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The post where I defend Keith Olbermann

Postscript: John, of course you wouldn’t be watching KO, but what are you doing reading the LA Times? I thought everyone knew it’s the NY Times that has honed editoralized fact reporting to a fine science. And speaking of science, I have read so much in the NY Times about everything from the cold winter to the bad economy being attributable to global warming that I am convinced the it is also to blame for KO’s meltdown By the way, the NY Times is listing, too, in the same direction as KO, so maybe both can go down fighting together.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/February/2010 @ 3:33 pm

Hey, just because people make fun of him doesn’t mean KO is a decent guy. And let’s face it – if KO took a dump he would be transparent.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/February/2010 @ 3:11 pm

Let’s bring back “cash for clunkers”

As much as I hate to follow ‘K-spawn’, in commentary.

Your idea is brilliant, John – too good. A Federal law should be written directing states to set up the conditions, but it won’t. The rules are made by the thieves, after all.

I don’t agree with the inset, cash for clunkers, commentary. It might be the truth but it doesn’t seem complete to me.

But I really like the cash for clunker statesmen, ‘recall’ idea and have even wondered how we might activate such a recall system enough to get everyone involved. Would love for some idea like that to gain some traction.

Maybe this could be your second profession, but harder to run from the ‘ville’.

» Posted By Dennis On 07/October/2009 @ 11:22 am

That was weird

I tried to switch to Firefox a while back and had the same issues. I finally gave up and went back to IE.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/October/2009 @ 11:54 pm

So, how’s that stimulus working out for you?

Well said, Frank. Thanks.

I agree, as usual, completely. If I may attempt to clarify, I speak to what I see, and quotes show the words, simple as that. I can’t and won’t go down that PC path, at least not consciously, and I ask that you view my words if you haven’t, with that in mind,please.

In truth, I believe without question that one of the more insidious maladies exerting very destructive influence on our nation (and indeed, beyond) is the overriding PC perspective which stops otherwise good men and women from speaking the truth to one another and truly communicating. It, of course, is up to you to decide where you fit on this continuum. I harbor zero recognized grudge or bias against the gender of Fortuneate but I do recognize her tendency to opine with her ovaries, that said. Maybe it’s something I see that you and perhaps others don’t or can’t, who knows? But if it is true and is recognized, does that make it off limits? Are we to handicap ourselves from speaking such truth? I would be opposed, personally, from communicating with her without full honesty, and thus allowing her to see how she presents to the world, at least from my perspective. But maybe indeed, I am wrong. In any case, no offense intended is simply to say, no offense intended, while still pointing out the truth of it in words that our PC world won’t allow, without qualification, nothing more. That’s as I see it, anyway.
I respect your commentary always and am thankful for the sanity you bring to the discussion, Kumbaya, or none.

By the way, Lindsey Graham and Bill O’Rielly just kissed and made-up. Lindsey can’t be all bad (and I never said he was), his accent is too cool.

(and Obama dis’d the Dahli Lama, no questions asked. But our liberal brethren won’t be bothered by that, will they?……… we’ve got more Chinese junk to buy.)

» Posted By Dennis On 07/October/2009 @ 12:38 pm

What, Frank……….no kumbaya……???

Nothin like gettin the humor, huh??

» Posted By Dennis On 06/October/2009 @ 10:56 pm

You say how it is as though that’s just it……………. that’s all there is to it. But isn’t this something that would perhaps vary from state to state?

Example: I was divorced when my son was 4 years old. My ex-wife remarried so fast it would make your head swim, actually even before our divorce was final, due to a glitch in the process. Her new husband expressed interest in adopting my son and my response was…………absolutely not……… primarily because I don’t know you and what and who you are and until I see your track record I won’t even consider it. He never asked again, but interestingly a couple years later when my son started school he was registered under his step-father’s name, not his legal name. The school system caught the error and very sternly admonished my ex-wife that she was not at liberty to arbitrarily change my son’s name for the purposes of school registration without due process, and whe was required to register him with his legal name.

I learned this from my former mother-in-law, her mother, who was both irritated by what had been attempted and in full agreement with action of the Ohio school system. As an aside and as it relates to Mr Obama, this same circumstance might have properly affected Mr Obama in his own school registrations, but doesn’t seem to have done so (where, Hawaii and/or Kansas?)

So, this experience in Ohio would not seem to agree with the point you made. I guess in less formal circumstances, yes, the custodial parent would be able to call the child whatever they desired, but that doesn’t make it legal or right either for that matter.

» Posted By Dennis On 06/October/2009 @ 6:05 am

Comin’ apart at every nail

Great find, John.

Here’s something for ya.

Pretty interesting background, too.

(For some reason I can’t get hyperlinks to transfer on your blog).

» Posted By Dennis On 06/October/2009 @ 12:55 am

Wow, John.
Another excellent find. I’m not familiar with the author of the piece, but I am very impressed with his insights and his articulation. Writing so briefly and clearly is a gift I do not possess but one I greatly admire.

