Ah, that Carolina lifestyle

Of all the places I have lived, I must say none was more laid back than South Carolina. The living is easy here. Just a comfortable place to be in the world.

It is such a trip to see my “little girl” walking around in maternity clothes. I mean, I haven’t gotten any older and here she is with child at the tender age of 29. What’s going on with that? And Kevin is getting married on July 30. So, I guess the first thing I will do when I start my new job in Korea is ask for some vaction time. Love it!

Have an appointment to put the deposit on the lot tomorrow. Mom and Dad are going to love living here and we are going to make the move for them as easy as possible. So stop worrying Dad!

Carol has an “emergency” at work, so we will leave tomorrow afternoon so she can go to work on a federal holiday. It’s a crock in my view, but if she feels the need to be there she will be there. Anyway, I am not going to let it spoil my visit now. Which reminds me, why am I up here when I should be downstairs being socialable? No, I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted.

And one last thing. Have you noticed how I can switch from a political rant to folksy family news without missing a beat? Yep, you just never know what to expect next at LTG.


9 thoughts on “Ah, that Carolina lifestyle

  1. I commend you on your love for your family. Too many times in this day and age people are not taking care of their parents. It is so nice and heart warming to hear the love you have for your parents and your family. Your family seem very close and mirror the all American family of Ozie and Harriet. With your new adventure to Korea, how do you plan to keep your family close?

  2. My dear Son…I guess being old causes Time gaps as well as memory loss….I thought Our Girl was 27….My memory or a typo? … Anyway it seems only recently that we stood in the hospital in Westminster awaiting her arrival…What a blessing and delight she has been….Now we await ..My great granddaughter and your first grandchild….LOVE MOM

  3. No, she is definitely 29. I have always been 20 years older than she is. We reserved your lot on the lake. Walked through a Columbia under construction. Its gonna be nice!

    Cherish, thanks for the comment. I guess we will all stay in touch via the Internet. Being gone will be hard, but it will go quickly I’m sure.

  4. Dad, it was great to see you and Carol over the weekend. We had a great time hanging out together one last time before you begin your adventure. Lynn adores you and thinks you are the funniest guy in the world! We all love you and will miss you…thank goodness for LTG to help bridge that huge distance gap between us while you are gone! I love you.

  5. OK, I live down near the Charleston area but a bit north of Charleston itself. I like it here myself. it’s like many places it has its goods and bads but I consider it home for now:)

  6. I was reading the blogs and kinda felt left out. I just wanted to say happy trails on your journey John. Its trips like these that make a person realize what they’re really made of. Your entire comfort zone is gone and that’s when you really get down to life. Where everything is new and exciting, it’s kinda hard to explain! You will be in my world for a while, hundreds of miles away from anything you’ve ever known. I took the road less traveled and it has made all the difference! I hope you have a similar experience. See you this summer God bless and you are in my heart and my prayers always!

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