But to put all of that burden on the shoulders of every citizen and managed with the ineptitude that only the federal government is capable of won’t get it done.

IMV, only one example is meaningful in this debate and it should be the one from which every other decision should follow. That is, how well has the federal government managed any other such large programs. Answer: they haven’t and clearly, they can’t. Nearly all have been disasters but somehow this one will be different? End of story.

» Posted By Dentoku On 01/October/2009 @ 12:54 am

The “new medicine” that Mr. Obama and his Democrat minions are trying to force down the country’s throat is going to kill the patient. Great example, John. Is it folly to think we can stop it?

For movie buffs, perhaps you saw the grisly flic “No Country For Old Men”, academy award winner and all…… I thought it was one of the best I’d seen for a long, long time if one looked below the surface gris. just a little. A scene near the end when Tommy Lee Jones goes to visit his old friend, former cop disabled by a thug who shot him and was just released from prison to see if he is going to seek revenge on the thug is the best scene of the movie and best dialogue too. The old guy who lives alone far out in the desert in an isolated shack-type hovel tells Tommy that he’s given up on such thoughts, saying something to the effect, ‘it’s coming”…….. like a slow tidal wave…..(ugly, inevitable social change, he’s referring to)….. and comments with direct clipped words about destruction of our education system, partental authority, crime……. moral values…..all in a few words said much better than I can say it here……. and he concludes……’for any man to think he can stop it, it’s pure vanity……..”

They were and remain haunting words…………and it’s worth seeing the movie again just for that scene……

» Posted By Dentoku On 29/September/2009 @ 11:44 pm

Sarkozy takes Obama to school

The only reason France hasn’t joined any policing or coalition effort for the past 3 or 4 decades is that they are French, period, end of story. All members of NATO, plus France know that if they drag their feet long enough they can have it both ways – get the security and needed police action and have someone else pay for it. The US can be relied on to spend their treasures to solve the worlds problems and keep despot’s in check, just as they have ever since. Moreover, those same treasures in blood and money will be spent to help the chicken-shits when they get into a sticky mess as well, and this of course would and has included France, not that they appreciate it.

France deserves recognition for being cheese nibblers and wine swillers and for allowing idiot wannabe terrorists to run the Tour De France anti-doping mafia. Not much else.

France actually has more than 240 separate certified varieties of cheese – more than the number of non-openly gay people serving in their armed forces, and California wine is ever bit as good as theirs. So where does that leave them? With a Tour de France mafia, seems.

The best thing about Sarkozy is that he doesn’t have French blood, seems certain. And he apparently has the gonads to prove it. Just good to see some other people waking up to who this Mr O really is.


I have come to admire you, John, but I honestly do not know how you cope. Must be darts cold draft beer and Korean women. A man could put a lot of things out of mind if he were fortunate enough to have those distractions.

» Posted By Dentoku On 30/September/2009 @ 11:47 pm

Bricks for the Brits

Yeah, I know I screwed it up a little. But the point remains and it gets even better…… because not only was the gaff gift of DVDs to the Prime Minister, Mr. Brown, the gift to the Queen was far better…….it was an IPOD…… a freaking IPOD, no less.

But this was a special IPOD, loaded with video clips of her 2007 trip to the US, etc. I bet she just sits and looks at that little screen every day, and reminisces her visit to the “Colonies” and dreams of what might have been, don’t you?

» Posted By Dentoku On 29/September/2009 @ 10:31 am

Pardon me, please, but I just have to chuckle.

On second thought, make that L O L……

Mr. Obama promised change and among the changes he promised was that his White House would ‘have it together’ as compared to the oft-criticized and ‘cowboy’ bush White House and administration. We all remember those occasions and speeches, don’t we? Now, don’t get me wrong. He is our President and I don’t want him to gaff too often if for no other reason than to not to make us look like a bunch of numbskulls…….. but it’s rapidly becoming too late for that, and it’s not all Biden’s fault, apparently.

In addition to the above ‘gift gaff’, kindly recall his gift to the Queen on the occasion of her visit to the WH earlier in the year, please ? What was it? Well , it was a collection of American movie DVDs, no less. Hilarious! Who do they have in charge of those things over there? Most probably the same person who is in charge of vetting political appointees and Czar’s, I’m willing to bet. Well, maybe not. Maybe the next cubicle over.