Mr. Warren has found a valid correlation and whether the science holds or not, it is surely worth sitting up and taking a lingering look at it. Ironically, I expressed similar views in conversations with friends, just this evening.

Neil Young’s lyrics are literally meaningful and your inclusion of them, in contrast, is meaningful to me. But I’m sure they would mean alot more if sung out the way he would perform them and though I do not recall having heard them performed I’m sure they are still ringing in your ears.

John, you have a gift for finding really good pieces to express your views and this of course helps advance your view with the added benefit of taking you off the hook, to some degree, of being just another guy with an opinion. We all have our independent opinions but if we can not express them with the wit, insight and clarity of a Charles Krauthammer or a Fred Barnes, they don’t have much impact do they? Your technique, consciously chosen or however you settled upon it, works well and I enjoy the clarify it brings.

Your blog is a daily anticipation and I sincerely believe that in a perfect world it would help the deluded and misled to find their way. I only wish it would really be so.

» Posted By Dennis On 03/October/2009 @ 2:20 pm

Healthcare debate distilled

Just a little off-topic, but still germane, this must be mentioned.

Yet another of Obama’s Czar’s………..this one the “safe school’s czar”, told a 13 year old boy 20 years ago to use a condom when having sex with an older man………… no foolin………… and he’s working in the WH. Assistant to Obama. If this crap wasn’t so ridiculous it would be funny. He says he made a mistake and gave the kid bad advice………. but 10 to 1 he’ll keep his WH job – same kinda break you would get in his position.

What it seems to me is going to happen is this……….. Obama’s methods in the WH is going to create what for want of a better term could be called, “the degradation effect”……………he’s going to ‘minority-ize’ the WH. What this means is he’s gonna do things and act in such a way, like certain segments of our population do……… that brings down the whole thing…….. like the dumbing down of the US school systems, for example, as a result of busing……….. remember that? It doesn’t raise up the minorities as much as it brings down the whole thing to a lower lever than it was before because a far greater percentage of minorities act out and get into trouble frequently and with teenage pregnancy (like at 80% and counting) and every other such thing, you name it, like a bunch of unruly thug-heathens….. and they are only held accountable for a tiny percentage of what they do because of the fear of the discrimination lawsuits etc……… so they get away with it……… then the stupid white kids imitate them……..and the whole system is lowered………..everything……….. every facet of the education system is affected negatively.

Obama is doing this in the WH………all of his excesses….(((BTW, his lovely wife, after having flown to Denmark on a dedicated 727 made the statement……….. “a trip like this is so hard………” Oh my…….so hard…… can you believe it???)))…all the marginal people he’s hired……..all the things he’s trying to do……. all the marginal and questionable people he unabashedly not only associates with but actually gives WH jobs to………. he’s dumbing down the whole thing such that, as is usually the case, in the future when others do it they can’t and won’t be able to be questioned or held to a higher standard…….

That’s what we’re up against, folks. Believe it. You can see it and read about it daily.

I sincerely hope the excuse making liberals on this board are really happy with what they’ve got here.

» Posted By Dennis On 02/October/2009 @ 12:55 am

Letting the Left do my talking for me…

Great find, John.

You’ve been posting some great commentary lately. Good on you.

I don’t know much about Mr. Fineman, but he’s a good writer, surely, and is more evidence of the souring on Mr. Obama that seems to be accelerating daily.

I felt it and I said it when he was elected that I seriously suspect that he will come to be regarded as one of the most disliked and dangerous presidents of all time – when you get past the charismatic glitter, what is there? Surely his thinking substance can’t be measured by what he did in university, since his PhD remains misplaced, lost, sealed or whatever and he has not seen fit to make it available to us. What I find even more interesting, though, is how he tends to come unstuck without the security of the teleprompter. So, truly, how deep is this guy, this Mr. Obama. I submit, not that deep. His lack of legislative experience, as we tried to point out during the campaign, is surely showing, is it not? More to come, I’ll wager

» Posted By Dennis On 30/September/2009 @ 10:41 am


Hey, Kev….. you use what’s available. And you are a never ending source of supply, seems.

Sorta like shootin fish in a barrel, as they say.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 12:23 pm

Yeah, John, way too young.

And ur right. I used to try to correct some of your mistakes, you being the blog host and all, but finally gave up because I couldn’t keep up. Then I went back and looked at my own. My goodness!

Amazing to me how so many folks completely miss the point, or at least appear to.

I can never figure out if they just don’t want to get it or if they indeed can’t connect the dots.

You know, the Glenn Beck dots. Everyone knows those are the only ones I pay any attention to.

Hold on, gotta go……..Keith Olbermann is commin on TV….. what a guy he is…!

