The way we were

So, Facebook has this feature where they take a post you made at some point in your FB history and repost it so you can “see your memories”.  Mine invariably feature a smiling picture of Jee Yeun.  Thanks FB, but I can remember well enough on my own.

And today that story I didn’t tell about the Chinese gal on Friday night took a strange turn. Here’s what happened.  Qian (pronounced “Chen” as far as I can tell) has been known to frequent Shenanigans now and again.  I met her there several months ago.  I guess the general consensus is she’s a little crazy, as in whacked.  She earned that reputation because apparently one night she sat in the bar crying.  For hours and hours.  I wasn’t there that night, but I did observe her crying once and I asked her what was wrong.  She said “nothing, I’m happy”.  Alrighty then.

I’ve chatted with her a bit.  Her spoken English isn’t so good, so there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about.  She was looking for an English tutor so I put her in touch with my nephew.  Supposedly he’ll start working with her next month.  Qian found me on Kakao and one day out of the blue started messaging me all about her problems with a guy she likes.  No idea why people come to me for relationship advice, unless they plan to do the opposite of what I say.  I’m a four time loser after all.

And then on Friday she sent a message asking me if I’d like to meet up in Haebangchon at the “V” club.  Never had been there but she said they have live music and darts.  It sounded like a good change of pace from my usual routine and so I said “sure, why not?”

We were supposed to meet a 9:00 and I got there a few minutes early.  As usual, I was by far the oldest person in the bar.  She sent a message at 9 saying she’d arrive at 9:30.  She wound up getting there at 10:00.  Luckily, a guy I know from work came in and we had a very nice chat which passed the time.

So, I ordered Qian a drink and she left the bar and sat down at a table near the stage.  I said my goodbyes to my friend and went over and joined her.  The live music was really more of an open mike kinda thing.  But both of the performers were quite talented and engaged the audience in banter.  It was pretty enjoyable actually.

Shortly before midnight the guys put their guitars away.  I asked Qian what she wanted to do next and she told me she needed to go home (she lives in Hongdae).  I said okay and went to pay the tab and take a leak.  When I returned I asked her if she was ready and she told me she was going to stay awhile longer.  The implication being pretty clear she meant without me to cramp her style.  I’d noticed her eyeing one of the younger bucks in the joint.  So I said goodnight and left.  Yes, I thought it was pretty rude but then again I had no romantic expectations either.  I decided on my walk home that would be the last time I shared my company with her.  I figured the feeling was probably mutual so I didn’t expect to hear from her again.

And then today during my lunchtime sojourn I get a disconcerting Kakao message:

“John, it is Qian.  Maybe the police will ask you things about me. You just tell the truth and it is ok.”

My reaction was WTF?  So I asked “why would the police ask me about you?”

She responded: “I had some trouble with some guy.  But I’m ok”

I told her she needs to be more careful and she said “And I have to say what I did last Friday.  So I was in the bar with you. And they just wrote your number.  It is not related to you.  Anyway, sorry.”

As I was stewing over what that meant, she sends another message “you were there till you leave later.  They may ask you this.”

Well, that’s true of course.  I was there until I left.  Alone.

I asked her if she could tell me what happened.  She just said “it is ok.  I’m ok.  Sorry, don’t worry”.

So I have no idea what is going on.  Did she get raped?  Did she steal from some guy?  Something else totally off the wall?  Who knows.

I guess I’ll just count myself lucky that I left when I did.  I think this gal is nothing but trouble, and trouble is not what I’m looking for.





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  1. Listen to your Spider sense. She sounds like an attention whore who thrives like a vampire on male solicitude. Ignore her texts. Stay away from her haunts. This one is toxic.

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