The only thing worse than getting older…

…is the alternative.

Saw the urologist today and explained through the cute female translator that yes, I’m peeing less frequently at night now and indeed, my volume is pert near equivalent to a fire hose. He seemed pleased and prescribed me an additional 60 days of medication (a total of 4 pills taken each night after dinner).

So I take my blood pressure meds in the morning, along with my COPD inhalation regimen. And before bedtime, I do an allergy tablet and more COPD powder sucked into the lungs. Put it all together and it looks something like this:

My own personal pharmacy. Ain’t life grand?

Now tomorrow I’m back to Good Morning Hospital for my complete physical examination featuring the joy of endoscopy and the unique thrill of a colonoscopy.

The fun begins tonight at 8 pm when I begin drinking the juice that will clear my bowels of all lingering excrement. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

It could get interesting if the plumber who is supposed to be on his way doesn’t get my running water to run. Thankfully, I discovered that the unoccupied upstairs portion of my palace apparently has a separate water line, as I was able to shower there this morning. Oh shit! I better go see if that is still working. BRB. WooHoo! It is. Set the faucets on slow drip. If need be, I will sleep up there near a functioning toilet. Because tonight, shit is gonna get real around here.

Oh, and one more thing. GET OFF MY LAWN!

2 thoughts on “The only thing worse than getting older…

  1. With the amount you walk, you shouldn’t even BE on blood-pressure meds. I’m on such meds because I don’t walk nearly enough—you’ve been showing me up for the past six or seven months.

  2. well, I’ve been on the blood pressure meds for going on two years. I used to be in the high 150s, now I’m in the mid 130s. It’s one pill every morning and if it saves me from a stroke, why not? It might be interesting though to see if stopping the meds makes a difference. I’ll think about it…

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