Pizza school

Back in high school I worked part time at a local pizza joint.  But it’s been a long time since I’ve actually created a pizza.  Last night I made two.

As is typical for my Friday night I played in the Dolce Vita dart tournament.  Somewhat less typically I was knocked out in the third round.  Normally, I leave shortly after I’m done playing but last night in the absence of the bar owner I was running the tourney.  Which gave me some additional time to sit and drink beer.  And then the bar owner’s wife brought over some shots as her way of saying thanks for doing the tournament.  When it was all over someone (probably me) had the bright idea of inviting a largish group out to the samgyapsal joint we favor.  Where we drank more beer and soju.

Now, normally I know when to say when.  For some reason last night I didn’t realize the dangerous level of my inebriation until it was too damn late.  As the room began to spin I quickly exited the restaurant and created an Itaewon street pizza.  Jee Yeun then came to my rescue and hustled me into a cab.  After a dizzying ride to Gireum-dong with my head practically out the window we made it back to our apartment building .  And while waiting for the elevator to arrive my stomach did a somersault so I ran outside and made a Gireum version of the infamous street pizza.

Today I feel like shit.  There’s a lesson here and I hope I’ve learned it.

3 thoughts on “Pizza school

  1. I see you’re taking that bumper sticker to heart, committing “random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” wherever you go. The people of Seoul thank you for your contribution to their horizontal surfaces.

    Hope you’re feeling better today. Take it easy.

  2. LOL. It’s been a long time but I remember those days oh too well. I also remember the “no mas” which was forgotten too quickly once the hangover subsided.

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