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A warning for men!

Hi there,

I wish you nothing but the best and hope all of our friends and family come home safe soon. I thought you might be interested to know about Operation Love Our Troops, an initiative launched by Soldiers’ Angels. They’re sending the world’s largest valentine to the troops overseas and you can leave a personal written or voice message for your loved ones, for free, on the site and they’ll get it delivered on February 14. Visit and send wishes of love and support.

Please share with your family and friends, too.

Good wishes,

» Posted By Ashley On 17/January/2006 @ 8:15 am

Gyeongbokgung Palace

I was too busy looking at the size of the courtyard so I didn’t catch the skyscrapers in the background of that one picture right away. I think that’s so crazy that they are so close to that palace. The other impressions I got were (1) don’t ever let a Korean decorate my house-that ceiling was very gaudy and (2) that child needs to be taken to Baby Gap ASAP!

» Posted By Ashley On 26/April/2005 @ 10:33 am

Senate Showdown?

here to swallow my pride and admit I have let myself be lazy and mislead.

I got fed up with you talking about this and went out to get some facts to back up my claim that these judges would be horrible. What I found is that they are anti-socialist and anti-big government. I allowed myself to be lead to believe that they were anti-women’s reproductive rights. But, the only thing I could dig up is that they both have taken the hard line on parental notification bypass. That’s not really the end of the world.

So, I stand corrected on Brown and Owens. However, I did read enough to be scared of some others still.

» Posted By Ashley On 22/April/2005 @ 10:09 am

Economic weaklings

You know, I was just going to watch this. Euroyank is kind of endearing in the way Eric/Kender is endearing-ok, Euroyank amuses me more (in the good way anyway). But, to say we need European allies would have made me belly laugh if it were half as amusing as Euroyank or Eric. You are wrong Mom. We don’t need them-I think that has been proved rather solidly. And, making fun of Europeans has nothing to do with the fact that SOME of them didn’t support us. It is just fun. They went all high and mighty and were due for a little “nyah nyah nyah.”

So…John, say it with me now: FTF!!!!:)

» Posted By Ashley On 20/April/2005 @ 12:10 pm

The long goodbye

What a joke. Basic f’ing sociology explains that as a society advances the birthrates will decline and, incidentially, religion will lessen. But I guess Will doesn’t need knowledge on his side while he has religious bigotry. As Mom pointed out the birthrates in America are falling also.

What I think is particularly amusing is that it isn’t just decling birthrates that are going to cause European society to implode, it is the combination of that with their huge welfare state. I personally don’t agree with the quasi-socialist way they run their countries-but I am sure Jesus would. He would want them to be taking care of the poor I imagine. I think that is a bone Will and others of his ilk ought to chew on before they get up on their soapbox.

» Posted By Ashley On 18/April/2005 @ 1:06 pm

God and Politics

I read this at TWA first but came here to comment because I am not in the mood for being attacked for having a different opinion.

First of all, it is well-known (and often bandyied about when it serves a purpose) that most Americans are Christians. This includes Lefties, liberals, Democrats, or whatever you want to call them. So, they could not possibly be demonizing Christians by trying to block these nominees. Secondly, there are only a handful of nominees that are being blocked-the rest went through. Third, the Right has used the filibuster in the past when it was overpowered too. Both political parties are going to do it to protect their constituency.

Finally, Althouse willfully misinterpreted those two statements. Both mildy chided people who presume to know God’s will. They didn’t mock religion.

John, I seriously hope this isn’t a bandwagon you jump on. Step back for a second-stop looking at the situation in terms of Right and Left, and start looking at how our country could be affected if these judges are confirmed. It just isn’t worth the chance in my mind.

» Posted By Ashley On 17/April/2005 @ 12:59 pm

I’m a star…

you were working that pen weren’t you? Little hungry?

» Posted By Ashley On 13/April/2005 @ 9:18 am

America, F*** Yeah!

Mom-that was my exact same thought-leave it to those guys to make something uncomfortable.

I have not seen the movie yet but that song is purty cool.

» Posted By Ashley On 12/April/2005 @ 8:47 am

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

I think #5 is the prettiest. Michael likes 1,5, &6-oh boy.

» Posted By Ashley On 08/April/2005 @ 1:55 pm

Photo blogging my daily commute

now I am tired – thanks a lot. Half an hour is entirely too much walking. Although, I did like the shop sign that said “OK Shopping.” Have you found “Pretty Decent Shopping” or “Great Shopping” yet?

» Posted By Ashley On 06/April/2005 @ 11:35 pm

Is it just me….