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 12:18 pm

BTW, Kev,

People are not ‘that’s’, …………. rather, they’re ‘who’s’…….

from people like you ‘that’ want to point out my mistakes

Versus: people like you who want to point out my mistakes

See how much better that reads?

But far be it from me to point out any mistakes…..

BTW, Kev,

People are not ‘that’s’, …………. rather, they’re ‘who’s’…….

from people like you ‘that’ want to point out my mistakes

Versus: people like you who want to point out my mistakes

See how much better that reads?

But far be it from me to point out any mistakes…..

Notwithstanding the above, but if I got calls and emails everyday from people who were trying to point out my mistakes and or make me appear dumb and uninformed, I would strongly think about going to the mirror to check 6.

Either that or consider changing my line of work. It would seem to be enough to put a guy on edge, IMV.

But not you, certainly.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 9:44 am

Kev, you maybe need to thicken up a bit. Lighten up, dude. The tone of your entire post followed by your sign off/farewell are incongruous, STM.

And it might be a good idea to put that disclaimer on everything you write – issue solved !

I should too, very probably.

And for the record, IMV, only one person can make you appear uninformed and lacking intelligence – and that would be you. Attempts to do so by others will make them appear pretty sad. I might appear to be pretty sad and maybe indeed I am, but it would not intentionally be because I’m trying to make you appear as you say. That said, though, you’ve blown it pretty bad a couple times in the past week. I don’t think I pointed at you when you did but sometimes I addressed the issue as a clarification or a read-out.

You can fill in your own blanks (as in, connect your own dots). No offense intended.

As a comment, though, over the years in the USAF as an office supervisor or director one of my functions was to review pretty much all official correspondence going out from my office. I say with zero equivocation that, in my experience, those subordinates of mine who were sloppy in their spelling, punctuation, grammar and/or structure tended to be without question the same in their general lives, as compared to others who were not .

Probably doesn’t apply to you, but something to think about, none the less.

(Anyway, I thought it was already well established that liberals are generally brain-damaged anyway)

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 9:30 am

For the record, it’s Reagan, not Regan….and Cheney, not Chaney.

More later. This is too good to pass up.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 6:37 am

Suffer the children

You mean there’s another source?

Didn’t you catch my Walter Willimas quotes today? Where the hell were you? Ain’t keepin up obviously. And there have been plenty of others, had you paid attantion…….

Whoa….. wait a minute here…… ur kidding me aren’t you…..???

Oh Kev…….. you big kidder you……

Almost had me there, didn’t you?

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 11:46 am

More to chew on, if so inclined:

Obama Adviser Sorry for GOP Slur?
White House ‘green jobs’ czar Van Jones apologizes for saying Republicans are ‘a**holes’ | VIDEO
• YOU DECIDE: Van Jones Apology Accepted?

• Glenn Beck Takes a Closer Look at Jones,2933,545920,00.html

• Call for Students to ‘Help’ Obama Ends

» Posted By Dennis On 04/September/2009 @ 2:38 am

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Yeah, Kevin, you win.

I suspect maybe you always win, don’t you, and probably keep score too, huh ?

Earlier tonight I had all but decided to sort of let you off the hook, so to speak. That is, just try to avoid commenting on your posts, not so much as to ignore you but more to just leave you alone with your views – despite the pot-stirring you continually do and the miss-information and error you continue to put out. But now after this last post of yours here just above, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that.

Just lettin you know.

Maybe better gird your loins.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 11:41 am

Wow. Kev, you are just so cleaver.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 2:08 am

Well, Kev, what about the rest of the post…… the non-Kennedy stuff? You in denial here or have I just worn you out? You are just so clever, aren’t you?

If the point of my post was to simply say I didn’t like TK, you’d be right, but quite obviously, it isn’t. Even so, I would probably have to agree mostly with your point about anyone who likes/liked him – but I’d expand the category to include those who are totally lying, versus half, half-liars would probably be able to see through him, most likely, and those in denial, married to him or members in his family too.

And does that mean that you don’t want another couple of reams of data on him……..I got more you know….??

BTW, Glen is spelled Glenn…….is that damage by faint attention to detail??? Not good on someone you like…

Actually Glenn is an excellent comedian – good of you to mention that – It’s one of the main reasons I originally became a listener of his………but he’s doing far greater service to the nation in an analyst role, STM.

I know you most likely won’t agree with this last point, but then, that’s just you, Kev, innit?

And by the way, are you speaking for everyone with your ‘We get it Dennis’, remark? I generally try to speak for myself which is more necessary with my stronger views.

But you are just so clever.

BTW, how’s your Messiah doing these days?

» Posted By Dennis On 04/September/2009 @ 11:52 pm

Just trying to address a few points here.