But we’re not done yet. What about just over the past weekend? As he and his rather large wife hosted dignitaries from around the world at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, he posed with his plastic smile for more than 130 individual photos with the assembled guests, a couple of which included the Spanish Prime Minister, his wife, and two teenage daughters – what a guy, what a host, what a sacrifice, what a head of state is this guy, this Mr. Obama! Quickly following the conclusion of the event and solely because his WH is just so with it, so far ahead of the game, as it were, the photos were quickly posted to the internet on the State Department’s Flickr page – my, my, my,…….they are just so savvy, huh? What happened next? Well, following the posting of the photos, within short hours even, they were panicky contacted by the Spanish Govt and notified that perhaps they were unaware that the posting was a violation of established Spanish law which, as everyone in Europe and any other government that is truly savvy surely knows, prohibits publication of photos of the children of heads of state. Oh my…… oh my, oh my, oh my.

Yeah, just like the man said…..that’s change we can believe in., eh…..

It’s not over yet, either. The photos remain embedded in various internet portals, the internet being what it is and all…… wonder how long it will take to round’em up?

What a guy, what a WH staff, what a State Department, what an administration. Truly awesome.

I just feel so confident these days….. so secure……

» Posted By Dentoku On 29/September/2009 @ 10:21 am

Not ready for prime time…

Here again, the parsing of words.


” a lot of truth in it”…. can you manage to find those words in my post? Please? I would underline them for you but John’s edit package doesn’t allow it.

Surely you are objective enough to find parts that are true and others that are not true in the article? But maybe not.

In my experience, it seems to me that this is how liberals try to win at all cost – even at the cost of revealing their own hypocrisy. They wear out sane people and continually muddy the water with their idiotic hypocritical attacks, so much so that sane people just leave the fix because as Ann Coulter (perhaps a nemesis) says, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and it’s mostly no use trying to use sane logic with a liberal.

And by the way, to your point about preparation for the decline that is now swamping our country, while I would not characterize what is happening the way that was done in the article, certainly it has been going on for a long time. Obviously the article is meant to demean and smear the US, even a fairly uninformed person can see that, but there are many elements of truth in it, and that’s what I said.

To a separate point, I tried to make a point some time back that some people, particularly liberals I seem to have found, try to find even one piece of error in an otherwise pretty sound analysis…..not that this particular one fits that criterion, but the point pertains….. and they use that error to discredit the entire piece and to “throw the baby out with the bath water” – I further offered that this is why Inspector’s General have what is known as “murder boards” before they out-brief an inspection – to find that error and offset that potentiality to the degree possible. As I have said in the past, you have pointed out such error continually in your posts on this board and are obviously doing it now again with more half-truth parsing. I don’t know if you can understand what I am saying, it seems not, and perhaps are in denial or just too liberal to care, but how you can’t see these things but focus energies on such fraud I simply can not understand.

And yes, I’ll give you the last word so that you, too, can win.

Go for it.

» Posted By Dentoku On 28/September/2009 @ 11:56 pm

Regarding Frank’s post #7, above.

Great reference, Frank. In the past when I read commentary out of Russia (Soviet Union) I found it pretty much laughable……but times have changed and this one you linked to has, unfortunately, a lot of truth in it.

The speed of the collapse we seem to be experiencing has been stunning, (therefore, seems clear to me, how could it not have been planned) though if one scratches a bit below the surface, thought probably preventable, it nearly seems to be or to have been almost inevitable given the decline of our school systems, moral values and any number of other dimensions of our culture. Still though, many of our people, most it seems in fact, are in a kind of denial about it if not totally oblivious to include a few otherwise bright but hopelessly deluded ones who post to this board. It’s worse than a shame, IMV, its a sad, sad loss.

Please consider to post the entire text of the article so that maybe a few others might read it as well.

The administration’s hypocrisy along with the US’s in general is showing in all it’s ugliness, I fear.

I find myself wondering and I ask myself from time to time, why me? Why was I borne into this time..??….and further wondering how often others in the past over the waxes and wanes of past cultures might have asked themselves similarly.

» Posted By Dentoku On 28/September/2009 @ 3:18 am

Truer words were never spoken…

Not quite yet, baby-boy.

