Only the good die young

Heartbreaking news from South Carolina.  Christopher Werner II, aka “Fooey” and “Mini-me” passed away today.  He was in middle school, witty and sweet, and born with a bad heart.  I understand that during a routine check-up procedure he succumbed.

His mother Bridget loved him dearly and she died last year at age 49.  I wrote about her here.

I’m not religious but if there is a heaven it is comforting to think that they have now been reunited.

That’s Bridget and Fooey with us on the West sea circa 2012.

And that’s me and Christopher “dicking” around. The boy seemed to enjoy a similar sense of humor.

My heart goes out to his daddy Chris.  I cannot even begin to fathom what he is going through now.  I hope he finds the strength to persevere through such a devastating loss.

Rest in peace, Christopher.  You were an amazing young man and will not be forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Only the good die young

  1. Omg, that little boy?..I think the lost of his mother is another factor that worsen his heart condition…and yeah losing someone dear is very devastating….and yes we have such saying too….bad guys die old….lol

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