Ok, Kevin. I finally get it – the dim bulb came on. IMO, there is a better than 50% chance that those guys were being politically correct in praising him – and maybe recognition of that point interfered with my ability to understand what you meant. A related point of significance, Kennedy’s memoir, written just before his death is coming out soon and advance copy reveals that he was ‘apparently’ profoundly distressed and ashamed of his ‘inexcusable’ conduct after the Mary Jo Kopechne debacle – so much so that it apparently ‘haunted’ him for four decades. Ok. I forgive him, but I don’t excuse him and I would never trust him fully ever again.

Link to story here:,2933,546020,00.html

It haunted him so much that he stayed in congress for 40 more years poking it in the eye of his adversaries every chance he got as a mean-spirited man who only ‘softened’ at least three decades later after his late in life marriage to the lawyer/Lebanese daughter of his good friend who tutored him and taught him and drilled him on how to lie to protect his nephew during his nephew’s trial for rape – the one in which he perjured himself for which he was never held accountable – really good guy, huh? My rule of thumb when I see such shenanigans as Kennedy pulled on the rape thing is I try to ask myself how would I feel and what would I do if it was my daughter, not some economically average unknown girl on the beach in Miami – what about trying to help her some? I wonder if he had been able to internalize that, if he had been able to think of Mary Jo Kopechne as his sister or his daughter, what his actions might have been? He is and was a scum-bag and he managed, primarily due to the cache’ of his family’s authority and reputation, and by exploiting and depending on the memory of his two assassinated brothers, to not only escape prosecution for his crime, but to carry on his exploitation of the political system, our political system, yours and mine, that we pay for……for 40 more years. I have always wondered how or why these guys who sit ensconced in luxury by virtue of their family wealth are often the one’s who seemingly, much more than others, tout help for the downtrodden and derelict – free health care, food-stamps, Earned Income Credit and Chile Tax Credits for children of ‘economically depressed, (we used to call that ‘poor, but can’t do that anymore in this PC world) families, free on demand abortions, amnesty for illegal’s, it goes on and on……. I note here that I’ve never read an account of any of these rich guys (or women either) inviting any of these poor people home for dinner or of voluntarily redistributing any of their own wealth to the poor or such as that – a measure such as that of Gandhi or Mother Teresa, which wold be recognizably real and a valid expresion of true concern. As the saying goes, talk is cheap.

So I figure it’s probably out of guilt more than anything else, and in the case of Kennedy, guilt finely honed after his behavior at Chappaquiddick – his guilt over that, if present, probably was at the root of his over the top continual bleating and harping to pass more and more give-away laws, ostensibly to help those who apparently can’t help themselves and he was willing to spend any amount of our money to assuage his personal guilt, but none of his own. And who are those benefitting from the give-aways, who apparently can’t help themselves? The welfare mom’s with eight kids each, primarily from different fathers, who get free everything and sit with their hugely obese bodies watching color TV all day long – the one’s who block the isles in the grocery stores with the electric carts due to their massive sizes, since they can’t really walk any more, and then pay with food stamps at check-out? The ones who it’s become completely politically incorrect to even mention in polite company such that some of those reading these comments are made uncomfortable very probably. The same one’s who often perpetuate the problem by representing to their young daughters that it’s okay to live that way and to become an unwed mother at 15 YOA or sometimes even younger. Why is it that with all the opportunity in the USA, in employment and available work for those who will do it, that these people are ‘disadvantaged’ and remain so, and have to be given all the essentials of life in order to survive? Why is it that the immigrants come over here and do so well, in comparison, and prosper so dramatically? I personally know a dozen families or more to have done so. How is it that a person can come into the US, illegally even, manage to avoid being caught, find primarily off the book work and make enough to support themselves while here and even send back enough to support their personal family plus their entire extended families back in the country of their origin? How the hell is that possible that this can happen but our own citizens can’t manage to fend for themselves?

Another thing I’ve never understood is how members of congress can be such die-hard political adversaries yet good personal friends? What’s up with that, asked in the potential mild possibility that the ones who praised Kennedy actually liked him on a personal basis? I don’t get that at all and it makes me suspect that they are all frauds or actors on a stage or something. How can you separate such personal profound feelings for what you apparently consider your life’s chosen work (fraudulent though it is because of the absense of term-limits) from your personal views? Either they are way past me on the evolutionary scale or they are frauds or perhaps I have a missing piece of my puzzle somewhere, which is entirely possible, I realize.

So, toward concluding – all you fringe dwellers and commenter’s…………the fringe broadcaster, Glenn Beck, occasionally vilified and probably despised by at least a couple of commenter’s to this board, and the very guy who can’t connect the dots properly in his own head or spell Oligarchy…… that Glenn Beck……. well his ratings are up 180% over the last rating period measured……….and that of Fox news by itself is up 170+% in the same time period – eclipsing the other competitor network’s totals COMBINED? Wow. What of that? How in the hell can this fringe fool do such a thing……. ??? ……..well, he’s obviously using voo doo or something………….or lying to everyone. Yeah, that’s it, he’s lying. And everyone knows how gullible the American public is, particularly those who watch TV news.