Much against my desire to respond you call me out yet again. When will you give it up? I’ve given you at least three opportunities, more than that probably, but here you are, pants down again showing your hind-end, yet again, with all your magnificent cleverness. You are just so sharp – so clever – bet you’ve always been that way, hun? My goodness. Guess maybe hat’s why you studied Journalism – to really give it to’em, huh?

Ok then. So let me limp on over here with my sore and near shot-off foot and then stick my foot in my mouth, yet again, to try’n shoot sa’more a these fish and try to lob some more of those miss-guided insults to discredit Kevin, while really I only insult my poor miserable self.

And then to the point, as usually encountered in your posts, you are so astute in your observations, sarcasm intended, and so overcome with the need to defend yourself (truth intended – self-concept issues in here anywhere???) that you miss the key element in the post you choose to try to show that I should have known John was your Father. I choose to say Father because if my own son was such a jerk as you seem to be I don’t think I would be eager to claim him as his Dad – but then John seems to be a better guy than I am, if tolerance is a virtue, and I’m not sure it always its – clearly, his model you have chosen, such a shame, not to follow. But again to the point, yes, you speak that you love your dad and he you, which is just so peachy, but I just don’t see anywhere in your quoted text where you identify that John is your dad/father – now isn’t that just something ? Yes, the reference to your dad is there, but not paired with John. Hummmmm????? Remember my tip about proof-reading? But still I was supposed to read between your lines, especially since the vaunted YOU wrote them – and of course should follow any thread you are a part of to it’s total magnificent end just to be sure I have every golden morsel you have written and of course to gather all my ammunition too. Yeah, I guess I should have picked that up somewhere else along the way shouldn’t I have? And no, I don’t read every line of every post if I can somehow hide behind such a disclaimer (now there’s a gift opportunity for you – don’t miss it).

I’m truly sorry to have to say this about John’s son, cause I have come to really like John, but sadly do not feel the same way about his son. You say John taught you a bunch of things along the way and I’m sure he really tried, but one thing that seems to obviously not have stuck was the ability to hold your tongue and be polite even when you would rather lash out. I’m pretty sure you know that already and if you’re working on developing the skill – be advised – hmmmm, no, that won’t work for you, you don’t take advice – but at least maybe consider, in my experience watching folks over the years I haven’t seen them change much, myself as a prime example.

As for your conduct, I wouldn’t even consider to begin a hammering tryst with commenter’s to my father’s blog the way you do, out of simple respect for my father. Yes, I might mildly point out this or that but I’d end it there (your father is a find example of this technique, BTW). But this will fall on deaf ears just as I’m sure so much of what you might have learned throughout your years so far and so many other lessons probably have too. If you were my son, which thankfully you are not, and if you would be attending the forthcoming get-together with John, which I’m just as sure you’re not – John has the respect to go to the event at great personal expense, but I’m just as sure you are too self-absorbed in your own life to do so, hoping I’m wrong with this, but sure I’m not – well I’d try to use the occasion to discretely if possible, take you aside and take you on a bit and try to give you a lesson in the art of communications and maybe respect for others too – particularly, maybe, where my blog was involved.

So odd what you chose that for line of work but for which you still haven’t mastered the basic elements. Sort of like the shy,miss-fit opting to study psychology, huh?

So to conclude, no matter what you say from here forth this is my last post to you. So have at it. Get your win which seems to so important to you.

Quite a man you’ve become, Kevin – no fault to John. Quite a man.

» Posted By Dentoku On 12/September/2009 @ 12:46 am

If he is John’s son, I am stunned to learn of it. And given so, if true, I will never again comment on anything he says, simply out of respect for John. But in saying so and in leaving the subject a couple points should be made and he would appear to be getting a break he didn’t earn or deserve:

– Even if he is John’s son, he is apparently an adult and is making his own opinions, mostly, from what I can tell, do not agree with John’s.

– In any case, when a person sticks their neck out with commentary they are pretty much on their own and fair game to earn the comments they receive, pro or con, regardless of anything else, in this man’s part of the world, at least.

– If you actually think he makes his points without resulting to personal attacks it would have to be because of one or more of several factors that even I can piece together: either you are not on the receiving end of his attacks, know him personally and only want to think the best of him, or are not paying attention. He’s been attacking with the best of them, even within this very thread. On at least a couple of occasions I have been ready to just ignore him completely and even stated such only to change my mind when he renewed his attack yet again.

