Fuck that

Fucking hilarious.

Had the pleasure of being treated to dinner at Casablanca in HBC last night with my friend and renowned blogger Kevin Kim. I wasn’t very good company I’m afraid because I experienced a coughing fit that lasted throughout the fucking meal.  Kevin was gracious about it, and I also appreciated his encouragement as I struggled up the hill to my villa. It was a really fucked up situation.

Today I’ve felt mostly fine, not sure what the fuck is up with that.  If I’m not fully recovered when this round of meds is completed I am going to have to get more assertive about finding out just what the fuck is wrong with me.  Kevin sent me a link to pneumonia symptoms, but given the tests I have had done I’m thinking that’s not it.  I hope the fuck I’m right.

Tomorrow is inauguration day and I’m sure liberal heads will be exploding across our fair nation. I suggest putting that anger into meaningful action! Why the fuck not?

And no, I’m not serious.  I want all my liberal countrymen to stick around and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.  No fucking way he can be worse than Hillary, right?

I wish the fuck I could learn to be more tolerant though…

I’m off to Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek at 0700 tomorrow.  They say we are in for snow tonight, but the Captain I talked to said the bus would roll regardless.  The Army always goes rolling along after all.  Fuckin’ A!


3 thoughts on “Fuck that

  1. You had asked, last night, about the prospects for Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election, and I’d told you that, so far, François Fillon, the moderate Republican (and prime minister under Sarkozy), was in front. Apparently, that news is out of date (assuming, as always, that polls can be trusted). If Le Pen does win, we could be looking at a Frexit, and that’s going to throw the EU’s economy into chaos because it’ll only be Germany left at the wheel of a rapidly disintegrating ship—left to deal with lazy, warm-weather, no-work-ethic siesta cultures like Greece et al.

    If my off-the-cuff diagnosis of pneumonia turns out to the right, you owe me a meat-filled dinner at Ta Bom.

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