But is it just possible that the American public is fed up with what’s going on in the Obama administration???? Some of whom may even regret their guillibility and perhaps even a few are a little embarrassed to have voted for him having swallowed his hook, line and sinker so completely?

I wish I could understand the liberal mind, I really do, but I don’t and I don’t think I can, and I strongly suspect that Liberalizm is a Mental Disorder, as Ann Coulter decides in her book by the same title. I can’t understand how otherwise good and decent people can ignore all the things liberals in congress do and all the manipulation and the very, very worst of all, the obnoxious and consistent double-standards by which they don’t hold themselves accountable for the very things the persecute their opponents for, that they wantonly exhibit, in hiring and firing and being held accountable and of having their hands caught in the till over and over and over and all such things. No, I’m not saying Republicans are necessarily any better, though I think conservatives naturally, well, more conservative along those lines. Well, I have personally re-registered as an Independent as a result. But thinking people oughta be able to see real differences in the core nature of the liberal transgressions, comparatively. Power corrupts, undoubtedly and, yes, it surely seems that absolute power corrupts absolutely…….. none are without guilt or culpability, it surely seems true.

Did anyone note that, in the news, Obama’s WH has apparently decided to drop their effort via the NEA to get grade school kids to pledge allegiance to the Earth and to Obama???? and to write essays and give skits and try to figure out how they can ‘SERVE’, yes serve, the President? I thought it was the President’s job to serve the citizen, not vise versa.

Does anyone else see this drift………?? Or is it, rather, a headlong rush to remake the very nature of what America is?

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for trying to follow my drivel. No offense intended to anyone.

» Posted By Dennis On 04/September/2009 @ 12:56 am

For anyone who wants a better look at Obama’s taste in Czars:

First time he ever apologized for anything and only because he doesn’t want to get fired so quickly – but he will soon enough, most likely.

Still hasn’t addressed his comments about how white americans are intentionally poisoning the water of black americans. That and many other similar comments all while on the payroll that you are paying for.

» Posted By Dennis On 03/September/2009 @ 1:49 pm

1. Some truth in what Fortuneate opines, as usual…..but just as much fog and inaccuracy too.

2. Ted Kennedy was a scum bag who got literally, away with murder – end of story. To get anything else out of that is just absurd. No reflection on any other Democrat – sorry to burst your hope bubble, but they have their own sins to pay for.

3. Kevin whatever type of comparison or point you were trying to make by naming Geo Bush, McCain, Hatch and Cheney was totally lost on me. I don’t get it.

4. The ‘fringe we speak of is the very same fringe that Fortuneate pointed out were flawed in her former comment about Glenn Beck, Pat Caddell and Michelle Malkin a few days ago and it was miss-applied then too.

5. It’s natural to shoot the messenger, I understand. Any flawed point ruins the entire comment – it’s human nature, I suppose ,and the primary reason why IG’s have murder boards. Obama is bad all on his own and he led the American public down a prim-rose path probably to the destruction of their way of life unless something can be done in time…..and time is of the essence…… He talked openly and skillfully about his plans but couched in tones that made them appear non-threatening and even somewhat desirable to a nation greatly desiring productive change – his isn’t and won’t be and the fruits are beginning to show already.

6. Yes, several presidents had appointees, even Czar’s, sometimes several in fact. But several was the max, not more than 20 which Obama has and none with the heinous track records that his have -. the Democrats with their well known and well-worn unapologetic double standards would never have stood for that. Look it up, or better yet, hold your nose, suppress the gag reflex and listen to or watch Glenn Beck for an accounting. Just for an accounting – you might learn something – at least you could get some facts straight about how much you discredit him and hate him.

7. Obama’s Doctoral Dissertation is sealed. Why? His birth records are sealed. why? Who in the hell ever heard of such a thing? Even if there was no reason to question him, which there is plenty of…..(and just wait awhile….. it’ll get more intense, surely)…… but by taking such actions you are asking for trouble. Trouble like having thinking people ask simple questions like…… “I wonder if he’s trying to hide something????” Yeah, I wonder. I’m probably not much of a thinker but I can figure that one out.

8, Of course the opposing party will make a political football out of any issue that goes into a tail-spin or is open for question and is flawed. That’s politics. Some speak as though it’s unfair to do so , but more accurately, to complain about that is just simply naive. Anyone with half a brain knows the American health care system needs a lot of fixing. Entitlements, HMO practices and HMO market controls which drive up the cost of health insurance astronomically, overbilling, padding needed test orders because they can, mal-practice insurance scams. ….. on and on, and this only scratches the surface ……… but what Obama is doing through his vaunted leaders, Pelosi, Reid, and many others is simply laughable. Anyone with a brain could do the math when he made all the promises during his campaign rhetoric, which anyone with said brain could easily see on it’s face couldn’t be done. Gimme a break – that constitutes a lie in my book. He lied openly and directly to the American public and now he can’t do what he said he would do……no one would be able to. But you hide and watch. Of one thing I am absolutely sure will come to pass if and when the Obama administration gets it’s health care bill passed… will surely include health coverage for illegal aliens….. right out of your and my pocket. But the Democrats are so fair and honest and magnanimous and ever so much deserve to be in leadership…..for about another 15 months by my measure… the rate they are making friends among the American people.