– Finally, though I don’t know you, Fortuneate, from Adam’s far ox, I am not surprised to read your comment and it is entirely consistent with your tendency of what I see as you ignoring what you don’t like and comment as though it doesn’t exist – simply amazing. On the other hand, for all I can tell you might very probably be sucking-up too.

In retrospect, however, what I saw as sucking-up was a fair comment given I did not know there was a relationship and a bit unusual to find such a thing on a blog, in any case. If I was not already familiar with your commentary pattern I would also find it amazing that this hadn’t occurred to you already or that you didn’t see it for yourself and felt the need to make your comments.

In any case, enough of this sordid business.

» Posted By Dentoku On 11/September/2009 @ 11:50 am

Stand out???… more like stand-down, actually – here again you don’t read your own words. You attribute to me the very thing you practice yourself. Simply incredible and the reason your journalism credentials, or lack thereof, were mentioned in the first place.

Note to Kevin, here: Hint – you would seem to need to try to develop the habit of sitting on the words you write for an hour or so, then go back and read them before posting – you would probably catch a few of those faux pas if you did, but only if you cared to of course…

And I don’t do NBA, but if you have an NFL calendar we have a deal.

» Posted By Dentoku On 10/September/2009 @ 7:57 am

Stand out???… more like stand-down, actually – here again you don’t read your own words. You attribute to me the very thing you practice yourself. Simply incredible and the reason your journalism credentials, or lack thereof, were mentioned in the first place.

Note to Kevin, here: Hint – you would seem to need to try to develop the habit of sitting on the words you write for an hour or so, then go back and read them before posting – you would probably catch a few of those faux pas if you did, but only if you cared to of course…

And I don’t do NBA, but if you have an NFL calendar we have a deal.

» Posted By Dentoku On 10/September/2009 @ 7:57 am

Things must be slow in the Ville’ tonight.

Great, Kevin, the old mixed med’s retort – I’m sure there are still a few readers who haven’t heard that one yet As a journalist one would think that surely can do better than that…….but maybe not, which is probably why you are still in the business of trying to peddle half-truths and out-right lies – and, of course, trying to blame the demise of your so-called industry on other factors other than the public’s disgust with your techniques.

Initially, the post of yours above was the very first half-way reasonable post I’d read by you, sort of reminded me maybe of a guy who knew he and his business weren’t long for this world……kind of pensive, almost, and I only very briefly thought for just a fleeting moment that maybe we could have a reasonable dialogue, perhaps – of course then you had to go and show your true colors and queer the deal in the final paragraph – which BTW, is more the norm for journalists of the liberal bent, then just going ahead and let the basic message stand on it’s own. But then you would know a lot about that part, wouldn’t you?. Yes, you would be advised to call 911 to your own address, actually, if they are ordered to responded to journalists who can’t spell properly, do proper sentence structure or grammar or get their facts straight, but then, I don’t think they respond to such foolishness do they?

When I studied Journalism so many years ago as half of a double major for my Bachelor’s, I remember taking a couple courses on Advocacy Journalism – and I remember how strongly the professors were opposed to the trend – a trend as you know that has now become the unabashed and unapologetic norm – such a state we are in. And though I haven’t read anything of yours and would probably choose not to if there is any other than on this blog, I am able to fairly well recognize by reading only your comments here that you are well skilled in the technique though you, I think, nearly always show your Achilles heel by unintentionally mixing your facts so that even a entry-level astute reader can discern your agenda and bias.

Don’t worry Mr. Kevin, when your paper folds you might be able to get a position selling magazine subscriptions somewhere. Most likely too late to start another profession in a real job – they’re pretty much all taken and you are no doubt a bit long-in-the-tooth anyway.


I’ve encountered a numbers of employed journalists over the years in letters to the editor and online in discussion groups and blogs but never till you did I meet one who so gleefully attempted the art of personal destruction, defamation and put-down. Guess that’s something else that shows who you are, isn’t it and the state of our journalistic corps?

I’m just happy to have the opportunity to be able to take on a real purveyor of lies and trash up front and directly.

