What’s up doc?

Back to Soonchunwhang hospital this morning to deal with my leg issue.  The hilarious Dr. Yu was not available, but the affable Dr. Joe was there to assist.  After describing what had happened, he opined that it was either a back issue or something muscular.

Well, I don’t think it is my back.  And I’ve had a similar, although not as severe, issue with my leg in the past.  I asked Dr. Joe to review my medical history from a couple of years ago and see what  Dr. Yu had prescribed.  He did, and I walked out with a prescription for muscle relaxants and pain meds.  Oh, and a shot in my ass as well.

Hopefully this will carry me through my holiday vacation plans.

4 thoughts on “What’s up doc?

  1. Hope not. Actually, I don’t have any pain in the back at all. Just the left leg…

  2. Might want to rule out the possibility of sciatica. This all sounds gloriously neurological to me. (Of course, any pain you feel—and that’s all pain—is inevitably neurological!)

  3. Yeah, it very possibly could be. Feels better today, but that might just be the pain meds talking. Will reevaluate once I’m back from the Phils…

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