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Commenter Kevin asked for this Olbermann link:

“The Republicans and the Tea Partiers will tell you what happens tonight with Scott Brown tonight, whether he wins or comes close, is a repudiation of Obama policies, and surely one of Obama’s policies from the viewpoint of his opponents is that it’s okay to have this sea change in American history, to have an African-American President. Is this vote to any degree just a euphemism the way state’s rights was in the 60s?”

Yep, Keith that explains it alright.  The fact that Obama carried Massachusetts 62% to 36% in the 2008 presidential elections doesn’t mean those Bay State voters aren’t closet racists.  Rather than a repudiation of Obama’s leftist agenda the vote was about keeping the black man down.

Oh and Keith, how’s the weather on your planet?

UPDATE: You must see Jon Stewart’s takedown of Olbermann!

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