Which is French for “random shit I posted on Facebook this week”.

So, this is where I come down on the bullshit in Charlottesville…


Having said that, the extreme left is every bit as bad if not worse…

And this kind of racism is what causes Charlottesville…

Two years ago I achieved “regular” status at Shenanigans…

Two 4 star generals on peninsula to sort things out…I do believe Trump has called Kim Jung Un’s bluff.

My daughter and son circa 1983 or so. Captures their personalities quite well. They are about the only thing left that I love in this world…

…because no it does not.

And that’s about it from here for now.

5 thoughts on “Potpourri 

  1. What about holding a Confederate flag John? Can we be allowed to do that? Apparently many, including your former governor Niki Haley don’t think so. Can we be allowed to have statues honoring Confederate generals? Many mayors and city council’s have decided no, they must be taken down. A while back there was talk of renaming Army posts that were named after Southern generals. Where does it end? Must every last vestige of Southern history be erased? Peace out!

  2. Soju, I support States rights and I certainly do not believe in erasing our nation’s history. Many of the men on the Confederate statues did not even own slaves, they were fighting to defend their state. It is unfortunate that the Confederate battle flag has become a symbol of hatred, but that cannot be denied. If you want to honor Southern history, fly the Confederate national flag.

    Those punks giving Nazi salutes are pathetic. Those punks in Antifa are every bit as bad. Americans should be able to disagree on issues without engaging in violence.

  3. Kevin, yes it is poorly drawn. Or maybe it is meant to say “for pussies who can’t let go of the past even time won’t heal a broken heart…”

    Anyway, I’m being facetious. The heart is better than ever and safely locked away from future harm…

  4. For someone who claims to be against political correctness you sure seem to want. to fall in line. I am a Roman Catholic who wears a cross around.my neck. The same cross the KKK uses. Do I now take it off because some have distorted it’s image? Peace out!

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