No need, in probable fact, to criticize them and shout them down. Just sit and watch them self-destruct. It’s a sure thing.

Anyone want to talk about the vaunted Charlie Rangel and his double standards?

Better not get me started.

» Posted By Dennis On 03/September/2009 @ 1:25 pm

Finally, some meat here – good conversation. Hopefully this would engender some pertinent discussion about what is going in our rapidly becoming God Forsaken country, but I sincerely doubt it will, very much anyway, no offense intended.

Frank is being nice by saying Kevin is to some degree right……. everyone is to some degree right nearly no matter what their opinion, even me. But in my view Kevin is not right at all. He is cherry picking…… pointing out the things that have merit in his view but not considering the whole picture. Alas, we all suffer from this malady because it is so hard to spend enough time with any issue as to be fully informed and even if we could, our political bias’ would probably still cause us to skew our commentary. But Kevin is a liberal so he will lean that way, but sadly probably exclude mostly anything that doesn’t agree with his lean. Now, as a retired guy living in the EST zone, I have access to alot of news coverage and read lots more online. Surely don’t have many let alone all the answers…..we live in difficult and perilous times…..but I do have a few opinions. One thing I’m pretty sure of is that Kevin is relatively young, hence his liberal leanings cut I could be wrong on that. Frank is more mature in age and always tries to be a nice guy – and is pretty accurate, IMV, in his above comments – considerable praise intended. John is fairly well informed, obviously watching/reading/surfing a good bit of news coverage, but is very careful not to offend anyone and he is able not too. John was a liberal in his youth, most people are, then he grew up he, as most people do, saw the light, so to speak. And I agree completely with his assessment of the stance of the American electorate vis-à-vis their trust/distrust of the government.

One point of significance, though, regarding the issue of offering alternatives……. at these town hall meetings I’ve seen on television, I’ve seen some pretty articulate people offer some good alternatives/solutions, albeit in very condensed forms……. and have been universally heartened to see thinking people come forward – fact is, they did and I didn’t, as of yet anyway….and that counts for something in my book. Another observation here, for some reason people are fond of labeling the ‘fringe’ as some sort of hair on fire negative thing……and since when does that universally follow? If one were to undertake a demographic profile of the citizen base he would see that people with very motivated views were a small percentage of the group and he would also see that the percentage of the group with very informed views were similarly a small segment…… likewise, on the other end would be small segments (though I tend to believe they would be larger segments) of people poorly informed and who don’t give a damn anyway. So I ask, are these fringe groups………..?? ………or is a fringe group one by definition what has to have it’s hair on fire……….and is having your hair on fire and bad thing?

This guy, Van Jones, the idiot Green Czar that Obama has hired and drawn close to him, would qualify both for being a fringe group person in derivation, and also has his hair on fire. If he was vetted at all for his job it surely reveals that Obama is on a direct path for change of the order the American people didn’t sign up for….. or conversely, if he wasn’t vetted…….even more so shows Obama’s agenda. People, please look in to this…… Glenn Beck, IMV, is doing the American public an incredible service by, if nothing else, attempting to connect the dots for us……it’s up to us to accept them or not, given our own intelligence and bias’ – I choose to believe them, mostly, Kevin chooses not to, most likely. I put my mid-sixties age, 30 years of USAF active duty….post military retirement business success in two different occupations etc, on the table as evidence to support some level of maturity and at least semblance of credibility. So, to be fair, I’d be interested to see what Kevin can put on the table, noting that what ever it is, it surely would not be the sum total of thinking ability or maturation.

Obama has gathered around him and hired as many as 20 Czar’s to be his personal advisors and to provide interface with all sorts of community organizer organizations and semi organized agencies with nebulous sounding names. They are on the payroll of the American public, all of them – you are paying for them. Why was this done – and why do they exist? It doesn’t take rocket scientist credentials to observe that by appointing these people and having them report directly to him they don’t have to be vetted or confirmed at all. Interesting, isn’t it? So, this Van Jones, the Green Czar has just this year very recently openly blamed white American for intentionally poisoning the water of black communities and when asked in May by an audience participant to one of his rally’s, why the conservatives didn’t need all this and that to move their ideas forward……his answer was……..because they are ASSHOLES……. that was the sum total of his answer. Complete answer? I doubt it……. in over his head on that issue, most likely…… His intention as in agenda, as he has said vociferously and often since being given his post by Obama, that is within the past six months on many occasions.and while on your payroll, I might add… to turn the entire system on it’s head……….not try to fix it, mind you……if indeed it is broken, which he proclaims loudly and often it is……… but to remove it and replace it completely – what the hell does that mean and what does it entail…????….. and would only a fringe group be concerned about such statements..????…..issued loudly and frequently……????? When the White House is asked directly and repeatedly and numerous times if they know that they have an avowed communist on their staff, their answer is always the same. AND THIIS IS NO BULLSHIT…..not only do they NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION, and this the WH, mind you, …………..but simply that he is functioning in a specific area. Nothing else.

