Moving forward

Ah geez, been too long since my last post, hasn’t it? Let’s ketchup.

The days are slowly pouring by…

Well, there is work* and it seems to be going pretty well overall.  I’m blessed with an outstanding staff of professionals who work hard and seem to enjoy their jobs.  I’m fortunate to not have to deal with “people issues”.  I treat them right and they respond accordingly.  That’s just simple management 101, I’m no genius.

But having said that, I reckon I’m doing pretty good at what little I do do.  No shit!  People come to us for answers and solutions and we provide them.  We’ve filled some voids for the command and I do believe the leadership appreciates our contributions.  I take a lot of pride in that.

Our new building is a bit of a pain in the ass.  The biggest adjustment for most of us has been getting used to the prohibition on electronic devices in the building.  That means no cell phones and no Fitbit!  God knows I hate losing all the ancillary steps that aren’t recorded during the day.  My poor Fitbit is confused about being locked up at the front entrance and accuses me of taking a nap during the day.  Oh well, these days we all have to be cognizant of OPSEC (operational security) and do our part.

Several of my folks have not physically moved to Pyeongtaek as yet and that commute from Seoul is a killer.  For now at least I’m allowing them to telework 2 days a week, so that helps relieve some of the burden I suppose.  Anyway, we’ll all adjust.

So you may be asking yourself “I thought he was planning on retiring in September?”  I was.  And I still am in the not too distant future.  I’m just going to be flexible in my planning.  As mentioned above I do derive some satisfaction from working and damn, it is hard to walk away from my ridiculous salary and my ridiculously big and paid for house.  I’ve got a goal on how much money I want to have in the bank when I hang it up and I’m making steady progress towards achieving that goal.  Meantime, I’m just going to enjoy the ride and try to decide what my “purpose” will be in life once I retire.  So far the best I’ve come up with is enjoying bay views while I watch the world go on without me.  We’ll see.

Ms. Choe, Song Won is one of my superstars. It was my honor to recognize her with the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service.  (We had to go outside to get a photo.  Everyone’s camera is on their phones these days)

What else?  Well, I’ve had some visitors which is nice.  Joey and Sonja (the newly engaged couple I wrote about here) have moved to Pyeongtaek.  In fact, they wound up renting a place just about across the street from me.  Heh, it’s a small town!  We enjoyed a grilled meat dinner and then I took them on a tour of my favorite bars.  That was a great time.  Last night Jessie, one of my old time Seoul friends, was in town on Army business and he got to enjoy my upstairs guest room.  We had some beers out on the town to facilitate a good night’s sleep of course.

I found a small house with the attractive coffee on one of my walks…

And if you can’t afford the best, this place is very good…

Still enjoying some quality time bicycling on the river…

That was not a bridge too far…

I kept to the straight and narrow. It’s jut the way I roll…

Serious business biking is.

What about my love life?

It’s probably for the best.

Tensions are higher than I’ve ever seen here on the peninsula.  But we’re pulling out our big guns…

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I’d still rather be here than in the USA.  Much easier to avoid the silly PC social justice warriors.  I have zero tolerance for that bullshit.

Well, they will be well-suited for future employment with Google I suppose…

I was just talking to the moon, hoping someday soon that I’d be over the memory of you. Too hard to hold on…

*  The views expressed here at LTG are my own and are written on my own time and dime.  My opinions are not sanctioned or endorsed by my employer and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the United States Government.  What are the odds?

5 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Trying to avoid the silly PC justice warriors? Well the army is the wrong place for that. Full of PC. That’s why a guy can’t legally go to the Ville and buy some companionship for the night. OMG that poor human-trafficked girl. Peace out!

  2. Love that Onion pic. Speaking of moving in intellectual lockstep: have you seen rightie artist Sabo’s take on Google’s “diversity” problem? Here.

    In other news… how long do you think it’ll take you to reach your money-saving goal? (I suspect you’re actually dragging your feet when it comes to leaving Korea. So stay!)

  3. Soju, you are right of course about the PC army. We even had a transgender recognition day just before the President dropped the hammer. But it seems that everyone is getting along for the most part. You can choose to play along or ignore, but as long as everyone is treated with respect (as they should be) we don’t have controversy.

    As to the prostitution it’s been pretty much eradicated here in the ville. The only places where it appears likely is the singing rooms and I’m told they don’t let foreigners in. Haven’t had a massage down here yet…

  4. Yeah, I saw the Google take down. It really cracks me up that lefties are buying up copies of Orwell’s 1984 and not realizing that their shit is precisely what he was warning against. Ah well.

    I should reach my financial goals by the end of the year. I’m not consciously dragging my feet and there are things that make my Korean life less than ideal. But if I carry my unresolved issues with me to the PI, then all I will have changed is the venue of my dissatisfaction. We’ll see.

  5. If I meet a girl in the Ville and she wants $200 to spend the night with her and I give her $200 I would say that’ s very respectful (as we all should be). Peace out!

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