Shit’s gettin’ real

Scheduled my household goods packout for 11 May.  I don’t have much, basically just clothes, dishes and appliances.

Now I’ve got to find a place to park my meager possessions in Pyeongtaek.  I’ll make a trip down there on Tuesday and try to finalize a deal.  The issue is my short time remaining in Korea (around 4 months) doesn’t make me an attractive renter to most landlords.  I’m sure I’ll find something.

Life is changing, come what May.

3 thoughts on “Shit’s gettin’ real

  1. have you considered putting your household goods in storage and living in a hotel for that short a time? peace out!

  2. That’s an option I suppose, but not one I’d like. I prefer cooking at home to eating out for one thing. Anyway, I’ll have a better idea after meeting with my realtor on Tuesday…

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