Holiday Greetings

Merry Christmas to each and every one!

I am far from a “bah humbug” frame of mind, although I can’t say I’ve caught much of a holiday good cheer kinda buzz. I did put up a Christmas tree this year. And played a Christmas CD. Last night threw some darts at Dolce with Jim, Eric and Natalie. Then went to Manila Bar for some Videoke. Butchered a few Christmas tunes but no one seemed to mind.

Stopped at a little dive on the way home for some galbi (marinated grilled pork) then home to be snug in my bed in case Santa stopped by. He didn’t, but no worries. I wasn’t that naughty!

This evening I’m having some folks over for dinner. Making steaks. Not exactly your traditional Christmas feast, but I wasn’t up to trying to bake a ham. Making a carrot cake for dessert, but I added to much water so I’m waiting to see how that’s gonna turn out.

And that’s my Christmas day. Hope yours is merry and bright.


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