What would an evacuation of Korea look like?

Not pretty.

We (USFK) actually practice evacuating non-essentials twice a year.  It works pretty well on paper. I’m no expert but I also know the real world scenario would likely mean nothing going as planned.

I would definitely be more inclined to “shelter in place” than attempt to flee.  I’m guessing my designated evacuation point is already on the list on North Korean artillery targets.  And as the linked article notes, all roads south would be gridlocked anyway (hell, they get that way on major holidays).  And I seriously doubt the Korean bus drivers will be showing up to transport miguks when their own family members are at risk.

So, there ain’t much point in worrying about it, is there?

One thought on “What would an evacuation of Korea look like?

  1. IMO, with the amount of dependents over here now, a real NEO would be a logistical nightmare, especially if the sh*t hit the fan real quick.

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