How funny is that. I was just stopping by to see if your lazy butt had posted anything and right before the screen changed to your blog I saw that headline on msn and had to back track to read it and then I come back here and you have posted on it.

Yeah-I would say it is pretty unbelievable. Hope her husband realizes that too.

» Posted By Ashley On 06/April/2005 @ 7:55 am

Social Security: something worse than no reform?

It is likely that most of Avery’s peer group feels that way – because they are in college and this is what they are being taught. When you are in college it is easy to be cavalier with other people’s money (I remember). I have found that the “real world” is a good cure in most cases.

» Posted By Ashley On 30/March/2005 @ 1:34 pm

My day off

If you had to ask how to make spaghetti noodles I don’t think you are ready for the big time cooking:lol:

» Posted By Ashley On 27/March/2005 @ 12:23 pm

Eye candy

I just want to know what the hell is in her hands.

» Posted By Ashley On 23/March/2005 @ 11:35 am

Where I live (politically that is)

Except now looking at the map I was right next to Drew Carey. Looks like I’m a bit north west of you.

» Posted By Ashley On 21/March/2005 @ 9:54 am

Looks like we are neighbors John:mrgreen:

» Posted By Ashley On 21/March/2005 @ 9:53 am

Post toasties


» Posted By Ashley On 21/March/2005 @ 11:19 am

Dam…(Hi Bonnie)…ur, Darn you, John! I had forgotten that you were the one who grilled all the meat when I came over for Sunday dinner and you had to go and remind me. How am I going to make it through the summer without your London Broil? oh, the horror.

» Posted By Ashley On 21/March/2005 @ 10:01 am

Yes, we have no posts

you could blog about Hillary being home!

» Posted By Ashley On 18/March/2005 @ 4:06 pm

Wild night

Mine was Thursday too, Mom. You know, I felt so stupid the next day for tying one on but if my elders can do so can I:razz:

» Posted By Ashley On 15/March/2005 @ 10:24 am

In touch with my feminine side

Vulgarity yes, profanity no…got it:roll:

» Posted By Ashley On 07/March/2005 @ 8:09 am

I am 40% female and 60% male. Didn’t read the rest-wanted to move on-got shit to do:)

» Posted By Ashley On 06/March/2005 @ 4:28 pm

Photos of the LTG villa

Everytime I am in Arlington cars move into my lane – that is nothing new.

The entertainment center and kitchen are kinda Ikia-ish…nifty.

John, at that intersection – it looks like the stairs lead directly into the street and not a sidewalk. If that’s so you may want to avoid walking, at least the car would provide some kind of barrier.

» Posted By Ashley On 01/March/2005 @ 9:01 am

Moving day


this is completely unrelated to anything but I thought you would get a kick out of it and so would anyone else who happened across it:

» Posted By Ashley On 25/February/2005 @ 1:29 pm

Checking in


Don’t get them crap they don’t need. Find an American restaurant in town and treat them to dinner. That is something your boss will appreciate and that he won’t have to find space to store. And, he won’t have to remember to display it whenever you come around. Free advice from a newly married person.

» Posted By Ashley On 24/February/2005 @ 1:54 pm

Well, that’s what I am saying. She may have assumed the awful style her mother had is due to her being Korean and not realized that we all had to go through the awful orange couch phase our parents inflicted on us.

» Posted By Ashley On 24/February/2005 @ 9:52 am

Oddly enough the day after you went to Korea I was at a party and a friend of mine whose mother is Korean was telling someone that Koreans have awful taste and like bright gaudy colors. Of course, this may have something to do with her Mom coming to America during the 70s and she just assumes all Koreans are like that.

» Posted By Ashley On 24/February/2005 @ 8:13 am

One of those kind of nights…

Oh crap,

are you guys poets or are you quoting old songs?

» Posted By Ashley On 23/February/2005 @ 1:28 pm

Not a good start to the day

How ridiculous and insulting that your boss said that the other girl would be wanting to move up (as if you didn’t)and then she dangles the job in front of you as long as you don’t mind waiting for the other girl to move up. Your boss needs some serious people skills.

That being said, don’t blame your boss for thinking you can’t handle it. Blame all of the women who can’t handle it or refuse to handle it and expect to get paid regardless of whether they are working or at home taking care of their sick kid.

» Posted By Ashley On 23/February/2005 @ 10:00 am


Speaking of PMS, better put the level at RED!!
Not only am I PMSing but I have wrinkles on my forehead and two big honking zits on my face. In an effort to feel better I went to a co-worker today and said that when I turn 30 in a few months maybe the zits will go away and I’ll just be left with the wrinkles and the dirty be-atch laughed at me.


» Posted By Ashley On 23/February/2005 @ 1:31 pm

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