» Posted By Dentoku On 10/September/2009 @ 1:19 am

To author of Post 8:
Your unabashed sucking up to the relatively conservative LTG blog host is ever bit as ridiculous and gaggable as the liberal media’s behavior and laughably, just as clearly visible ……..just soze you know….. What are you ??? afraid he’s going to ban you from posting because of your miserable positions and constant, unabashed, and error-ridden liberal harping???? In the above post #8,you have attempted to, not managed to, mind you, but attempted to straddle the fence between having a totally asinine view of seriously questionable legitimacy while still giving the impression of being at least sympathetic to what is really the truth while trying to wedge in laughable lie and error as points of reasonable doubt – there can be no purpose other than to suck up and try to please the host because of earlier criticisms just as loaded with stupidity, but it is, frankly, more Juan Williams or Marianne Marsh-like in technique then it is honest. While you want to appear that you are trying to be objective regarding your liberal media rags you still have taken methods notes from them but you omit that you were a student of their techniques and a supporter and fan of their garbage.

And, yes, it has to be pointed out that it’s visible because anyone so completely out of touch as to post such ridiculous tripe as you have posted above, and in almost every post frequently elsewhere, obviously is either wearing blinders, totally out of touch, on someone’s payroll, or indeed blind……..oh, or sucking up, of course.

What I find so laughable and sometimes entertaining in your posts is when you are so eager to make a point to cover yourself that you don’t proof read your ridiculous comment for what you are really saying. Like when you posted a while back that you, something to the effect, “get calls and emails every all day long from people trying to make you look unintelligent and whatever…….”, truly memorable in it’s stupidity and clearly telling the world and admitting that you practice the habit of continually pissing many people off and have both little awareness of your effect or any intentions to do anything about it. I can’t imagine who would chose whatever line of work you have chosen and to be held in such high esteem but, here again, you admit that you willfully choose to engage in it. You and your fellow liberals have fairly well mastered the techniques of “damage by faint praise’ and perpetuating myth by telling half-truth designed to be appear fair-minded. – and I guess being able to practice such questionable skills make it all worth it, huh?

Consistent with your comment about all the hate mail and calls you if you were a clear thinker you would be well advised to strongly consider another line of work – but alas you’re not all that clear a thinker are you?

It is very obvious that you keep your list of conservative nag-themes pasted to your screen for easy and often reference as well. What is so incredible to those who know better is how you try to make comparisons between people like Van Jones and current themes with people like Jesse Helms and Robert Byrd – if that’s the best you can do, I am tempted to rest my case – but not yet. And concerning Mr. Jones’ recent nasty and anti-American inflammatory commentary – obviously you are not too skilled in the web or channel surfing tips you offer or you would have found his amply exposed and recent “ass-hole and minority community poisoning comments” just this last Spring. And, duhhhhh…………no he hasn’t said anything so inflammatory since actually on the WH payroll………… and I guess that means he has truly changed, huh.

Note that you and you and your liberal dogs give such latitude to those ridiculous circumstances but pile on conservatives for what you may perceive to be any transgression, and that usually manufactured for effect. You seem to try to admit the media is full of shit, but then say that since 22% of those measured believe that Bush was complicit in 9/11 there must be something to it? I wonder, is that an example of having it both ways that most liberals have become so skilled at?

If not so ridiculously error-ridden and laughable, yes, you would be advised to keep your true identity a very well-guarded secret.

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Hopefully, not to wear your readers out, apologize for that, but one other point that might seem to have significance.

Apparently the WH vetting process includes a 7 page background questionnaire that everyone associated with the WH is supposed to complete. Interesting, none of the Czar’s were or have been asked to fill it out and were appointed without any formal vetting.

Really interesting.

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For some reason the following got dropped from my above post:

Comments I heard this morning:

I heard a comment this morning that Jones is more dangerous out of the administration than he would have been in it. Of course that doesn’t address the WH error in hiring him in the first place and in the public paying his salary, does it ? or a bunch of other factors such as having an avowed communist working for the WH and only goes to the point that at least his activities would have most likely been more observable, perhaps, than they will be now. At least he’s no longer on the payroll, hopefully.

I heard another comment that Podesta, liberal hack and former Clinton aide, issued a statement to the effect that Jones was a victim of a conservative smear campaign and that he would continue to work with Jones (no doubt reporting back to Obama in the process -parenthetical comment added). Of course Podesta did not address any of the supposed smears and whether there was any truth to them.

