Here we go again!

RealClearPolitics has a post that could have been written by commenter Fortuneate.  Except it’s satire.

(since y’all don’t like clicking through my links, here it is in toto):


Don’t be misled. These new posters featuring Barack Obama’s face imposed over the likeness of Tinky Winky may appear benign, but they’re not.

Their intent is far deeper and insidious: to stir ugly racist thoughts in America’s subconscious.

On the surface, the posters don’t add anything new to the discussion. Obama has been called a “socialist” before. But, subliminally, the posters draw heavily on stereotypes of the worst kind.

Consider the following evidence:

– First, the obvious: Purple is only a tick or two away from black on the color spectrum, so it’s clearly no coincidence that Obama’s likeness was imposed over Tinky Winky and not Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Noo-Noo, or Po. Tinky Winky is an unspeakably devious subliminal reminder of the pigmentation of our President’s skin.

– Tinky Winky – and the rest of his Teletubby ilk – are meant to draw upon latent and subconscious racism and xenophobia. They’re odd looking, they speak in incoherent phrases, they eat strange food and live in a futuristic dome. Clearly, they’re not from around here – and they may not even be from this planet. To superimpose Obama’s likeness over such a character is a truly despicable tactic designed to remind white people of his foreign heritage and to reinforce the notion that he is “of the other.”

– Lastly, using Tinky Winky is a cretinously creative way to emasculate the President. Everyone knows Tinky Winky carries a red handbag, for crying out loud. White evangelicals are particularly attuned to subliminal associations with Tinky Winky since Jerry Falwell outed the cartoon character as a symbol of gay pride with his purple (but remember, also almost black) color and his triangular antenna.

This is ugly stuff. By superimposing Obama’s face over the likeness of Tinky Winky this new poster creates a subtly coded, highly effective racial and political argument. Forget socialism, this poster is another attempt to undermine the President by drawing on deep seated stereotypes against blacks, foreigners, and gays.  It’s disgusting.

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  1. John, I hate to even post my comments now but, I will. I’ve read LTG for several years. And as I have posted to Dennis I have been back through the archives and comments. I know who Kevin is (or certainly think I do). I hope you really read my comments and know that I would never reply in anger to you or your son. LTG is alot more light hearted. “La Dolce Vita”. Now that you have gotten rejuvunated (blogging) and quite good with the camera it really is a pleasure. I remember back some time ago when someone posted that “John must be in one of his moods again”. You certainly over-came that. Unlike some of your friends, I’ve never been to Korea. So it really is an education. I do need to understand the points thing with the darts though. I know about closing out the numbers but that’s all I’ve ever played. Who ever closed out first won. But, that’s for another post. Thanks for the entertainment. 😎

    Fortuneate: Please allow me to try and connect the dots. The whole thing with the CCX and Obama, as I see it, are the false representations he (Obama) has given. Yes he indeed said more than not consulting with Ayers. He in fact said it was just some guy in the neighborhood that he really did not know. If you have looked at the facts you will also note that Ayers wife, Bernadine Dohrn, worked at the same law firm where Obama met Michelle. To be on the same board of directors (share offices), live in the same neighborhood, meet your wife at the office where Ayers wife works and have Ayers kick-off your political career is not conspiracy it is fact. Surely you can see that the relationship is far more than what he has claimed. When you say he (Ayers) is the “model of rehabilitation” surely you have seen or read his own comments that he would not have changed a thing. In fact he said he wishes he had done more. He changed his approach? He lies like Obama? His accomplishments are impressive? So are Ted Kennedy’s but, he is still guilty of intoxicated manslaughter and hid like a coward till he sobered-up. That’s rehabilitation? They bombed locations in DC and a Police station where lives were lost. Ayers girlfriend was killed making bombs. Ayers only got off for a legal technicality. Those are facts not innuendo or conspiracy. Ira Einhorn whom I mentioned (which you can google and see the connection with Specter), along with Ayers, were all part of the 60’s-70’s counter revolution. Obama welcomed (with behind the door discussions) Specter into the Democratic Party giving the Democrats their 59th senator. There are in fact legitimate questions that this administration refuses to answer. You admit that you know Al Gore, the present “King of Earth Day”, is invested in CCX. So is Obama. Surely you can see how the dots are connected. Or you refuse to see. The Health Care issue is about control (along with the take-over of AIG, Chrysler and GM). When 80% of the country says that this particular bill is bad, well, why is it a crisis and has to be passed now. You mention that both Dem’s and Rep’s are working on resolving the differences. Well, yes, after this bill was totally written by the Democratic leadership. Now, we the people and the Rep’s want to have some input. Yes people tend to get mad when they ask questions and are just blown off. I am not a registered Dem or Rep. I’m just a single dad trying to do the best I can and understand what impact this is going to have on me. Finally, what does this have to do with Kevin’s comment? Like you, “Old people of both sexes and young people of both sexes outnumber middle age white men, now add in middle age nonwhite men. Our country is made up of more than middle age white men”. You both are using sexism/racism/age to justify your argument. Just as this administration is doing to avoid answering valid questions. That is simply not right.

  2. Whenever the union filed a grievance they had this tendency to throw in everything but the kitchen sink as if their other unresolved (or not resolved in their favor) issues had some bearing on the issue at hand. That is what you did and are continuing to do. Kick up enough dirt so that it clouds the real issue-health care reform, more specifically the presence of disruptive protesters at the townhall meetings.

    Stating the obvious is not racist or sexist. What is good for a woman may not be what is good for a man. What is good for a hispanic, asian or black male may not be what is good for a white man. And what is good for a middle age man may not be what is good for a young person or an elder. This is particularly true when it comes to health care. We have to balance the needs and that means hearing from all of them. I am not sure where you got your 80% disapproval. I googled it and came up with 51%. Yeah that is still a majority. Like I said I am not endorsing the health care plan but I do think something has to be done. Its not unlike “no decision is the worst decision”.

    Currently there are multiple versions of the plan being touted. However none of them represent socialist medicine. The government will subsidize for some but most of us will still have to pay. You may well think that subsidies of any sort amounts to socialism. This country has been subsidizing big business like the oil and agriculture industries for years so what is the difference? Is it the fact that these subsidies are aimed at individual people and not an individual business?

  3. Frank, thanks for the feedback and support.

    Listen, I tend to let folks let it fly in the comments. Kevin can handle himself and I certainly took no offense at anything you said.

  4. Frank –

    SInce you gave a great post here and even went back into those dark and mysterious archives, I have to say good job. I was the one that mentioned “John in one of his moods”. I am alos glad that he finally pulled his head out and started blogging again. He seems to think that most of the time he is blogging about nothing but there are some of us here I am sure enjoy reading them. Darts are not as complicated as it seems – Hell if John can be taught then anyone can be. Trust me on that since I began the long road on instructing him and then had him whip my ass the last time I saw him. It made me proud to see my son grow up to be a man. hahaha.

    Keep up the great work John.

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