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Just to let you know all is well. Last night I went with my realtors to make sure my villa has been furnished appropriately, or at least in accordance with my understanding, and it was. I was really worried about what kind of furniture the landlord would pick out because I have discerned certain cultural differences in things like color coordination and furniture style. The landlord did all right. Not what I would have picked, but I can work with it. I despise the chrome and glass coffee table, but I’m hoping Mrs. LTG will consent to send me a tapestry or two she purchased during our recent trip to Istanbul. A rug for the LR floor, some pictures for the wall, and I’ll have it feeling like home or a reasonable facsimile thereof in no time. I’ll be posting lots of photos, so stay tuned.

After work today (and I am very busy at work right now) I am going to the BX to equip the villa with the necessities of life. Oh, and I need to get over to KT (Korean Telephone) for my basic phone service and Internet connection. I am hoping I can be hooked up by Friday when I move in, but if not I may be out of touch for a couple of days.

Tonight is my last night in this hotel! I am so damned excited about that.

Saturday afternoon I will be attending my boss’s wedding. Still haven’t found a gift, but I will probably just pick up a vase or something lame like that. It may be sexist, but I really am lost without Mrs. LTG when it comes to the social graces. The Korean tradition is to give money as a wedding gift, and that really makes a lot of sense. If it weren’t my boss I might do that, but I just can’t get over the cultural (and ethical) hurdles associated with giving money to the person who evaluates my performance.

Well I should have some interesting blog material coming soon what with the move and the wedding and the shopping. Until then….

8 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Oddly enough the day after you went to Korea I was at a party and a friend of mine whose mother is Korean was telling someone that Koreans have awful taste and like bright gaudy colors. Of course, this may have something to do with her Mom coming to America during the 70s and she just assumes all Koreans are like that.

  2. I’m not Korean and yet you have made similar allegations about my taste. I guess you would attribute my lack of taste to the 70s too. 🙂

  3. Well, that’s what I am saying. She may have assumed the awful style her mother had is due to her being Korean and not realized that we all had to go through the awful orange couch phase our parents inflicted on us.

  4. John,

    Don’t get them crap they don’t need. Find an American restaurant in town and treat them to dinner. That is something your boss will appreciate and that he won’t have to find space to store. And, he won’t have to remember to display it whenever you come around. Free advice from a newly married person.

  5. Good luck with the gift – unless someone is registered at a store I never know what to get. Especially a boss, that’s a tough one. However, Ashley’s idea seems good to me.

  6. I am going to send you and email…so far I havent had any luck..Let me know if you receive it….Mom

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