There are many more people who need to wake up and smell the coffee while they can still get it without a ration coupon.
Quite a few are waking up, seems, but not nearly enough yet.

Just one small facet of the fix………term limits, I agree, are a necessity if we are ever to get any kind of beginning of a handle on the mess we’re in. Not only term limits but provisions to deny a retirement income to congressional members unless certain conditions are met…..

This business, now concluded, thankfully, of Kennedy and his great contributions, etc……please, Lord, deliver me.

Most people don’t know that Ted Kennedy was thrown out of Harvard for cheating. He was then denied an Army commission for cheating again. He was not convicted of murder or negligent homicide in the Chappaquiddick thing…….. even though he fled the scene of the accident and attempted to get his own cousin to take the rap for him – no kidding – he was called by the Mass.state police and told that if he didn’t return immediately to the scene of the accident that a warrant would be issued for his arrest without delay…… The iMass Supreme Ct directed that pnvestigation be held in secret and the presiding judge stated that Kennedy’s story appeared to be untrue and that he would seem to have some level of fault – a grand jury investigation issued a report but did not call for indictment of him so the SC Judge made his report public after which Kennedy said the report was “not justified”. True story. Skated again.

Read what happend – page down to Chappaquiddick :

…..then three weeks after the accident he got his sister in law, Bobby Kennedy’s widow, none the less, to be the one to phone the parents of Mary Jo Kopechne to apologize, not having the balls or confidence or sense of responsibility to do it himself. He also, as a sitting senator, perjured himself in the rape trial of his nephew, Joseph Kennedy Smith, who we all know, was indicted for rape of a girl. He claimed in testimony that his nephew was with him and therefore unable to have done the crime – when this was subsequently proven false it was ignored because he was Ted Freakin Kennedy, after all. Would you or me get that kind of break – firstly we wouldn’t even do it, but if we did they would throw us in jail and throw away the key and you know it. His lawyer during that fiasco was none other than the Lebanese daughter of one of his best friends – she coached him and counseled him and kept him out of jail – her reward, he married her after the trial was over. Now she is given great kudos for bringing out the softer side of the creep, in his waning years. The very next year he was reelected to the US Senate with 62% of the vote.

Then he stayed in congress for a total of 47 years….. a post that was never intended to be a career for anyone……….. but all the liberals are raving and raving and raving about his freaking CAREER……his CONGRESSIONAL CAREER….. Like to even have one is a good thing……

Ted Kennedy, his life, his crimes and his excesses, IMP is a perfect metaphor for illnesses and excesses besetting this country.

I simply can’t stand it.

» Posted By Dennis On 03/September/2009 @ 3:03 am

Great minds think alike

Good points, VJ. And note, Walter Williams, though conservative, in my experience listening to him doesn’t play favorites. He was hammering Geo Bush Jar today for something about the No Child Left Behind thing, along with calling out Congress in general.

Well, some of what you speak of is local – such as utilities, seat belts and fire department stuff…….. probably a whole lot of it is – but then those examples don’t fit the first analogy anyway, which was taking money from you and giving it to someone not of your choice and against your desires and legitimizing it because ur a Senator without ever having asked in the first place. That was the real original issue. But plenty of examples of both kinds to go around, actually.

Also, some of what you speak is national defense. That’s a real thorny issue but most people would agree that it’s not something we can take chances with, pacifists not included. In any case, it’s not an easy issue to define very completely or very well and even thornier to solve.

Thanx for your comments.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 12:02 pm

As Walter Williams (who is a black Economist and professor at George Mason University in Fairfax County, VA – nice place) observed just this afternoon. It is praiseworthy indeed when one reaches into his own pocket to help the needy. Conversely, it is despicable without measure and worthy of condemnation when one reaches into another’s pocket without permission to do the same. He also observed that to accept such aid, assistance or gratuity knowing it came from other’s who do not approve of the act, is likewise despicable on the same scale. I don’t know about you other commenter’s, but that makes good sense to me.

He also quoted from long established US law regarding health care practices where the government is specifically prohibited from meddling in health care practices, personal and otherwise. Yet here we are, with a President and administration who is in the process of ignoring established law and attempting to install a government established and regulated health care system for the entire nation. And in the process, do the above as well, e.g., take from those who do not agree or approve and give to those to whom the government deems are worthy.