Then I heard that Keith Olbermann has called for liberal blog enthusiasts to organize a search and destroy campaign against Glenn Beck, his assistant by the name of ‘Stu’ and one of the Fox news execs, whose name I can’t remember. Olbermann has asked that his liberal internet enthusiasts and politico’s everywhere hit the internet and or the streets to dig up any dirt they can find on the three and to both post it to the liberal blogs and send it to him where apparently he plans to collect, gather and organize it to ‘expose’ it on his MSNBC cable news program that no one is watching. The postscript was that…….. that even if they found something, which would be maybe likely if any person’s total record was exposed, that Olbermann airing it on his program wouldn’t have any effect because the MSNBC ratings are lower then they’ve ever been before, and in the tank. I for one, couldn’t have told you if Olbermann was still on the air, or SBag Chris Matthews, for that matter.

Kevin, I guess you can contact MSNBC and leave a message for Olbermann that Glenn Beck is a liberal dirt-bag hack and doesn’t know how to connect the dots or to spell Oligarchy. That oughta help and would seem to be thinking you would be capable of.

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I’ve been trying to sort out what is meant in your post aware that it’s probably not nearly as obtuse or complex as I am probably trying to make it, but I’m still not sure what you mean. I suspect you are using sarcasm in your comment toward Hamsher and I tried to read her column at the link but I just couldn’t get through it. I didn’t have twenty minutes to waste on something that long and boring, no doubt the same way readers of this blog feel about my posts, at least on occasion.

The thrown under the bus comment…..for signing a petition, etc……???.. I haven’t read that anywhere, so it didn’t have any meaning for me. Are you saying that the reason the WH gave for his leaving was that he had signed the 9/11, Bush had prior knowledge petition ? I had not yet read or seen that the WH gave any reason yet at all for his resignation but I’ve not been paying rapt attention, I admit.- I saw only that that he resigned in the middle of the night on the weekend. Obviously pressure was applied, but as often happens the Democrats ignored the negative apparently in hopes it would just fade quietly away. One thing is sure: they didn’t let it stop them for long, appointing a Manufacturing czar just today, to take the total of czar appointees back to 32.

As far as the point, ‘he wasn’t any crazier then the rest of us”………. well, there is some truth in anything if you look far enough for justification, isn’t there?

>>>>>Comments I heard this morning:

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A very special Labor Day

Great reminiscence John, and great insights. Hope you get to see her in your coming visit.

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Strangely familiar


One continual irritant of conservatives by liberals, in my experience, is the statements liberals make with all this assurance which presents as though it should be patently obviously to anyone that they are correct. You seem to be pretty good at this as Goat has detailed above. So is Juan Williams and unfortunately poorly informed or impressionable minds can be greatly influenced by this error which can become a situation that is all but uncorrectable.

As I said a while back reasonable minds can disagree (perhaps unreasonable in this case) on most issues and I guess that’s what makes freedom freedom. I tend to agree almost completely with Goat in most of what he says and most never agree with you which of course is primarily the difference in political philosophy. And in the case above I agreed that he thought you were a bit pompous (and as I noted above) which is often the case., in my impression.

On the other hand I definitely appreciate that you seem to present your ‘feelings’ as honestly as you can and are not above admitting that you might be mistaken on occasion.

Regarding this issue of what kids are presented in school and the authority figure of who presents it or comes up with the idea. I heard a great analogy presented by a broadcaster on the radio today as he discussed this issue., and for Kevin, no it wasn’t Glenn Beck or Fox news channel. He gave the example of what happened when he took his daughter to Sunday school for the first time at church. After Sunday school was concluded and as he loaded the family in the car his daughter announced to him that she had learned that he, the announcer, was not her true father – you can see where this is going, of course.. And yes, the dad asked her what did she mean by that, to which she replied, God is my father, not you because that’s what Pastor Soandso said today. She was a young impressionable girl and she was pretty convinced it was true because the Pastor said so. It took the dad a while to explain what was going on to his daughter and to get it straightened out with her so that it made sense and was put in proper context. So the point, obviously, is that kids are taught things in school that, while containing a thread or a grain of truth perhaps, are way off the mark not only of the whole truth but of the direction in which their parents would have them go. Quite often these things can not be undone at all for a wide variety of reasons. Hence, Obama has no business IMV indoctrinating students with his ideas and the NEA has no business doing his bidding.

