On my last leg

Welcome to the night before Christmas.

I am pleased to report that it appears I’ve turned the corner on recovering from my persistent cough.  Sleeping through the night is wonderful thing indeed!

Sadly, a new issue has now arisen.  Yesterday morning as I prepared for my shower I got a sharp, stabbing pain in my back, right at the base of my spine.  Took some Motrin and the back pain subsided.  When I tried to walk at lunchtime though my left leg was having none of it, the pain was intense.  Took some more pain pills.  It is fine as long as I am sitting, but once I stand up and start to move, the pain returns.

I suffered through a walk to my Thai massage joint last night hoping a good rubbing would help.  Nice massage, but no dice on the pain relief.  Getting home last night proved to be a real bitch, I could walk no more than five minutes before I’d have to sit down and rest.  The pain is immense and relentless.

Been taking it easy all day today, including a long hot bath.  No noticeable improvement thus far.  Hopefully I’ll heal soon, otherwise it’s back to the doc on Monday with a whole new issue to discuss.  My real concern is not being in shape for my trip to the Philippines next weekend.

If it ain’t one thing it’s another.  C’mon!  Give me a break!

3 thoughts on “On my last leg

  1. Hope the doc finds out what the problem is. Ask to keep your set of x-rays, then take them to a good chiropractor. Meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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