Rollin’ on the river

Weather warmed up to a almost sweltering 1 degree today, so I decided to head out for walk on the Hangang.  About five steps out the door it started spitting snow, but what the hell, I was well bundled up.  It felt damn good to be out again!

Started with a hearty steak and egg breakfast before hitting the road…

A snowy morning on the river…

…but like a good boy scout I came prepared.

Nice ice!

Better to be walking than driving I suppose.

And came back home to the wonderful smell of a pot roast cooking in the crock pot…

All told, 21,000+ steps in just over 3 hours.  Longest walk since 3 December.  I was tired but it felt good.  And it seemed like maybe I had turned the page on this illness.

Went to the bar this evening and had a coughing fit.  Calmed that down with a couple of Hot Toddy’s.   Then about the time I started walking home I experienced that shortness of breath thing.  Made for an uncomfortable walk home, that’s for sure.  Did a nebulizer treatment and now I feel much better.

Nothing really matters to me…

My lunar new year holiday is over, so it’s back to work for me bright and early in the morning.  Thanks for dropping in!

4 thoughts on “Rollin’ on the river

  1. John long time with the cruds. Hope you get better soon. I envy your dedication to weight loss. I retired last month and home in Colorado Springs. No regrets on that devision.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Jerry. Good luck to you and a well earned happy retirement!

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