It may interest to add that in an earlier incarnation in my early thirties I took a master’s in Education with every intention of becoming a professor and an educator – I was serious about it and graduated with honors. But in dealing with the school ‘system’s’ thereafter, I was pretty appalled at what I found – such that shortly thereafter I left the field entirely never to return. I was appalled by not just the mind set of educators in general and their liberal bent, but in their inability to move off the status quo and be in any way creative in management, curriculum development or teaching. It was a mess then and is worse now and I firmly believe that the liberal mindset, in control of our school systems together with the NEA for decades now if directly responsible for the public education failures in this country.

Our public school systems are a bonefide failure so how can our country hope to prosper or keep pace with the rest of the advancing or developed world. Put most simply, they can’t and we’re in big trouble and Mr. Obama knows this, and IMO, though he doesn’t ever address the changes he wants in threatening terms he intends a movement as fast as practical and as conditions will allow into, at minimum, socialism. Now I believe that and fairly apparently you don’t seem to. I am quite sure that anyone who is willing to admit the truth to themselves, who has a brain that is in any way analytical and has the time (time is a huge influence since most of us don’t even have time to wipe our noses, let alone do such research) to do some digging, and it’s not far below the surface and is pretty easily seen, can find multiple ‘hits’ quickly which reinforce the almost absolute truth of this view. Just look at his favorite associates, his favorite teachers and professors from his formative years. Look at his words. Look at who he has surrounded himself with (not just Czar’s of which there were 32 at max count, now down to 31, after Mr. Jones). Look at how he has controlled access to his education records to include his doctoral thesis which apparently is lost – missing from the university – obviously hiding something, or rather lots of things, more probably. Give me a break here – does this actually mean there is no copy of his thesis available – the man himself doesn’t have a copy? And there are so many other examples too. As I said before, it doesn’t take rocket science to connect those dots, even Glenn Beck can do it.

Now, as to your own words. You raised five kids and got only one Democrat for whom you can’t take credit. You made that statement, I think, to reinforce the point that you can try to teach kids your political philosophy but that they have minds of their own. I agree with most of that but probably not the causal influences. I would wager a guess that while they love you as their mother that your political philosophy did not line up with their observations of what they saw happening and what made sense to them. Similarly, I find that I mostly like you but that what you say doesn’t square with my experience and am continually distressed that you are really missing the truth or or intentionally ignoring it (Juan Williams, again) – further, it can be distressing to encounter an otherwise bright and inquisitive person with this malady. I don’t think there’s a cure either,, certainly not in my experience and certainly not during.times of plenty.

I had a good conclusion I was going to end with it but it escapes my mind.

Anyway, that’s what I think. No offense intended.

BTW, Obama’s assertion that in his health care legislation that you can keep your provider if you want to which you have heard him proclaim any number of times is simply not true. The truth is, in the bill, section 102, “Requirements’, section” sets up all sorts of requirements any of which if violated will cause the government to force the individual or business to cancel their chosen provider and to choose one of the government options. Further, Medicare takes a massive hit, to include downsizing by 400 billion dollars and elimination of Hospice care among other numerous other things. Of course most congress-people in favor of this bill are either lying or simply have not read the bill, probably a lot of both. That’s liberal lying IMV, yet again. And we are supposed to trust these people? But of course it’s Obama lying too. You heard it with your own ears. What now?

I’m just sayin.

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Excellent, Goat. Just excellent. Thanks.

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…………..we’re gonna spread happinessssssss……………..we’re gonna spread freeeeedoooommmmm………

Great example, John.

……bowing deeply here…….

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A self-fulfilling prophecy

Good points, Fortunate.

And agree, completely, Goat, I think.

And further, regarding the venue and rules, I thought freedom of speech as a primary tenet of this country. And in any case, a town-hall meeting is not a meeting of a group of government employees and even if it were…. since when did elected officials follow the rules everyone else has to live by (note the vetting process absent in any administration for appointing the so-call Czar’s, versus the vetting rules for the similarly ranked government employee, for one wild example)?

Yes, and tI agree, emporary is all he has custody for.


