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Happy Birthday to me….

Happy Birthday! Just a little late:cry:, but I wanted to say thank you for your comforting words the other day. With the passing away of my mother this past year, it is friends like you that keep me going. Hope all was well on your 50th:lol:!

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 28/August/2005 @ 5:45 am

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Sounds like you are going to have a great time… Please check out the site below…I think you will enjoy it…

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 04/July/2005 @ 3:03 pm

Up on the roof

Another Dead Mosquito

A little mosquito once sat on my arm,
her evil intent was to cause me some harm.
To stick in her proboscis and suck up my blood,
leaving behind a sore itch I must rub.
I think its quite mean doing something like that….

So I raised my right hand and I swatted her flat.

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 30/June/2005 @ 2:07 pm

The Bridge

Oceans Are Not Infinite

Oceans are not infinite,
Nor life-long love forever,
Yet every moment holds a bit
Of infinite endeavor.
Underneath the undertow
Remains the restive dream,
Eden in a bungalow
Nearby what life might seem.
Given the reality,
A will will find a way,
Grace to share with what must be,
Each choosing each each day.
May you thus in Eden dwell
Even here, by loving well,
Needing what you have, for then
The bowl comes ever round again.

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 20/May/2005 @ 8:40 pm


What Do They Know

I face the world with a smile, no one knows what is hid inside.
They see only happiness, they can’t see the tears I’ve cried.
When I am alone I hurt, because here I do it well.
In front of all the watchful eyes my heaven turns to hell.
The judge and jury awaits me, everyone has a say.
In a life that hangs suspended for yet another day.
Who are they to judge if what I have done is right or wrong?
In the end I gave them up, but inside still sing their song.
I don’t know how to find the strength I thought I had.
If only I could play tough it wouldn’t be so bad.
They say that life goes on and someday I’ll smile again.
But, how do they know my pain without being where I’ve been?
I’ve traveled so far from home, and can’t find my way back.
Somewhere along the way I must have jumped the track.
Although, they may have forgotten me, I still sing their song.

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 18/May/2005 @ 10:35 pm


Side by side or miles apart,
good friends are always
close to the heart.

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 16/May/2005 @ 7:08 am

Gracyn Rose

Thank you for the encouraging words you shared last week,
And congratulations again on your beautiful grand-daughter…

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 10/May/2005 @ 1:44 pm

One of those kind of nights…

don’t have to understand
I know it’s alright.

Now the night is gone, a new day is dawning
And our homeless dreams go back to the street
Another time or place, another civilization
Would really make this life feel so complete.

I’ll always be a dreamin’ man
I don’t have to understand
I know it’s alright.

Dreamin’ man
He’s got a problem
Dreamin’ man
Dreamin’ man
He’s got a problem
Dreamin’ man.

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 23/February/2005 @ 1:10 pm

I’m a dreamin’ man, yes, that’s my problem
I can’t tell when i’m not being real.
In the meadow dusk i park my aerostar
With a loaded gun and sweet dreams of you.

I’ll always be a dreamin’ man
I don’t have to understand
I know it’s alright.

I see your curves and i feel your vibrations
You dressed in black and white, you lost in the mall
I watch you disappear past club med vacations
Another sleepless night, a sun that won’t fall.

I’ll always be a dreamin’ man

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 23/February/2005 @ 1:07 pm

A week of curve balls…

Where’s the popcorn when you need it…good job!:lol:

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 18/February/2005 @ 11:32 am

My haircut

Very cute story… yeap! You really need to get out and make some friends….

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 07/February/2005 @ 10:05 pm

Ah, that Carolina lifestyle

I commend you on your love for your family. Too many times in this day and age people are not taking care of their parents. It is so nice and heart warming to hear the love you have for your parents and your family. Your family seem very close and mirror the all American family of Ozie and Harriet. With your new adventure to Korea, how do you plan to keep your family close?

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 16/January/2005 @ 8:45 am

Intelligence as a factor in mate selection

There has been a great deal of research in the area of intelligence. What has been found was that some people are very intelligent in an academic way but lack “emotional intelligence”. Many people have advanced degrees and high scores on IQ tests but lack empathy and other areas of the heart that are necessary for a long term relationship. While maybe one has gone to the best schools, and has a great deal of general knowledge, a person may be good at reading people and know how they feel. A person may get along well with people in social situations, be able to persuade people to see your point of view and be a very hopeful and optimistic. Those are the skills necessary for emotional intelligence. It is being “street smart.” It is simply a different way of being smart. In a good relationship we have lessons to learn from each other because we all have different strengths. Ask yourself, do you have chemistry with this person, do you laugh, and do you connect with them emotionally? If the answer is “Yes” then enjoy what that person has to offer and realize that you have insights and observations about life that they can learn from you as well. I believe that opposites attract for a good reason. We each bring to the table, our own experiences, intuition and gut reaction to things. It would be too boring to be with someone who was a carbon copy of ourselves. Celebrate your differences and realize that they will lead to growth for both of you.

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 08/January/2005 @ 6:32 pm

Journey through the past

Your story is very interesting. I am very new to this blog stuff, however, I do enjoy your writing. I look forward to your comments and opinions as I do feel they mirror my own in many ways, so go ahead and ramble on. Remembr John:

“The secret to a rich life
is to have more beginnings than endings.” David Weinbaum

» Posted By Cherish, OR On 01/January/2005 @ 5:04 pm

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