Tuesday sucks

And I blame it on Monday.


But back to Monday.  As regular readers might recall I’ve been running the Dillinger’s dart tourney on Monday night.  Which is no big deal since I’d be playing in it regardless.  Last night we had a dart league meeting immediately preceding the tournament, and it ran over so we started about 45 minutes late.  And as sometimes happens the matches seemed to all run long.  So by the time the finals rolled around it was midnight.  That 0530 alarm was ringing in my head and I was in danger of missing the last bus home.  Having qualified for the finals, I suggested to the other team that we split the pot 50-50 and call it a night (the pot was W100,000; divided 60/40 for first and second place).  One of the guys said let’s play the first game anyway.  I responded that I didn’t care about the W10,000 so we’d just go ahead and give them the first place money outright.  I was explaining this to my partner and the other guy started screaming “It’s not my problem you have to get up at 5:30 so stop being an asshole by trying to make me out to be a dick!”.  Well, I figured he was doing a perfectly fine job of being a dick all on his own, so I just handed him his W60,000.  And he declined to accept more than W50,000.  So I still can’t figure out what his anger was all about, but it was a buzz killer.

I did in fact miss the last bus, and arrived home by cab shortly before 0100 in a foul mood. Was rude to the wife and went straight to bed.  I woke up tired when the alarm rang and was tired all day long.  Now I’ve apologized to the wife, had a nap, ate some baby back ribs along with corn-on-the-cob, and wrote this post.  Starting to feel like I’m getting back to normal.

Wednesday will be a much finer day, I’m sure of it.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday sucks

  1. What the hell is it with so many dart people (not you, of course) acting like over-delicate little pussies? Bet you could take him in a bar fight.

  2. Ha, I’m a lover not a fighter. The sad thing is he is associated with the only bar doing Friday night darts, so given my reluctance to engage with dickheads I’m going to have to find a new activity to start my weekend.

    As to your question, I honestly don’t know. I’m sure alcohol plays a part, but I suspect assholes are assholes regardless of the endeavor they pursue.

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