Out on the weekend

Winding it down on another boring Sunday evening.  Changed it up a little bit though with a quick trip up to Seoul on Friday.

Had a lunch meeting with the Korean Employees Union leadership, President Choe and Secretary Sohn. One of the things I’m proud of in my working life is the cooperative relationship I’ve established and maintained with the KEU. Katchi kapshida~

After work I did a Namsan hike…

Hello my old friend…

And nice to see a real city again as well…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

everywhere you turn.

After the hike, I cleaned myself up and went out to visit my old haunt Shenanigans…it was good to be back. Still treat me like a regular there…

Met up with my nephew Justin and buddy Wan Jun for some cold ones…

Up early Saturday morning to beat the traffic.  On the drive home I had to pull over to get a picture of this:

May the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten…

Dropped off a trunk load of toys for the local orphanage…

And did my usual Anjeong-ri hikes…30,000+ both yesterday and today…

Even ran out of road!

And it was colder than a woman’s heart as well…

You find words of truth in the strangest places, like the back of a Korean kid’s jacket…

And so now I’ll gear up for another week in my beautiful life.  After a few beers of course.

The woman I’m thinking of,
she loved me all up
But I’m so down today
She’s so fine, she’s in my mind.
I hear her callin’.

See the lonely boy,
out on the weekend
Trying to make it pay.
Can’t relate to joy,
he tries to speak and
Can’t begin to say.

2 thoughts on “Out on the weekend

  1. Long time listener, first time caller.

    None of my business and you’re more than welcome to tell me to F off; but your life seems to be made up of work, walking, and drinking. I don’t think I’ve ever read where you watched a movie, binged on a TV series, read a book, finished a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, or anything else relating to a pastime or hobby.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, you nailed it–WWD (work, walking, drinking). That’s my current life. Back before the wife bailed I did enjoy binge watching TV series, played in the dart league, and had a more rounded life (although I never was into crosswords or puzzles). I also lost interest in politics. It’s like I’m in retreat mode or something.

    I have big plans for a change in lifestyle once I make the move to the PI. For now I’m just trying to make it through the day.

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