Too funny!

My reader(s) know me all to well apparently.

I was catching up with Jenn over at “I’ve got 2 shoes” and she had a post mentioning that my blog had “disappeared”. Not disappeared in the sense that I haven’t posted jack shit in weeks, but disappeared in the sense that you could not reach it through the mysterious vagracies of those Internets. She updated to say that my blog was back (again, meaning accessible). There was one comment on Jenn’s post:

i was able to get into Long Time Gone’s blog but nothing has been updated. I think John is in another of his moods.

Well and aptly put NYinKorea!

I can’t leave comments at “I got 2 Shoes”. No, I haven’t been banned. Just that google ID thing won’t work for me. I mean I got one and all, but either I don’t remember something or I am just too stupid for Blogger. Sorta like when I was asked “are you really that ignorant or are you just apathetic?” I replied “I don’t know and I don’t care”.

ba da bing.

So, this makes two posts in two days. And who says quantity don’t beat quality?

Let’s see how long it takes someone to notice I really am back.

5 thoughts on “Too funny!

  1. Well John for one the nyinkorea was me. Since Jenn was worried I thought I would soothe her mind. Secondly, something is better nothing.

  2. Should have known it was you Duke! Didn’t know you read Jenn’s blog too…

    Good to see you are still around here. Merry Christmas!

  3. John: Said.
    “Let’s see how long it takes someone to notice I really am back.”

    Let’s hope that someone recognizes who that someone-is and will never play this game again.

  4. Welcome Back John! I’ve been keeping track and am glad to see you’re back! Happy New Year!

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