Mad Men

Well, I’ve blown through all four seasons of Mad Men now, with the exception of the season finale which I’ll get to as soon as I find it available for download.  Quite the show, especially for someone like me who enjoys time travel.  This is the best piece of writing I’ve seen describing the various levels on which the show touches the viewer.

Speaking of time travel, I watched Hot Tub Time Machine tonight and enjoyed revisiting the 80s.  Sappy in places, but funny too.  Worth a watch if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill.

Oh, I’m also into the first two episodes of season 5 of Dexter.  Episode 3 is on tap for tomorrow.

Does it sound like I’m watching too much TV?  Heh.  Man does not live by darts alone!

7 thoughts on “Mad Men

  1. lol u sound like a fuckin loser. if only people gave a fuck about how much u respect madmen 😆

  2. And surely you’ve checked out some of the oldies like ‘The Wire’, ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Boston Legal’?

    So how are the retirement plans coming along?

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