What a week

The week ended like it had begun.

Against the advice of the vast majority of my friends, I stayed in the fight for Loraine’s heart.  She was clearly conflicted and torn between two loves.  We did a three hour video chat Saturday morning, and when we finished Loraine said she wanted to share a life with me.

I was ecstatic and throughout the remainder of the day we exchanged messages about our future plans and she said several times how happy she was.  I even joked about how every Saturday we were in love again but from now on every day would be Saturday. We were going to meet in Hong Kong next week to celebrate our love.

And then late last night she sent me a message.  “I’m sorry, I love Kev more than you” . And then she blocked me on Facebook.

I walked right into that sucker punch again.  And it hurts.  But, at least now I know I did everything in my power to fight for the love I had discovered in my heart.  And I lost the fight.  But at least now I have closure. I wish Loraine and Kev all that they deserve in the future.

I averaged over 20,000 steps each day this week trying to calm my emotions, including a three hour trek to Pyeongtaek this morning.  In the good news department I’ve now lost over 12 pounds in a week.  I don’t recommend the broken heart diet plan however.

This too shall pass.

4 thoughts on “What a week

  1. Duuuuuude. You were warned, again and again, by many different sympathetic parties. Based on what happened the first time with Loraine, it was obvious, to those of us outside the situation, that there was no fundamental trust there. If you don’t have any trust, you can’t have love. While I’ve seen some well-intended folks argue on Loraine’s behalf, the fact remains that her confusion doesn’t add up to trustworthiness. So, now you’re free! Go find someone worthy of you, and leave Loraine to her… Kev. Always a new horizon, my friend.

    Side note: I find that anger and sadness are both fantastic for weight loss. It’s when I’m happy and bubbly that the potential for sin is greatest.

  2. I wish you would blog something else more interesting than talking too much about yourself and the stupidity you have with Loraine..she is just playing with you and you seem did not learn your lesson…I pity you John…wish you would move on with this soon.

  3. Kevin, absolutely. I went for it because I was convinced she was making a mistake and if she could understand my true feelings she would see that. I was foolish to believe in her, but at least now I can be at peace with outcome.

    Widow, sorry to disappoint you. There should not be any more posts about Loraine int future. This blog though seems to be about me and my stupidity in general. So I’m afraid there is more of that to come.

  4. Well good thing John is you are still capable of loving and fighting for it despite of your being heart- broken and being vocal on no-love policy….and I can relate to such feeling of being thrown away by someone you love and trying to win him back to convince him I was the better choice…it pass..it will John..

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