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No redemption

Hey John. Welcome back. Good to see you own this name – ha.
I’ve been meaning to ask, ‘how does it feel to be a Blue Bull?’ I do hope you are enjoying the season with your new mates. I miss throwing with all of you. I miss our great ‘warm up, pre tournament’ cricket matches.

» Posted By Colin On 21/March/2009 @ 11:15 am

In the hospital

Hey John. I’ve been hoping that all has been ok with you. I’ve kept checking here to see when you return. Thank bloody hell that experience is over and i hope to hell you are fully recovered by now. I miss the matches John. I’m working more than ever these days, so my darts play has taken a downturn.

I hope you stay with the blogging, master blogger.

And i really do miss those cricket matches.

» Posted By Colin On 11/October/2008 @ 12:23 am

Lost my cherry

Hey hey. It’s a fun club to be in, isn’t it? I lost mine recently as well. The procedure drugs are definately a plus. The fasting sucked for sure, but I found the night before medicine to drink a whole lot worse. I got similar advice on the booze, but I had to only soup and bread for the rest of my day. Let’s hope for good results all round.

» Posted By Colin On 01/April/2008 @ 12:04 pm

3 Rules for understanding Canadians

“No doubt about it, eh”

» Posted By Colin On 04/March/2008 @ 8:32 pm

Dolce Vita Invitational

Congrats again John, and to Dennis as well. It was a hell of a night and I had a great time. Hopefully you and Dennis will NOT be paired up on Saturday though – ha. But I’ll certainly taake one of those pairing spots – ha.

See you then.

» Posted By Colin On 19/December/2007 @ 11:22 am

“And when did you get so stupid?”

I really can’t stand Michael Moore as a voice for ‘all things great in Canada’, when he is so full of shit for all of it. Examples from his past movies (NOT documentaries): there is no racism in Canada and Canadians don’t lock their doors (because crime is soooo low).

And now, since he’s not getting praise from Canadians, we are no longer funny. Is that all he thought we were good for – Jim Carry and Mike Myers.

That man needs to be exported to an unnamed African country to work and try to contribute something useful to humanity.

» Posted By Colin On 23/May/2007 @ 4:54 pm

We’re number 2!

A belated congradulations guys (of TIE). You had a great season and we of the Blessed One’s sure as hell enjoyed playing you. Next season is going to be a great one.

» Posted By Colin On 25/May/2007 @ 3:24 pm

Forsaken by the bulls blues

Hey John. Thanks for the support during my final games in the singles tourney at Blue Frog. I’m still not 100% confident in my darts yet, but taking 4th was sure a excellent booster.

Hopefully ‘Sunny’ days will be forthcoming as well – ha.

» Posted By Colin On 20/May/2007 @ 11:17 pm

A match made in heaven

Congrats to the whole TIE team. It was a great game to watch with great darts thrown by both sides. Rest easy, practice up, and on Monday against the Ratz, GO HARD!

I’ll be there to watch.

» Posted By Colin On 18/May/2007 @ 3:50 pm

What I like about Fred…

Hey John. Right on with Fred. He looks Presidential, sounds Presidential, and with no doubt, could fill the Presidential Office easily. I have always been a fan of Fred, acting or otherwise. If I were from the Great U S of A, he would get my vote.

» Posted By Colin On 16/May/2007 @ 9:25 am

First round victory

Congrats to the TIE Dolce boys. Good job. No doubt you’ll be looking for some revenge on Sliders, so I’m betting there will be some blood on the floor. Sounds too good to miss. I’ll try and plan my evening so I can come out and cheer you all on.

Go hard or don’t go at all.

» Posted By Colin On 16/May/2007 @ 9:33 am

Those wacky Canadians

Hey John. I’ll be the first to admit that many of my most people that I have met here are my fellow countrymen (and many women). I have found that many Canadians are really patriot when they leave Canada. And when they do, they are more than infuriating. Next cruise you take, give the guy some help into the water and dare him to try and swim across to the other side. I’ll bet he take you up on it -ha.

Glad you appreciated my little ‘black sheep’ ribbing there. Although these days, the Queen and Charles are seemingly more welcome south of the GWN border. Thanks for treating them well.

» Posted By Colin On 04/May/2007 @ 10:55 pm

Monday night at Blue Frog

Hey John. Sounds like a hard fought evening, but in the end, a win is a win. And I know what you mean about how that little circle in the middle can feel comfortable to hit, but then one of those large pies seems suddenly so small. For myself, whenever that happens, something about ‘the broad side of a barn’ pops into my mind.

The Blessed Ones were able to take down FFOD, but it’s an uphill battle for us to make the playoffs. Help us out and take down Eberhardt and the Rats. We also are looking forward to the evening with you guys.

» Posted By Colin On 17/April/2007 @ 9:44 pm

A wedding I would have liked to attend

Hey John. I think I was at that wedding. If I can recall through my vodka induced haze, the initial problem was that the bride was a ladyboy and the first gal in was her jealous-stricken transgender partner. The third gal was a friend of the bride and the fourth was actually my date. I sent her in because I thought, hey, gals getting it on is pretty sexy. Sure enough, my date started to show her undies for all to see. The fifth chick I believe was a stranger who was actually at the wrong wedding.

» Posted By Colin On 10/April/2007 @ 1:08 am

Losing sucks…

Hey John

I was a bit suprised by the final numbers as well, but it does show that final numbers don’t necessarily represent that the games may be tight battles.

I, as one of the Blessed Bulls, am looking forward to going head to head with Take it Easy again soon. Always a pleasure, always a great evening, no matter what the outcome (of course, we both want the same outcome, though – ha).

Catch ya later LTG.


» Posted By Colin On 04/April/2007 @ 10:55 pm

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