SOFA so good

Just got word that I have been approved for Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) visa status.  That was the last remaining hurdle to my impending employment in the ROK.

Now I just have to wait on an official offer letter from the company.  The guy I’m replacing hasn’t given an end date yet, and the offer letter won’t be issued until he does.  I’m chomping at the bit to get back though so I hope I don’t encounter any horseshit.  (Heh, kind of a mixed metaphor but both are equine related, so buck off!)

Anyway, my spirits are high at the moment.  Lots to get done before I depart, now maybe I’ll feel motivated to get off my ass and get it done.

4 thoughts on “SOFA so good

  1. As the naughty sheep-masters would say, “Come grab ewe elations!” You’re that much further along in the process. May you have a job upon your triumphant return.

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