On the subject of VD

I’m full of the spirit of Valentines Day this year (oh was the title of this post misleading? Sue me!).

Jenn at I’ve got two shoes has a great post about the bag one of her students used to bring candy to school.

Here it is:


If you can’t make it out it says:

“Loving You
Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth”

A perfect Hallmark moment. It may not have the utility of “Bah Humbug” but damn if it doesn’t capture the essence of love.

And what is Valentine’s Day without poetry?

I ask but one thing of you, only one
That always you will be my dream of you.
That never shall I wake to find untrue
All this I have dreamed and rested on.
Forever vanished, like a vision gone.
Out into the night.

Alas how few there are who strike a chord in us
We knew existed, yet so seldom heard its tone
We tremble at the half-forgotten sound.
The world is full of rude awakenings
And heaven borne castles shattered to the ground.
Yet through it all our human longing vainly clings
To a belief in beauty through all wrongs.
Oh stay your hand and leave my heart its songs.

–Amy Lowell
Roger that.

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