This, BTW, is exactly what Ted Kennedy and his liberal minions did throughout his and their careers…….. assigned funds without permission, taken from the public coffers, from contributors who did and do not agree or approve, and assigned and or gave it to whom they considered worthy. This is the same point I made earlier about TK, (before I heard the Walter Williams quote, BTW) that he didn’t give his own money to the causes he receives such vaunted praises for, he gave yours and mine, without our permission.

How the hell can anyone of sound mind, regardless of political affiliation countenance such practices or behavior from an individual or a government? Yet the liberals have no problem with this wanton disregard for the law or with illegally taking what doesn’t belong to them and giving it to whomever they please – and indeed it is standard practice (root differences between Republican philosophy and Democrat philosophy is in here, BTW).

I don’t mean to make this anti-Democrat or anti-liberal but the evidence speaks for itself. Walter Williams further commented that, hence, virtually every major issue before congress is, at bottom, a moral issue because it invariably involves expenditure of public funds, but that the liberals in congress (but not always just the liberals, my comment added) routinely and without exception ignore and disregard that fact.

Further, if you don’t buy this, he gave the following example.

Suppose someone is walking down the street and they encounter a homeless person laying on a grate who is quite ill. You happen to be passing by and this person who sees the homeless guy pulls out a gun and demands of you your money, which which he then uses to provide assistance to the homeless person. Would this guy who robbed you be culpable for committing a moral crime and of robbery? He then explained that this is morally identical to what the government is doing to us, one and all. He then added that amazingly the congressmen then have the arrogance to stand before us and try to explain to us why we should be happy what what he has illegally done with our money.

Wow. Wish I was that good.

Comments please.

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 2:01 am

Kevin hasn’t revealed his political bias has he?

What is a performance rating for a President based on? Is it based on how he addresses solutions to the problems besetting the nation on their own merit, or is it rather based on how he does this in comparison with past Presidents. I tend to think it should be without the comparison with past performers because that, while a perhaps a valid separate discussion, would only tend to obscure the issues. But then, what do I know?

He gives Obama a C+ overall rating for things like hiring 20 Czars who report directly to him, many of whom have seriously flawed views, backgrounds and resumes. Of note here, a person trying to get into the military, get any kind of responsible government job or even the lowest security clearance would be outright rejected instantly with any of these details in their background. What’s up with that double-standard? Moreover, if on active duty and such was discovered post-entry they would be unceremoniously yanked out of the service instantly. Quite a commander-in-chief we have here isn’t it?

Hoz this for a solution to a problem. Let the Obama administration give us back all the money we’ve paid in to social security and stop with drawing it from our pay. Let us invest it ourselves and not rely on the government for any retirement benefits, the same social security benefits that went into a gov’t slush fund and were totally used up long ago and won’t be available to anyone in a few years anyway. But even knowing that, the SS contributions are still being withdrawn from everyone’s pay, even knowing the funds are gone and won’t be available at all within a very few years. Very interesting set of circumstances, huh – continuing to take a substantial hunk of your pay based on the subterfuge of giving it back to you later, knowing it’s already used up and won’t be available at all.? And of course, the Messiah, Obama has jumped right on that problem hasn’t he? This issue alone would seem to qualify for mass demonstrations across the nation, but where is the outrage?

And Frank, of course, again is right as far as his discussion goes. But a far greater complication for the future, IMV, will be when the dollar is externally devalued which is coming pretty soon (inevitable with a 9 trillion debt which can’t be paid) – it will be ‘externally devalued’, BTW, from outside the country when no one else will want dollars any more which should be any day now. This, of course, is not rocket science, it is simple Econ 101, and will be followed inevitably by rampant inflation on a scale we haven’t seen for a very long time, if ever, when at that point, virtually anything manufactured abroad will not be affordable for the long distant foreseeable future, regardless where it’s made (and given our long since dismantled manfacturering capability here in the US, we sure won’t be able to make it ourselves) . How much will we be worried about saving for retirement at that point, I wonder? And I wonder further if this is perhaps reminiscent of the old joke, worrying about draining the swamp when there’s a big hole in the sinking boat?

But Charlie Rangel isn’t worried about saving for retirement. He’s got funds and property stashed all over the place. Most notably, yesterday he is quoted as saying that the investigators appointed to look in to his situation aren’t intelligent enough to ask any question he would choose to answer. That’s not arrogance is it? And of course, that’s not Democrat is it?

» Posted By Dennis On 05/September/2009 @ 12:32 am

Let’s drop the big one

I think that’s a BLU-52, but I didn’t watch the video. Still pretty sure.

» Posted By Dennis On 28/August/2009 @ 11:34 am

Bless U Pub

Nice coverage John, thanks.

» Posted By Dennis On 27/August/2009 @ 11:37 am

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