Memories of Korea (part 1)

Some random photos from my Korea life:


Itaewon, January 2005.


3 Alley Pub, December 2006.


Corine is honored by LTG Valcourt with a Distinguished Civilian Service Award.


My coworkers…


Yongsan Garrison cherry blossoms..


Haeundae Beach Busan.

Traditional Palace Guard


Dart mentors Petro, Tom and Duke.  They’ve all preceded me in returning to the USA.


Bad ass gatekeeper protecting DMZ visitors.


“Dorothy” from the Korean version of the Wizard of Oz.

I figure 10 pictures at a time is enough.  More to come though…

6 thoughts on “Memories of Korea (part 1)

  1. This time, I’ve been here since ’97 and when I leave (hopefully sometime next year), it’s going to be tough. This has become my home and going back to the states will be total culture shock for me (nope, never been back since 97). Take good care of all your pics…when I was here the first time (86 – 89) I took thousands of pictures all over the country and somehow, somewhere, during our moves, all of them got lost. Of course, now with digital photography, it’s much easier to back up and safeguard pics.

  2. Remember pictures are the memories that we lose in old age. Keep them safe (I agree). Also, remember that friends you leave are not friends forgotten.

    Good luck trying to find darts in Columbia. I could not find a league there. Worse case is that with all that money you make in retirement you can fly up here and play every week on my team.

  3. But from where I’ll be living (NE Cola) I think the Charlotte league is closest. Not sure I’ll do league there, but I found some places relatively close with a weekly tourney at least…

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