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Pork and beans

Hey pops just wanted to say happy father’s day and I hope everything is goin good. 😀 Try not to beat anyone up today killer :lol:. Take care and love you.

» Posted By avery On 16/June/2008 @ 5:56 am

Long Time Gone

Hey the Dixie Chicks are awesome! They didn’t go around the world trashing the country. All they did was express their opinion that the reasons America was entering the war were not justified. I think thats covered under freedom of speech. And judging from recent alligations of documents being falseified and President Bush misleading the country about WMD maybe they weren’t so wrong. You should give them another chance!:grin:

» Posted By avery On 13/March/2007 @ 11:49 pm

One year in…

I’m delighted to see your new perspective regarding life is still continuing. You can really tell your energy level has increased through reading your entries. Life in Korea seems to have many similarities with my life in Hawaii. Here they have a saying, that is ‘A’ole pilikia meaning “no worries”. This Hawaiian term is used instead of “your welcome”. I find it’s a simple way to understand Hawaiian culture is you get my drift. 🙂 Happy trails on your journey, i send my love.

» Posted By avery On 25/January/2006 @ 7:06 am

I just dropped in…

Everyone has trouble adjusting when his or her mortality is in question. I imagine when I’m your age and i have to look back on my life and my actions throughout it, I would linger in deep thought. But in the end the past is the past and life is life, the only thing we can affect is the present so stop mulling in the land of indecision and make an active effort to add positive experiences to your life and I think you’ll feel better. Whatever we put out in the world comes back to us, so do yourself a favor and manifest the positive in your life. I love you john, take it easy. life is roller coaster enjoy it while you still can. 😀

» Posted By avery On 12/January/2006 @ 7:57 am

Isn’t life strange?

I like your poem…I have never witnessed your deep emotions…I’m sorry ur heart is acking for your love…stay strong, a person can never will another no matter how much they may want to

» Posted By avery On 16/June/2005 @ 1:39 pm

Social Security: something worse than no reform?

I have a class this term and the topic of social security has been one of the topics debated. Honestly all the hype about the social security problem is what is creating the problem. Yes there is a slight oversight in the system due to the baby-boomer population and the effect their exit out of the workforce is going to cause. But there is no need for drastic measures to be taken to fix the shortage of funds. Drastic measures such as privatization is what could cause the entire system to crumble. In fact a simple change such as increasing the age at which a person receives benefits or reducing the amount of benefits the richest 10% would receive could easily fix the problem. I really believe this is a time for moderation. There is no need to drastically alter the social security system but something does need to be done. Now is time for planning and intricate dissemination of the program before acting. And please beware of increasing the hype. 💡

» Posted By Avery On 30/March/2005 @ 12:51 pm

Not in our name

I just wanted to say that as I watched the news cast covering the Iraqi elections last night my eyes swelled with tears as the people talked about overcoming their fears and voteing. I think its a glorious step in the right direction for these people and the world. Score! a victory for human rights everywhere with a peace sign and one finger darkened purple as a badge of courage.

» Posted By avery On 02/February/2005 @ 9:57 am

Ah, that Carolina lifestyle

I was reading the blogs and kinda felt left out. I just wanted to say happy trails on your journey John. Its trips like these that make a person realize what they’re really made of. Your entire comfort zone is gone and that’s when you really get down to life. Where everything is new and exciting, it’s kinda hard to explain! You will be in my world for a while, hundreds of miles away from anything you’ve ever known. I took the road less traveled and it has made all the difference! I hope you have a similar experience. See you this summer God bless and you are in my heart and my prayers always!

» Posted By Avery On 21/January/2005 @ 8:29 pm

CBS faces the music

I find it interesting that you place so much importance on one man’s actions, whither they be right or wrong is a person’s individual perspective. I feel the actual atrocity has been committed in the very structure of the media system. I think if CBS and Rather can report stories biasly and be believed who’s to say the other “news stations” aren’t doing the same things. In fact I just assume I’m not being told the whole truth when I watch American news. I believe when Bush was reelected there were riots in California and all over the world, but you didn’t hear about any of them on the news. And why? I will tell you why; the government has an invested interest on the media. You will find nothing on the newscast that they don’t want you to know, just enough so you think your getting the full story. We the American people aren’t really informed about the war, programs such as echelon, or the George W’s extensive run-in’s with the law. Why don’t you ask all the Christian voters about George’s cocaine use? Was this the moral high ground they were looking for? The media will truly never be unbiased until society pushes for the change. Until then the majority of Americans are happy sitting in their bubble, the invisible prison of our society. “What society doesn’t know won’t hurt them!”

» Posted By Avery On 10/January/2005 @ 9:15 pm

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