“Dukey” Vita

So last night was the going away party for Duke at Dolce Vita. In his honor we renamed the bar Dukey Vita.

Bottom line, we ate some good food, drank copious amounts of booze, and threw a bunch of darts. Rather than bore you with my written account of the evening, I will bore you with my photographic record of the events as they transpired. Here we go:


Duke and his sweetheart Ji Young.


Duke is the one who brought me into the dart league and really helped me improve my game. Sometimes now (a lot more than he likes) I kick his ass. And even when I don’t he has to work hard to win. Thanks for the lessons Duke.


And thanks for introducing me to your girlfriend. She shore is purty….


And if you don’t like me hugging on your girl, whatcha gonna do about it?


Lonnie made that tasty con queso dip. Jim made the spinach dip that everyone loved. I brought some deli cuts (ham/turkey/roast beef) and baked a carrot cake.


Duke, Lonnie and Jim chowing down


Duke and my coworker Corine.


I’m pretty sure Ji Young won’t like this photo, but it is part of a series. She goes from this…


to this…


to this. She recovered rather quickly though and was soon back in full party mode….


Lonnie was having a good time…


Duke and Grant. Not sure why Grant was practicing his Nazi salute…


one of the “hash house harriers” joined the party…


Corine was a good sport to hang in there with a bunch of drunk dart players…


Ji Young giving Duke some flowers. He is not going to San Francisco however. He’s on his way to Fort Drum, New York. Heard they had 110 inches of snow up there this week…


No Duke, we said stick the flowers up your….


Friday night Ji Young broght her brother, aunt and sister-in-law to Dolce. They didn’t speak much English, but the sister-in-law told Ji Young I looked like KFC. That’s like ten times that has happened to me now. I am either going to have to start taking it as a compliment or lose some weight. Kamsamnida!


Corine gets the obligatory hug from Duke….


….and seems joyous about having survived to live another day.


Song Hee and Hae Lee took good care of us all night. Thanks!


Coincidentally, Gina from Bless U was celebrating her birthday. She brought her entourage by and we merged parties for awhile.


I got Gina a hug (and a box of chocolates) for her birthday.


I think she liked my hug better….


Gina also brought along her bar’s dart league team…the Blessed Bulls. We have a friendly rivalry and will be playing each other in two weeks…


What the hell?


We had a little impromptu dart tourney…


And me and Scott took Craig and Colin down for first place. Craig is proudly displaying his second place winnings…


My friend Cindy who is going through some sad times right now.


Geez Duke, get a room!

Well, that was pretty much the going away gig. Everyone had a great time I think. Duke’s farewell tour continues today with the BUD Challenge League Tourney. I will also learn today whether I am the league champion. I am two legs ahead of Jin who has to play three legs against Rick this afternoon. He sweeps, he wins. Two legs forces a playoff. We shall see.

Tomorrow will be Duke’s last SIDL game with Take it Easy. Thursday is Duke’s last night in Korea and we are all heading out to the new Hooters for his farewell dinner. I really hate to see him go, but such is life in Korea.

I left Dolce around 1 and stopped into Debut, my favorite after hours bar for a beer and some Korean eye candy…


That’s Ji Young who had DJ duty last night. Ain’t she sweet?

I was sitting at the bar next to a New Zealander pacifist (is that redundant?). He wanted to talk politics so I indulged him for awhile. His world view is of course that America is evil and the root cause of all that is wrong. He actually advocated that Bush be assasinated. Seemed a little inconsistent with his professed belief in non-violence. I tried to talk some sense into him to no avail. The conversation ended when I called him a pussy who was unwilling to fight to defend the freedoms he enjoys in a western society. I told him not to worry because it was likely the USA that he despises would be there to bail out New Zealand when the Islamofascists come calling to impose Sharia law. What a fuckin’ weasel he was.

Oh well. So ended another night in Itaewon.

2 thoughts on ““Dukey” Vita

  1. Nice! I am quite glad that we made it over there for some late night darts…if you can call what we did darts. More like a bunch of really drunk guys throwing randomly at a fuzzy target while hoping for the best.

    Good times and looking forward to next week!

  2. About the Kiwi…LOL at that!

    God I love talking with libs – most of em don’t know their ass from their elbow and keep spouting off the catchphrase of the day.

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