The last dance

We danced to the song we always do as a duet at the norebang--"It's the end of the world"....

We danced to the song we always do as a duet at the norebang–“It’s the end of the world”….

On Christmas morning Jee Yeun told me she was unhappy in our marriage.  I asked her if she was willing to work on making things better.  She told me “no, not really”.

For the next few days things seemed fine and I was thinking maybe she had reconsidered. But on Tuesday she said “I’ll help you find an apartment in Itaewon if you want”.  I asked her what her plans were and she said she wants to move to the “countryside”.*  Apparently, she already has a house in mind there.

It’s all very surreal.  She professes to still love me and I believe her.  I think she knows how much I truly love her as well.  She just wants a different life and in her pragmatic way she has chosen to pursue it without me.

She told me she wanted to be with me for New Year’s Eve last night.  And so for the first time in several months she joined me in Itaewon at Dolce Vita Pub.  We had spent many happy nights there during our courtship.

The picture in this picture was taking six years ago or so...

The picture in this picture was taken six years ago or so…

It was an enjoyable, but bittersweet, evening.  I just can’t imagine what my life is going to be without her in it.  And I have a good imagination.

* “countryside” means somewhere some three hours south near where her Aunt lives.  Jee Yeun says she’s happy there.

3 thoughts on “The last dance

  1. John,

    Shocking news. I wasn’t sure whether this was a joke at first, but I’m gonna guess this is the real thing. That’s a hell of a blog post with which to start the new year, and I’m sorry to learn this is happening. I imagine that, sometime later this year, this impending separation will be formalized as a divorce. My condolences. Sincerely.

    Will the peninsula still hold any charm or interest for you? Where will you go from here? I realize it may be unfair to ask you that question, especially in a public forum like a blog, given that you haven’t really had the chance to think about this turn of events.

    Anyway, I’m on break, and am not planning on going anywhere, except maybe to Yeosu for a few days, starting around January 15. If you want to hang and blow off steam for a bit, please look me up.

  2. As Kevin said, shocking news and I too, was hoping for punch line. Very sorry to hear this.

  3. Thanks for the support guys.

    No idea what the future holds at this point. Going to take it slow and see what if any options might arise.

    I’m glad I found out here in Korea, not sure I could have handled this news in the states where my life already sucked. And Jee Yeun is being sweet and supportive which is her nature, even during this heart-breaking transition. So it could be much worse I suppose.

    There’s lots I still don’t understand, although what comfort there may be in understanding is anyone’s guess. I’ll keep keeping on until I find my way.

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