Getting settled

Here’s how my Monday went down.

Right on schedule, my washer and dryer were delivered at 0830. I was told it would be an American combo. Well, LG ain’t American…

…but they are American style.

Once the delivery was completed I headed on in to work for my first day in the new building.  Alas, my computer has still not been hooked into the network nor has my phone been activated.  Even for a government employee, that makes it hard to get things done. So I took care of some other business.  Went to the medical clinic pharmacy for some refills on my inhalers.

Yes, I’m sorry to report that I’m still dealing with my lung issues.  It was better for awhile, and still not as bad as it was, but last night I had a pretty tough coughing fit.  The inhaler helps, but I’ve found that the nebulizer brings more comfort.  Out of juice though and no refills left on my prescription.

Seeing as how I wasn’t going to get much done with no computer/phone, I took some sick leave and went off to find a Korean doctor.  I did, and his name is Dr. Kim.  Go figure.  In the manner of Korean medicine to which I’ve grown accustomed, I was granted all of 3 minutes of face time with the doc.  Dr. Kim:  Nice to meet you.  What’s the problem?  Me: COPD.  I need a refill on my nebulizer juice.  Showed him the prescription.  He types into the computer and shows me an inhaler.  Nope, got those.  I need the liquid to go into my nebulizer machine.  Oh, he says.  So he gives me a prescription for 3 bottles of juice.  The pharmacy only had two in stock, so I took them.  Maybe they’ll help, maybe they won’t.  But it gives some peace of mind having them if I needed..

Then a man came and installed my new bidet.  Woot!

There is some comfort in that and that pleases me.

Then I found a dry cleaner around the corner and dropped off my clothes.

Next the washer/dryer installer came and installed the dryer.  He left me to my own devices on the washer.  That fiasco is worthy of a post of it’s own.  Look for it tomorrow!

I did do laundry.  And fired up the grill.

It’ll do.

Feels like being back home. Wherever the hell that might be.

Oh, and I met the neighbor across the street.

He didn’t have much to say though…

Finished the evening at IDK bar.  I guess I’m achieving regular status there as they all remembered me from Saturday night darts.  I told the bartender everyone keeps asking me what “IDK” stands for and I tell them I don’t know.  So they said I should ask.  What does it stand for?  She told me “I don’t know”.  I guess no one does.

Ah, and here it is 10:00 p.m. and the sound of Taps is filling the air.  They sure do blast it out from the Army base. Must be telling me it is time for bed.


4 thoughts on “Getting settled

  1. John
    Been following you daily, keep it up. Seems like typical folly to move you for 4 months been retired now 4 months
    No regrets.

  2. Thanks, Jerry. Glad it is going well for you. Yes, but I was going to have to move sooner or later, and sooner made more sense. So here I am!

  3. Get used to the free housing and maybe decide to stay around couple. More years!!

  4. Nope, not gonna happen Samson. Don’t know how many good years I’ve got left, but I don’t want to spend them behind a desk. No later than December I’m outta here.

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