How bored am I?

This bored:

8 hours at work, 4 beers after work, and a whole lot of walking in between. Such is life in the countryside.

Speaking of steps:

This is my step ladder.
I never knew my real ladder.

Stick around, I’ll be here all week.

5 thoughts on “How bored am I?

  1. Very nearly 5 hours of walking! Are you sure 3 hours is your threshold? I think you’ve passed that limit quite a few times already.

  2. OK, sorry—I was calculating your walk time based on a 100 steps/minute rate. I see that your timer says 217 minutes, i.e., 3.6 hours. You must walk pretty damn fast: your step rate is 127 steps/minute, which is positively Korean. Yikes! Nearly 4 mph (5.8 kph)! What’s your hurry?

  3. You know, it doesn’t feel particularly fast to me. Back in Seoul I’d pass some folks and others would pass me. Here, I’m the only idiot out walking. I never see anyone.

    Three hours in one setting is when I start feeling overworked. Yesterday I did a walk in to work, walked at lunch, walked off base in the afternoon to meet a friend, walked back in to work, and then took a long way (1.5 hours) home from work. It is easier when you break it up that way.

  4. My problem with walking in to work is that I sweat way too much, so I’d be stinky all day. I have no problem walking home from work, though: it’s the end of the day, and the walk is not even 30 minutes long.

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