Scenes from my beautiful life

It’s not all gloom and doom all the time here at LTG. There are some good moments too.

This came in the mail from my sweet granddaughter Sydney. She really loves me. Or pizza. One of those….

Had a wonderful lunch with the staff at the Hwa Hwa restaurant in Anjeong-ri. My work family is a constant source of joy in my life.

The food was excellent too!

And today I tackled a new mountain–Younginsan, about 20 minutes drive from the house….

Nice trails…

…and much like my old friend Namsan, a stairway to the summit.

Made it to the peak without much trouble. Air not as clear as last weekend, but the view was still awesome…

Rafael, a friend from work, was my tour guide once again…

I wonder what this looks like in summertime?

This looks like a pretty cool cabin to camp out in…if I could only find a date.

Anyway, this is the best hiking I’ve done since I left Seoul. Really enjoyable and there are many more trails on this mountain to explore. I have my new Saturday routine now!

The Hwa Hwa restaurant reminded me of my first Korean girlfriend, Se Hwa. I came across this old picture of us from 2007 and it made me smile.

Exactly 90 days left in my working life. A brand new beautiful life is on the horizon. I’m looking forward to that.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from my beautiful life

  1. Looks like a great trail (or “trial,” whatever). How long did it take to reach the top?

    As for that awesome ice formation: you definitely have to come back when things are starting to warm up. All that ice is going to become a torrent. I’ve seen this on Namsan (and I’m sure you have, too); the change is pretty spectacular, even on a small mountain.

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