Correction to earlier post: the female representative who refused to answer questions in a town-hall meeting, citing it was beneath the ‘dignity of her office’ was Louise Slaughter, D/NY (way upstate).

» Posted By Dentoku On 06/September/2009 @ 11:59 pm

Yes, certainly excuse the hell out of you, yet again. And no, it isn’t his office.

This guy has temporary custody of the office only. He was elected by those people to represent them and he is not doing so, he is trying to shield himself from criticism at their expense and manipulating the circumstances of the town-hall to prevent being held accountable, via YouTube or anywhere else. But guess what – his ploy didn’t work and he made it to YouTube anyway – lets see how he likes that.

He might be temporarily able to pull such a stunt but he deserves to have the stage, microphone and dais pulled down and trashed by the crowd for doing so, IMO, and maybe then he would learn the price of his arrogance from the experience. In any case, I’d bet money he doesn’t try it again. More likely he won’t hold further town-hall meetings. Great solution, but probably typical., with noted sarcasm intended.

Normally reasonable, in this case maybe more likely unreasonable minds can disagree. But I’ll say it again, it is not his office, it belongs to his constituents, period. Thankfully all of this gaming by these elected jerks is finally being called out and taken to task. If things go like they should and seem to be shaping up to, by appearances, it is going to be a great experience watching these arrogant bums get tossed out on their asses next year.

He might be able to get away with the arrogance for a little while longer but even that is in question given unfolding events, and in the end, very hopefully and very rightfully, he’ll be toast.

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Beg to differ. Of course it can be disputed, is disputed and was disputed.

What’s this guy afraid of?

So what if they end up on YouTube, as this one did, despite his rules and desires……if he didn’t step in it and watched his mouth he wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Further, it isn’t his congressional office, it’s his constituents office. They own it and they hire him to occupy it. If they don’t like the way it’s done or object to his activities or want to film his activities it’s their right to do so, to among other things, hold him accountable for his actions, his words and his behavior, which in this case was necessary obviously because he not only stepped in it, he tried to forbid them gathering evidence of him doing so.

This guy is a perfect example of the arrogance of elected office and needs to be thrown out on his ear.

Then we have people commenting on this board that he was right……my goodness, my goodness, my goodness…………..gimme a break here.

What the holy hell has become of our country?

This guy is as bad as the woman congresswoman in California a couple days ago who was recorded and filmed saying it was beneath the dignity of her office to answer a question she didn’t like.

Same behavior, same story.

Throw the bums out, IMO.

Let them get a job and work for a living for awhile…… the rest of us.

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I knew it had to be something…

John, appreciate the observations of life in South Korea. I agree that Korean women are very high on the list, but a funny thing happens to me. When I go to any Asian country and find myself walking down the street, it becomes clear to me right away that the particular country I’m in is definitely the one with the most alluring females.

One thing that I find that for me, makes the Korean ladies evermore so beautiful is their wonderful and often natural sophistication, BTW.

Now, regarding Kimchi. Who woulda thought that a technique, invented of necessity, way back during terrible times of hardship for preventing vegetables from going bad over the winter would morph into the broad panoply and category of food that Kimchi has become ? Also, another thing about the Korean culture and capability/inventiveness that really impressed me was when they invented a refrigerator that kept the garlicky smells of the Kimchi jars within it from escaping into the house. Cool invention, no pun intended. Now if they could invent a way to keep the smell of recently eaten Kimchi off the breath of those beauties (as I’m sure you’ve partaken by now), now, there they would have something.

And a note about your pics: The beauty in number one has benefited from the incredible growth and progress of the ROK over the past 40+ years……..and that progress has been largely on the backs of such beauties as the one in picture 2.

And for the record, for me, the one is picture 2 is just as beautiful in her own way.

Ain’t progress grand?

Hope you, BTW, enjoy your trip and be sure to give your folks a shout out and a hearty congrats from your blog fans and participants.


And further BTW, I love Kimchi in nearly all it’s forms. One of my ongoing difficulties in life is finding a source for it, now on the west coast of FL (Tampa/Clearwater area). When I do, which is not often, I am forced to reluctantly pay the rapidly escalating and now nearly exorbitant prices I have to pay if I want to take it home.

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What a difference a day makes…

Glad you enjoyed your trip and, better yet, glad you are glad to be back in familiar surroundings.

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